Angel dust: all about the drug

PCP drug, belonging to the group of hallucinogenic. This drug starts its action almost instantly. After a few minutes after its use, the person begins to experience incredible euphoria. This occurs from strong overstimulation of the nervous system.

The last time the drug PCP was able to get wide spread among many people, hungry for new emotions. That's just by purchasing it, many do not even know, how much at risk their own lives. The thing is, that long-term use of the drug can lead to the violation of logical abilities. An accident stops to think sensibly, his consciousness is confused, and he becomes unable to make even the simplest decisions.

Angel dust

PCP: origin story

Initially it was possible to find PCP in the pharmacy. It is widely used for medical purposes as a strong analgesic. That is only gradually replaced its positive characteristics came such actions. The consequences of its use was just awful. Patients began to experience intense hallucinations., they had nervous breakdowns, depression.

Since then, buy legal PCP in the pharmacy were impossible. It suddenly withdrew from the market. That's just, unfortunately, by this point, for many addicts knew about his "wonderful" features. Today, the drug PCP is in the register of prohibited drugs, selling it, distribution, storage and use is punishable by law. But despite these stringent measures, angel dust continues to be in use. It is created in clandestine laboratories and is used in many night clubs. And it is worth noting the ease of synthesizing, where the drug is easy to create at home. In appearance PCP angel dust is a powder shaped medium milky green shade, having a bitter taste.


Effects on humans

PCP is surprising in its wide range of use. It is used as a Smoking mixture, as a drink, and even injected. People who wish to have a special effect often combine it with cocaine, or other drugs. Particularly widespread mixing with powdered glucose.

Thus, addicts achieve its rapid penetration into the blood. And the most desperate are practicing a duet with marijuana, that's just such experimentation often ends in tragedy. After all, angel dust, reacts, creating a real environment. The body gets strong poisoning, the degree of which can be very different.

The development of dependence

Angel dust, a powerful toxic substance, decomposition products which are displayed for a long time. However, the drug almost never causes psychological addiction. And if you believe drug treatment, the physical dependence is absent. Such good news it does not mean, that angel dust safe. Indeed, in practice, its use causes severe poisoning, which each time is harder.

The development of dependence

The main symptoms of withdrawal syndrome are:

  • depression;
  • inactivity;
  • mood swings;
  • the occurrence of memory lapses;
  • sensitivity to pain;
  • cramps;
  • constant drowsiness.

The main danger of consuming the drug becomes the development of pathologies of a psychological nature. Unfortunately, to get rid of them is impossible.

Signs of use

Angel dust, the drug begins its action after 30 minutes if you eat it with cigarettes, and if you enter a facility intravenous, the effect will come later 2 minutes. Consume immediately feels a strong euphoria. However, if the dosage is too high, to place a feeling of lightness will come apathy, irritability.

With a large dose – angel dust is able to provoke overdose. Usually it is characterized by confusion, a person ceases to fully think. The most tragic consequences become severe intoxication, the result of which can be fatal.

Signs of use

Angel dust – drug, a strong passion can lead to serious health problems. It is therefore necessary to identify the disease at early stages. True symptoms of consumption are:

  • dizziness;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • the abrupt change of emotions;
  • unusual facial expressions;
  • chaotic motion;
  • loss of orientation;
  • a strong secretion of saliva;
  • pressure drop;
  • the occurrence of memory lapses.

If the person drank a large quantity of the drug, it is likely to get an overdose. It is characterized by a:

  • psychosis;
  • nausea;
  • retching;
  • pressure drop;
  • violation of cardiac work;
  • epilepsy;
  • cramps;
  • coma;
  • death.

In this case, it is necessary to call an ambulance.

The consequences of use and treatment

Usual PCP is associated with drug addicts as an innocent hobby. Therefore they do not seek qualified help. Sometimes these friendships can last for years. Here only it is necessary to understand, it's not so harmless as it seems at first glance. Often dependent completely lose control over their own actions. They can, without realizing it, cause your health serious harm.

Systematic use can lead to a number of violations:

  • strong memory lapses;
  • spasms in the head;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • schizophrenia;
  • strange behavior;
  • degradation of the individual.

This tool is a heavy drug. Therefore, for the treatment to apply to special clinics. Experienced professionals will be able to find individual approach to each patient. It should be noted a thorough therapy, which includes several stages of influence.. After a long rehabilitation, the person may return to their former way of life.

With self-quit attempts, the likelihood of recurrence is too great. Therefore deciding to recover, better to trust the professionals.

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