Help to drug addicts

How to help dependent? What to do, to get rid of his disease and became a free? We will tell you about the main things, who must know the relatives of addicts. All you will have, is to apply knowledge in practice.

What to do, if you learned about, that your relative uses of the substance?

Don't panic. It's bad, but not horrible. Remember, that person can help, while he was alive. And especially you will help, if the patient himself wants it. So, if you learned about, what your loved one is addicted to certain drugs, find out how long ago it happened, what consumes your relative or friend.

If you suspected something was wrong - immediately begin its own investigation

If you suspected something was wrong – immediately begin its own investigation

Most likely, if you found out somehow about addiction, it didn't happen by accident. Addicts very artistically encrypted, but if you know about the trouble, so the man wanted to be caught. This happens, when addiction begins to raise its head. The patient is frightened of compulsion to substances, he doesn't want to worry about breaking, and because "yells" about the problem, albeit sometimes without words.

How to help him at this stage? Don't shout, raise your voice, do not skandalte. Be reasonable, behave calmly and with restraint. The time for, to consult a psychiatrist. Help to drug addicts in these institutions is with special characteristics. With a dependent person talk a lot, him talking to the psychologist, psychiatrist and other specialists of the institution.

If the person already be getting addicted, without the help of a specialist can not do.

What psychiatrist to turn?

There are two ways to solve the problem. First – it is an appeal to free the doctor, that is, the specialist of public hospitals. Under the state of drug addiction in every city hospital you can schedule an appointment and to consult on a particular issue absolutely free. But there is a downside to this treatment – the addict will be immediately placed on the account.

Regardless of, what's his form of dependence, the man immediately falls under the definition of "addict". Of course, this kind of stigma, which is unlikely to someone who needs it. Therefore, there is a second option – anonymous treatment on a paid basis. In any private clinic will consult you doctor (and advice, as a rule, is either very inexpensive, or free if further treatment in this clinic).

How to help a drug addict will tell only specialist. To get rid of this dependence on their own is not easy, only drug experts know, how to bring man from this state of euphoria.

What to choose – treatment at home or in the clinic?

If the patient is diagnosed with "junkie", the question of the necessity of treatment is not even a question – it is definitely a must, and the sooner, the better.

If time does not intervene, people just lose yourself

If time does not intervene, people just lose yourself

Very dependent wants to get rid of the disease. If he has strong spirit and will, and not much addicted to serious drugs, there is no need for treatment at the clinic. To get rid of the disease quickly once and for all, you can take the following measures:

  1. To move. Do not have to cardinally change the life. You can just rent an apartment or a house away from the previous place of residence. The more dependent occurs Association with his former life, the greater the likelihood, he slips, as soon as you feel the break-up or over it will take up psychological craving.
  2. To be there in the first month. In the first few weeks of the patient encounter, the greatest temptation to break, even if he was using a relatively soft drugs, such as grass or pharmaceutical stimulants. If you want to help the sick, just be there. Don't need total control, it will only razdrakonite dependent, but your constant presence near will play the role of a stop-cock.
  3. The first month is just the beginning. If the dependent does not frustrate immediately, when his body is at the physical level of asking the forbidden potion, he has a million chances to break after. Many people, patients with drug addiction, just do not know how to live without drugs. If you decide not to seek help to the doctor, you will have become a kind of lifeline for your loved one. Be a psychologist, and rehabilitation, and the priest, receiving confession.

If you decide to seek the help of doctors, it on your shoulders another responsibility – to choose a good clinic. Such a huge variety in each city. There are private clinics with "world", there are places, what spetsializiruyutsya treated through the word of God.

There are also sects and organizations, based scams. Not to "get money" and not lose their loved one, you need the following items: thoroughly explore all treatment options. Not spasite place dependent at least where. History knows not a few cases, when the addicts had a new, untested medications or treated with methadone, which effect on the body are terrible, than heroin.

Examine the track record of the institution, you "liked", the history of its existence, doctors, who work there. No harm will "poryskat" on the Internet and look for reviews of those people, who was treated in hospital before.

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How to help a drug addict? This question bothers many people, a family affected by grief. Remember, what to help you can, and very effective. The main thing – do not despair, do not bury dependent alive, and it is better to give him a chance for salvation.

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