Help with drug addiction

Whatever sick people, it can be cured. Addiction is no exception, it's the same disease, like any other, only, perhaps, more destructive of personality and of the body. How to help drug addiction? This is what will be discussed in this post. Help with drug addiction should provide specialized medical centers. Rehabilitation takes place in several stages, thus, of particular importance is the desire of the addict.

Where to go, who to call?

Trouble is you've learned, what your loved one is on drugs. Of course, is this the type of people, who do you think – will itself. And do nothing. Most often it is the conservative parents, which afraid just a stranger, but there are similar thoughts in the minds of modern people.

A huge mistake to think, that the disease will pass by itself

Just hard to accept and understand the fact, of the person is not the same, what was yesterday, now he's addicted and he redefined the word "addict". This is a huge mistake. Do what you want, but just do not sit idly by, because "it" will not work. However, to do anything also do not need, there is a very specific list of actions, which it is appropriate to take in such cases.

No need to panic!

Composure and restraint will be useful first of all. You need to know how far gone your loved one to the disease. Let's talk and find out, what takes the addict, how long, in what quantities, does he have physical dependence, which manifests itself as withdrawal. All of this information will come in handy when going to the doctor-psychiatrist.

The dependence is quite large among – addicts-junkies this is one type of patients, while those, who smokes weed, a completely different type. And these varieties of the disease are treated differently and appear, though considered one and the same disease, the word "addiction". After, as you gathered information, it's time to consult a doctor. How to treat drug addiction? Assistance able to provide only doctors, although relatives of the dependent person receive many different offers from different healers and psychics.

A consultation with a psychiatrist

As if you haven't been savvy in their knowledge about treating addiction, in any case, you will have to consult a specialist. Only an experienced doctor will tell you, how to be, what treatment is appropriate, is it possible to try to cure the patient's home, or required hospitalization. Drug treatment is at any hospital, and you can get a free consultation at his residence.

Consultation even from a private psychiatrist, as a rule, free

But be careful – if you go to the state hospital, you will be put on record as a drug addict with all the ensuing consequences. This means, what all documents will be specified, what are you sick with, after the treatment will be regularly monitored. By and large, "junkie" is a mark for life, and, therefore, weigh all "for" and "against", before turning to the doctor at the clinic gosudarstvennoi. But the great advantage of this treatment – free, that is very appropriate, if you do not have money for treatment in a private clinic, which is quite expensive.

If you wish anonymity, then consult a doctor for advice you need in a private hospital. Consultation will be cheap, very often, these hospital consult free, but just to warn you, that the doctor will insist on treatment, and it is in this clinic, after all it is his bread. Drug treatment begins after the establishment of the severity of the disease. All of this transpires after a conversation with a drug addict, his relatives and after taking the necessary tests and interviews with a psychologist.

What treatment to choose?

Further help with drug addiction, you can provide several different avenues. The first option is treatment at home. This method of getting rid of the illness absolutely free, and this is a big plus. The rest are more cons. The person without the supervision of therapists to break, close sometimes they are suffering from withdrawal drug, Yes, and very dependent not enough willpower, in order to overcome physical dependence.

To become free from the rod, but it's quite difficult.

To become free from the rod, but it's quite difficult.

The second option is treatment in the hospital. Treatment in public health facilities free of charge, but, alas, shall make publicly available the name of the dependent. But in the private clinic can be treated completely anonymously, but for the money.

Another way to solve this treatment in Orthodox charity organization. Get rid of dependence in this institution also runs on a free basis, as blagotvoritelnye institutions often operate with the support of philanthropists and philanthropy.

Why you should give preference to special medical institution, not home? The fact, the worse the addiction, the patient harder to control yourself. In moments, when people have power over themselves, he can really be full of determination to end once and for all with addiction.

But it is worth it to experience the break-up, like all desires disappear under the yoke of a single – to get a dose. Therefore, drug addicts, I used opiates, heroin, cocaine with a probability of 99% will not be able to cope with them at home.

In some cases, you can try to heal itself? Of course, very much depends on the type of drug use. For example, grass and other so-called "light" drugs, antidepressants, codeine give a chance to the patient to get rid of diseases at home.

Also important mood dependent. Belief in yourself, in our own strength, perseverance and determination will allow the person to fight disease themselves. But here everything is so individually, often drug treatment is still recommended to undergo treatment at the hospital.

What is the treatment?

Wherever the struggle with addiction, it consists of two stages:

  1. The first very noticeable at a physiological level – the struggle with the breaking of the. What withdrawal syndrome is the first, what makes a person again and again to use substances. Treatment at this stage is simple – rejection drug rids the body of all poisons and toxins, and having gone through several days of agony, the patient gets much easier. Many believe, that at this moment their victory over the disease and over a won, but it is misleading.
  2. The second stage, which is not less important, than getting rid of the physical thrust is psychological recovery. Someone begins to use drugs out of boredom, and someone to numb emotional and physical pain. Drugs perfectly cope with this problem, but because the person needs to literally learn to live without substances again. This step in any case should not miss, otherwise return to addiction is inevitable.

Wherever you are treated, do not stay exclusively in the first stage.

To become free from the rod, but it's quite difficult. Watch this informative video titled "the Difficulty in getting rid of drug addiction"


Help with drug addiction essential patient, but it must be balanced and reasonable. Required steps – a Frank conversation with the patient, access to a doctor, deliverance first from the physical thrust, and then from psychological dependence. Don't miss any of these stages, otherwise treatment will be ineffective, and people just return to your addiction.

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