Lately drug abuse has become a topic, which interests every second. The fact, if you are not sick addiction, under the threat can be your relative or a relative. Learn about addiction text, from which you will learn, who is the most tempting prey for the drug, what are the primary symptoms of the disease and where to apply, if your loved one showed signs of "disease of the century".

Addiction is a disease, which occurs during heavy reliance on chemicals. Today is the plague of our society, from where to get need joint efforts.

Who is under threat of disease?

Unfortunately, the potential victim is everyone, what is called, and old, and young. The more unhappy people, the more problems, he wants to run away from them. We are not talking about escaping to another city, but nothing is more escapist from reality, than drugs. In addition, drugs are fashionable attribute of life, making use different. So, children and adolescents faster other audience hooked on the addiction, and the hardest to get rid of it.

The potential victim of drug abuse - ANYONE

The potential victim of drug abuse – ANYONE

Young men from twenty to twenty-five years – goal number two. This category of people may be interested in drugs, not because of existing problems, and for the reason, these substances are fashionable and supposedly lead to the expansion of consciousness.

Today in the trend knowledge themselves, the search for the boundaries of his own "I", self-study and self-exploration. People can come to this either through meditation and spiritual practices, or by applying a substance to "expand consciousness". Actually drugs do not affect the search itself in any way, just changing the flow rate of biochemical reactions, and cause a person to experience an incredible feeling.

The older man, the less it is on fashion, but the more he can be social problems. It may be unemployment, a quarrel in the family or with the boss, the children of disobedience, lack of money. The drug has a chance to break out of this vicious circle and escape, even at the time.

The signs of the disease

Here are some signs, that man is hooked on drugs. Look at your close carefully and if you notice the following peculiarities in the behavior or in appearance, you must begin to sound the alarm:

  1. Face. After taking the drug, change the pupils – they can be suganami or scared increased, and do not respond to light. Skin turns deathly white, or red, since after the drug in the body changes, affect blood circulation.
  2. Movement. People, which drugs, behaves very nervously. It can actively and dramatically gesticulating, twitch, lose coordination. If the effect of the drug has ended, the person opposite is to be relaxed, passively, did not show any interest to anything.
  3. Behavior. People, who used a particular substance, behaves absolutely unusually. He can burst into hysterical laughter, who immediately go into a crying. Addicts are like chameleons in their behavior, as their mood changes just minute. But we are talking only about the first hours after the consumption of the substance, the rest of the time people are passive and apathetic. Another unique feature of an addict is the fear of regulatory authorities.
  4. The presence of "material evidence". The addict will not be to advertise their new morbid fascination, but if you conduct an audit among his possessions, it is possible to detect the pill, dry grass, powder stick, cigarettes. Also handed person dependent issue syringes, harnesses for injection, strange looking pipes, spoon blackened from soot.

Addiction – the definition of this word give a, but not everyone understands, what this disease requires timely treatment. Dependent person never will want to get rid of your state of euphoria. In the end, the addiction ends overdose or suicide.

Where to go in case of a problem?

If you are concerned about the theme of addiction, this text is required reading! If you saw your close or loved one of the above symptoms, then immediately take the person to the psychiatrist!

Sound the alarm immediately, once you see frightening signs

Of course, before that is to talk directly about their suspicions. There have been cases, when the parents of "diagnosed" drug addiction in their children, and then it appears, that their suspicions were false. But if you are wrong, and the person is really the problem, ask, how long is his passion, why he does it and he does not want to leave the drugs?

If your loved one is recognized, that just can't stop taking drugs, to help you can only be a specialist. It is also possible, when an addict refuses help says, not only because throwing drugs, he does not want this. It is cheating.

In fact, even in the early stages of addiction is difficult to be freed from sickness and from the craving for drugs. Possible, you will not be able to get it to the addict, but the doctor, the psychiatrist will be able.

What is addiction? This question is asked by every child at lessons. Only in childhood that word seems harmless and some distant. But smiles are, when in life have to really see a drug addict!

View this movie, and you will not have any doubt, what dependencies need to rescue the patient immediately. Video "Roman with cocaine"


The word “addiction” must not be an empty sound for each person. Even today, this issue does not concern you, but remember, you and your loved ones are always under the gun. You must possess the basic information on the subject, how to detect addiction and what to do in case of detection of danger.

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