Sugar addiction is real?

Sugar legitimate, acceptable society, and is present in almost all, what we eat. I decided to give it as a reward to children for good grades at school or just to give for the holidays. Why not reward yourself with a sweet and after a particularly hard day, or birthday celebration. What is the morning without the sweet coffee and sweet pastries? People love sweet, people crave sweet, but dependent on whether they are from him?

Sugar addiction

More and more studies give disappointing results sugar can be addictive.

What is the relationship?

The relationship between sugar addition and drug abuse is very simple. When we eat sugar, releases opioids and dopamine.

Dopamine – a neurotransmitter, a key part of the "chain reward", which is directly connected with the addictive. When a particular action causes an excessive release of dopamine, we experience pleasant emotions, ideal.

To the extent that, as you repeat again and again action, rewarding, the brain begins to react less and less dopamine release. The only way to get the same pleasant emotions in increasing dosage and frequency uses of the substance. It's called abuse.

Studies show, that sugar may be even more attractive, than cocaine. Sugar activates opioid receptors in the brain and affects the pleasure center, which leads, in the end, to psychogenic overeating and negative consequences: weight gain, headaches, hormonal disorders and lots more.

What is the relationship

Interesting facts:

  1. Research, done on rats, showed, that sugar activates the pleasure centers even stronger, than it does cocaine.
  2. The main culprit of addiction is not even glucose, and fructose, which some scientists called "alcohol without the buzz".
  3. In the US the level of consumption of added sugar in products has long been beyond the recommended norms, and almost half of that sugar comes from sweetened drinks.

Dependence on sweet additives – it's dangerous not only for the figure, but for the whole body. With years diabetes, which is in the last stages ends with the amputation of limbs and death.

Five reasons to call sugar a drug

Why is this culinary Supplement think drug? Here are five reasons why, to think so:

  1. Despite negative consequences and desire to give up sugar, people still continued to consume sweet foods in large doses.
  2. Neurotransmitters – dopamine and serotonin affect the brain as well, as alcohol and hard drugs.
  3. With constant use impaired glucose tolerance, what to achieve a sense of "saturation" dose each time must be increased.
  4. Over time, the sweet component in larger quantities becomes necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
  5. The output from the body occurs with the cessation of its use.

Now I understand, what this product really is addictive.

Overcoming sugar addiction

Overcoming sugar addiction

You must first change your mind about sugar and fast carbs. Try to stop thinking of them as food. Store home supplies of sugar and other sweet products, to avoid the temptation to jam them stress at work or banal hunger.

When going to any social event, do not be lazy and take something healthy to eat – for example, nuts or dried fruit. You're gonna need it anyway, and the presence of food will save you from buying a sweet snack.

Always and everywhere try to look for and use the alternative to sugar. Do not forget, what exercise helps to overcome the effects of addiction and improve mood.Try to identify the deficiencies in the diet. Lean on proteins, healthy fats and slow carbs. Be sure to enter in the diet products, containing chromium. Proven, this element suppresses sugar cravings.

Know, what to overcome sugar addiction is very difficult. Be patient with yourself and do not be discouraged after another relapse. In any case, gradual and systematic changes in diet and lifestyle will help to achieve success.

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