Ibogaine – the drug

In the world there are constantly more new varieties of drugs. One of such is the psychedelic drug Ibogaine.


The history of the origin of the drug

Ibogaine is a strong hallucinogenic plant origin. It is produced from the shrub tabernanthe iboga, widespread in the forests of Africa. About its hallucinogenic actions of people known for a long time. Ancient tribes used it as a special component to conduct mysterious rituals, as well as for medical purposes.

Original psychedelic Ibogaine was circulated only in their homeland, but since 19 century, the first mention of the drug appeared in Europe. However, only in the beginning 20 century, to it became apparent scientific interest. Several scientists were able to identify an unusual substance. Since 1901 year began to conduct experiments, the first experimental steel animals. Then the scientists were able to figure out, what Ibogaine can lead to retardation, relaxation, the feeling of intoxication.

In the practice began to actively practice the treatment with Ibogaine, or rather, a special agent, in composed of an intoxicating substance, in the amount of 8 mg. The medication was accompanied by strict instructions, based on it can be identified, what the drug is used in the following cases:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • muscle weakness;
  • weight.

Thanks to its specific spectrum of action, Ibogaine could be of interest to athletes. They wanted without any extra efforts to increase its activity, get rid of fatigue. The desired effect is really advancing, that only lasted a couple of hours. Then consume experienced severe apathy. To open a second breath needed a new dose.

The history of the origin of the drug

Since 50-ies, many scientists have used Ibogaine as a subject of their research. After a series of experiments was identified by its harm, applied to the human body. However, for many years after that, Ibogaine has been freely available. And all this thanks to its special property. In several studies it was revealed, that the drug is able to deliver anyone from drug addiction. Learning about such information, Ibogaine therapy has gained wide popularity in many clinics around the world.

Even today the number of companies, where active use of Ibogaine addiction. However, these clinics can easily be called illegal. As for our country, Ibogaine prohibition in Russia had for a long time. Buy it the legal way.

Effects on humans

Effects on humansThe experiments were able to prove that, that the drug can reduce the production of specific substances, responsible for the feeling of euphoria, and nicotinic receptors due to the action of proteins gradually blocked.

Special action bagayogo trip usually lasts for several days. For, which a person begins to reconsider its attitude to life. It comes to knowing, what harm does drug use.

Based on such achievements, you can't call Ibogaine salvation for addiction treatment. The thing is, much depends on the individual person. One drug helps, and for others becomes a dangerous enemy.

The use of alkaloids dangerous to human life, especially if there is an overdose. Intoxication drug, can lead to disastrous consequences:

  • ataxia;
  • the appearance of vomiting;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • heart;
  • fatal.

Even after prolonged use, Ibogaine is not able to provoke psychological or physical dependence.

Signs of use

Despite the lack of occurrence of dependence, to use the drug. Therefore, it is important to note, of the person befriended a harmful drug, at an early stage. Therefore, it is important to be careful, pay attention to possible symptoms, which include:

  • loss of coordination;
  • the aggravation of hearing;
  • noticed heart palpitations;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • the development of anxiety.

The emergence of several symptom can be a serious cause for concern.

Consequences of the use

One consequence may be a complete rejection of drug addiction. But to achieve this positive effect is quite difficult. Only units fortune smiles. In all other cases, the drug provokes negative actions.

Based on data from statistics, it is worth noting the deplorable fact. Each 300 the case ended in death. At particular risk are people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

To take it on the basis of preventive therapy for drug dependence, chronic dependence, not. A risk to cause serious health damage, just a huge. It is understood, even before using it in hospitals, you need to undergo a serious test of the internal organs. However, even their ideal state is not a positive opinion on the appointment of appropriate therapy.

Physical dependence

As mentioned above, the drug does not cause dependence. That's just not protect the appearance of a serious of physical problems. Chief among them is the complete freedom of thoughts, serenity. All the usual desire become indifferent. So after removing the money, there is a desire again to use it.

The drug has a profound effect on the psyche. Many have compared him to sleep, but only in reality.. Like your whole life flashes before my eyes.

Is it possible to stop yourself?

Self-medicating is dangerous, therefore it is impossible to take the therapy without strong recommendation of an experienced specialist.

Experiments, using Ibogaine, no need. Of course, there is a possibility to go to the happy percentage, to get rid of addiction. But do not forget about the opposite effect, which can seriously undermine the health and even lead to death.

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