Drug tests

The number of people dependent on various drugs is growing every year. That is why the popularity of rapid tests for the determination of drugs has increased. A, hoping to protect their loved ones. Purchase this unit. It helps to determine, did the man some drugs.

Variety of drugs is growing every day, and with it increases the number dependent on them. Now there is no need for every suspect to run to the hospital and check on your close to use. Much easier to do it from the comfort of home, especially to buy such a test can easily at any pharmacy.

test drug

Rapid tests for the content of drug in the blood

The mode of action is very simple. The fact, that test looks like a strip of paper, but the upper layer is impregnated. It is so unique, that is treated with a special chemical composition. When it hits saliva or urine with the presence of drugs, on the test there is a bright strip. This item is very sensitive and able to detect the presence of drugs, even a few days after their use. And the presence of hashish and marijuana he is able to fix even after two weeks.

Rapid tests for drugs: types

It is worth noting, to purchase tests can be of different types:

  1. Test strip, determines the presence of drugs in urine. And can identify any substances. To carry out the procedure at home.
    Test drug

    Test drug

  2. Rapid tests, the same applies to urine. The result is already known in 10 minutes. Not requires any prior training.
  3. Test series Narcoscreen, can simultaneously recognize up to 10 different drugs. As the test material is used urine and saliva. Included with the test are additional attributes are needed for research.

Any of the rapid test able to simultaneously detect several types of drugs. The most common include:

  • heroin;
  • morphine;
  • amphetamine;
  • cocaine;
  • methadone;
  • ecstasy;
  • nicotine;
  • alcohol.

Rapid tests help to identify the presence of drugs in the human body at home. The main study material is saliva and urine. If we are talking about the medical centers, everything is more extensively for tests take blood, hair, urine.

So even if there are suspicions, and the test does not confirm it, it is not superfluous to go to the psychiatrist. Because maybe we are talking about the use of various Smoking mixtures, spice, are not recognized by the test. But, despite that are very dangerous for human health and cause strong dependence.

a test to determine drug

Test, allowing to identify the content of drug in the blood

Rules for the use of

So the result was indeed correct, it is necessary to observe a number of subtleties:

  1. The study material should be collected in pre-prepared, clean dishes.
  2. Monitor patients, collect materials in person, that he could not replace them.
  3. Do not store the material too long. If at hand is no test and you need to go for its purchase, may be time to clean up the urine in the fridge.
  4. Not all drugs long stored in the body.
  5. The material should be at room temperature.
  6. To use the test according to the attached instructions.
  7. The presence of two stripes, means, what drugs was not used.
  8. If the test showed one band, it means, suspicions were confirmed. You need to go to the hospital for confirmation of diagnosis.
  9. If the test is not a single strip, please use a different, this one was defective.

Use of tests to determine the content of narcotic substances in the body easy.


More and more people become dependent on drugs. This terrible disease, require urgent treatment. The only person who may notice suspicious symptoms and time to hammer the alarm. And with the help of rapid tests, to make it even easier and more affordable.



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