What are the drugs

Most often the question "what are drugs" are defined by those people, who want first to try them, and relatives of people suspected of drug addiction. In this post we will introduce you to the two main categories of drugs and one will tell, what is the consequence of the use of these substances for health and life in General.

Drugs can be of different form

Drugs can be of different form

What are the drugs? This question is asked by many people, wish to learn a terrible secret about their loved ones. Addict in the family is a tragedy. Therefore, it is crucial to understand, what drugs he takes, to help.

The "easy" stuff

Historically the division between light and heavy drugs. We will not deviate from tradition, and tell you about these two types of pleasure poisons. The first group includes products of cannabis (hemp, marijuana, hashish), acid, as well as ecstasy, which most people consider as a necessary addition to the nightclub.

These drugs, despite the name, very dangerous. Why? In the first place, a man of sense should understand, what a good deal drug not be called. Soft drugs is so called because, what, despite the fact, they don't have to chop, people get used to them very quickly. Even today, a teenager indulges, Smoking weed with the guys, so a week passes, second, and he can't live without weed. This is now "can't live" is a psychological and physiological dependence.

Hemp - the most popular narcotic plant

Hemp – the most popular narcotic plant

Ecstasy is much worse in action. No man, who's tried the drug only once. Dose drive, energy, buzz, people definitely try the pill again. According to yet, but it will come after the fourth or fifth time. This poison destroys male potency through 3-4 months from start of use, and kills a man a year later after the first time.

Acid, which gives an extraordinary experience and looks, as a bright brand, also very dangerous. The reasons are the same. After the first sample dependence will not come, but the emotions are so unusual, what a person decides to get a stamp again. And again. And so on until the transition to something a little heavier. Types of drugs is so varied, even sometimes shocking the fact, such drugs can be buy in the drugstore.

Heavy drugs

This group includes cocaine, amphetamine, methadone, heroin. Ordinary people from the middle social strata rarely start with these drugs, initially, the reception is preceded by "light" drugs. But those, who is more secure, Golden youth begin their pampering with these drugs. What is their use, and what are they so dangerous?

Hard drugs are the most dangerous

First, substances in this group cause addiction from the first or second time. In Hong Kong, where heroin addicts most in the world, doctors believe, after 7-10 times use these drugs there is no way back.

Second, hard drugs are dangerous for a patient with overdose. First kicks from half a gram of substance, then from grams, then one and a half grams of the drug does not bring pleasure, and breaking breaking all records for severity. To return the buzz, dependent all increase the dose or mixing one substance with another, and dies.

Third, hard drugs are much more expensive, than weed, but because the market a lot of counterfeit. It may seem funny, but the reality is, what people are paying crazy money for one poison, and receives another substandard, but not less toxic.

Why not just mix the pure drugs ("Chistyakov") in order to increase the amount of gold substances! At best, it's a starch or sugar powder, in the worst the drug is mixed bred in the lab synthetic stuff. Before the patient will die in terrible agony, it will begin to rot the nose (as the powder is often used the respiratory system) and limbs. Strong drugs – a certain death!

Pharmacy drugs

Another group of drugs, which is a light or heavy substances, those drugs, what you can get at the pharmacy. Most of them today prescription, but as the saying goes, you can get everything, it would be a desire.

Pharmacy drugs popular among Teens, which I think the use of these drugs indulgence.

Pharmacy drugs popular among Teens, which I think the use of these drugs indulgence.

Here, what drugs should alert the room of a teenager or a loved one:

  1. Codeine – substance, specific pharmaceutical properties to opiates. Initially this drug was life-saving analgesic, and mixed into the medicines of cough and analgesic. But then the craftsmen realized, what, and began to make codeine Krokodil, or just use pure. Codeine is addictive and properties similar to opiates.
  2. Stimulants. Earlier these substances were also in bol the free market. Stimulating drugs increase human performance, his mental capacity (it, of course, the apparent effect of), reduces the desire to eat and sleep. Examples of stimulants are drugs for weight loss and stimulating brain activity.
  3. Antidepressants. People, suffering from depression, I think these drugs are a godsend on the day, while not trying to abandon them. And then it turns out, to live without these substances is simply impossible, because the person is breaking catches of black depression, apathy, unwillingness to live. Stress, who was trying to treat powerful antidepressant, turns into a mental disorder, accompanied by paranoia, bouts of uncontrollable panic and attempts to suicide.

Pharmacy drugs popular among Teens, which I think the use of these drugs indulgence.

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Having dealt with, what are the drugs, the attentive reader will understand, that for him personally there is nothing interesting in these products. If he, of course, want to live long, happily and die of old age.

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