Predetection: the composition and action

Prototoxin – known drug, used in clinics for drug dependence. But whether it is safe to use?


Predetection for drug treatment

The manufacturer is the Moscow pharmaceutical company. The drug is designed for the blockade of the drug for three months. It is worth noting, which to implant the drug can five times in a row, it all depends on the duration of drug addiction. The more drug experience, the longer the treatment will last. If the patient was fond of opium more than a year, filing is set for at least six months. The cost of medications and procedures is based within 30 000 to 50 000 rubles.

According to research, the use of the drug helped partially or even completely get rid of the addiction. However, Predetection able to deal only with opiates.

predetection usage instructions

Predetection: composition

This drug is among the combined, it consists of the following components:

  • naltrexone in the amount of one gram;
  • triamcinolone – is responsible for, so in place of binders the capsules did not develop inflammation.

Is made in capsule form, which syringe is injected in the subcutaneous fold of the abdomen or under the shoulder blade. The drug retains its activity for two months. Complete destruction occurs in the liver.

Pharmacology of the drug

The main role in the action of the drug has naltrexone. He is able to block connection of opioids to receptors, after replacing them. This active component is able to cure people from opiate addiction. Implant Prototokon does not cause any addiction.

The main crux of the medication lies in the fact, that it blocks the action of opiates. Dependent person is relieved, craving for drugs temporarily disappears. During this period the patient should learn to live without drugs, to fully restore a healthy existence.

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A great advantage of the use of patches Predetection is the ability to abandon the use of drugs. The dependent will not have to constantly monitor, drank whether it pills or not. All surrounded by a patient can return to normal, a full life.

Indications for use

Like any other medication Implant Predetection has a number of features, so to use it is necessary in the treatment of opium addiction and to prevent relapse.

There are certain limitations. Sew Predetection impossible under the following diseases:

  • glaucoma;
  • osteoporosis;
  • liver disease.

The drug is a glucocorticosteroid triamcinolone, which can cause immunosuppressive condition. Therefore, Predetection should not assign:

  • patients with different infectious diseases;
  • in case of viral and fungal infections;
  • pregnant;
  • nursing mothers.

In all other cases, the drug can be safely used. It established the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, as for the treatment of drug addiction. All clinical trials have yielded positive results.

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Usage instructions

Approach to treatment is needed with serious responsibility. And to achieve more favorable results, it is recommended to undergo a small training. For this sick need for 10 days before the start of treatment, to abandon drug use. At the time of the filing in the urine of the patient should not be revealed traces of opiates. If the test is positive, procedure postpone for a few days.

Carry out the procedure only in a medical facility. In strict compliance with all regulations and, of course, same, sterility. Usually the introduction of the implant produced in operating, sometimes procedural. The capsule is administered under local anesthesia. To do this, the skin incision length in 1,5 cm, then with a syringe push back the drug. The wound is sutured overlaid with two seams. The bandage should be changed after a day, a week later the stitches are removed. Lengthy procedures – the introduction of the Implant Predetection about 15 minutes.

Was seen cases, when, after use of the drug, significantly worsened the condition of the liver. To prevent this, it is necessary to conduct a special analysis, according to his results, the doctor, decide, how to proceed. The effect of the drug Prototoxin to last pretty long, so, during this time, perhaps the development of various diseases. So every time, going on the test you must tell the medical staff about the presence in the body of the implant. If after the procedure was seen by some side effects, you should immediately contact your treating doctor.

Predetection composition and action

Overdose and side effects

The drug Implant Predetection contributes to the blocking action of naltrexone, however, under the threat can enter not only the endorphins, but other hormones. Thus, the whole body suffers little stress, and this can lead to a bad mood, depression, the patient ceases to experience the joy. Last this condition for a very long time, until the expiration of the implant.

Changes may relate to cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and digestive system. Often the patient complains of nausea, loss of appetite, violation of the chair.

Have other side effects from the use Predetection:

  • rapid heart rate;
  • pressure surge;
  • swelling veins;
  • dizziness;
  • insomnia;
  • Allergy;
  • nasal congestion;
  • deterioration of potency;
  • tremors in the extremities;
  • tenderness of the joints.

Overdose Proletarskom very scary phenomenon. It happens in those cases, when a dependent person with the aim to obtain more narcotic effect, increases the dosage. It ends with respiratory arrest and heart failure.

Predetection: reviews

Not once proved the benefits of applying a binder Predetection. Many addicts have been able to overcome his addiction, to return to normal life. However, the appearance of relapses, also common. Moreover, these patients tend to test more intense pleasure and move on to other drugs.

To prevent this it is recommended to combine the treatment of the physical with the spiritual. Patients need a course of rehabilitation. Conversations with experienced specialists will help them all to quit addiction. The support of your family, also play an important role.

However, the most important for success, is a personal desire to abandon the use of opium. Addict, must understand, it no longer wants to associate themselves with drugs. The right motivation is half way to normal life.

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