Kinds of drugs

Despite the fact, what about drugs, says a lot, most people don't even know the basic facts about them. Why is it so? The reason is simple. Despite the fact, what we learn in school geography, and anatomy, many of us even in adulthood, does not know simple facts from textbooks. If to speak about the most terrible addiction 21 century, the adult generation did not catch the school special lessons on safety or classroom hours, then the theme of addiction was banned.

Drugs can open doors to other worlds... and close the door to this.

Drugs can open doors to other worlds... and close the door to this.

As for today's youth, if the teacher says the material is not interesting, where would be informative to conduct a lesson, digging in social media. But few of the camp to search for material on the Internet just, for their own development. A very good reason. Need to know, what is the danger of addiction, before she tries to take a life. Types of drugs change regularly. In the pursuit of good money, "chemists" to offer people a more universal form for the purpose of euphoria.

What are the drugs?

Despite the General illiteracy in terms of drugs, almost all know, what are the preparations of light and heavy. And it suggests once again, what most people don't possess even basic information on these deadly substances.

Pills of joy, destroy the person!

Sharing these drugs are thus all the same what to speak of light or heavy death. Whatever it was, death takes away life. Drugs also cleverly take a life regardless of, what they are considered. Just the hard drugs do it very quickly and inevitably, and those, what people consider easy, creep quietly, but just as quickly cause dependency.

Speaking about the varieties of drugs, stick to the same categories, what most people. Soft drugs is grass, such as hashish, marijuana, hemp, marijuana. Weed is legal in many countries, smoke it in order, to relax (so, at least, shown in American movies).

But it's all a huge lie. Weed is addictive like heroin, just not so much. You can smoke cannabis products not less 2-3 months, before feel, now that weed I just want, without it can't think, can't get my thoughts in order. Withdrawal from this drug also is present and is manifested in the form of shaky hands, poor appetite, nausea and dizziness.

Meanwhile, survive the break-up from cannabis products much easier, the example, breaking heroin. And it must be done, otherwise, all, who is sitting on the grass, further only one way – the transition to heavier drugs. Why is it so? Because later 5-7 months "pokurivaya" grass this drug will stop to relax and give pleasure.. The addict will realise sooner or later, he still, what to smoke regular cigarettes or weed. And then he'll try LSD, ecstasy, opiates.

Kind of drug makes me more curious. But should so thoughtlessly to succumb to provocations in the form of powder or bright pills?

Heavier drugs

Actually, opiates are a quite ingenious invention of mankind. Before opening the most complex operations done on almost live. Imagine, what it's like to go through an appendectomy or stitching an open wound without anesthesia! Yes there appendicitis, even if a trip to the dentist will not be without inconspicuous prick.

No matter what the addict sits - the outcome will be one

No matter what the addict sits – the outcome will be one

When the doctors learned how to synthesize morphine, made possible any operation, and it is for this reason still saved millions of lives. But as is often the case, even useful invention may well be used to the detriment of the person. This applies to opiates. These substances in small quantities give a sense of relaxation, enjoyment, euphoria is their effect on the brain. And with that they quickly cause an inescapable dependence.

Just a month after drug use, the man is already bound to substances like steel chain. The rejection of drugs not only causes the torments of hell in the form of breaking, but the feeling of depression, panic, paranoia. To survive the abandonment of these drugs is so difficult, it is almost impossible. For this reason, in most cases, people, sitting on such substances, shown treatment in special medical institutions.

What are the drugs? They are available as pills, powder, injections and even shades. But in any case, these are evil and the destruction of the body and life in General.

Drugs from the pharmacy

Do not forget also about such kinds of drugs, as the drugs from the pharmacy. To date, the legislation of Russia and Ukraine to a free market is prohibited the most part of medicines, contain opiates, but people who know can get all. Besides, enough not clean the hands of doctors or pharmacists, willing to write or make a fake prescription.

Many drugs from pharmacies can be used as a drug

Many drugs from pharmacies can be used as a drug

Especially popular among pharmaceutical drugs codeine. It is a powerful pain gives the person the same effect, that and opiates, that is converted to codeine feels happiness, carelessness, relaxation. Take the codeine as the tablets, and make of it other drugs. Especially dangerous homemade "Krokodil", kill a man in the truest sense of the word faster, than six months,.

In addition to codeine there are many psychostimulants, which also largely banned for sale, but can "slip" the supervision and enter the market. So, for example, a few years ago women were delighted with the miracle – drug for weight loss Lida. In addition to safe supplements in the form of extracts from grapefruit and coffee, these pills contain ephedrine and substances, similar topics, contained in ecstasy.

Woman, taking "Lida", feel extraordinary elation, vigor, a burst of energy. Along with these side effects included a dry mouth, tremors in the hands, dizziness, nausea, the rise in blood pressure. To take the drug to achieve the effect needed at least a month, and those, kt took a full course of "treatment", after had huge health problems. Alas, took place (and a considerable number) and deaths.

However, women do lose weight, but because many women still searching for "the Lido", not fearing any warnings. Psychostimulants are exciting on the nervous system, forcing her to work at "full speed". The person after a short period of time just feels exhausted without pills, loses interest in life. The danger of these drugs in, they absolutely do not appear like a drug.

In addition to stimulating drugs is also a huge demand substance, depressing the nervous system. We are talking about antidepressants, sleeping pills and calming meds. By far the most active medicines of this group can only buy the recipes, but if you have depression and you are prescribed these drugs, this is not the way. The price for the reception of such drugs to more depression.

People, start taking these drugs, quite often, after trying to settle scores with life, since I see no meaning in their existence. Man, whose nervous system is suppressed, life is seen in a different light, he feels the panic, persecution mania and a sense of helplessness before the frightening and dangerous world.

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At least give me a light drug, though heavy its essence has not changed. Now you know, what are the different kinds of drugs. Warned – forearmed. Beware! Don't let substances in any form is a waste of your most precious – life, namely, this is the price for receiving such drugs. Do not experiment, do not try to relax with pills, the human body is capable of full self-recovery.

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