A film about the dangers of drug abuse

Since then, as drug addiction has ceased to be a taboo topic, about her began to make films and to tell publicly about the dangers, which carries the dependence. It, of course, rather well, what's wrong. The film, shot by the talented Director, able to convince the person better, than the printed or spoken word.

Movies about the dangers of drug abuse can be very useful

Movies about drug addiction – it's not just TV project, who is looking for fun. This movie allows us to understand, how is destroying human life the use of chemicals. These movies cause fear and shock, but they are considered to be instructive for those, who thinks about that, what drugs can give a feeling of happiness.

Movies about the dangers of drug abuse

Movie about drug addicts shoot many large companies. Here is a list of the most exciting projects, who is able to touch deeply:

  1. Cocaine (the picture left in 2001 year). Starring johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. The film tells about an ordinary guy, which starts to import cocaine in America, all hopped up on drugs the most famous people in the country, to get their way.
  2. Blurred (picture 2006 year). Director Linklater Richard. Starring Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr.. In the movie the action takes place in the near future, when not less than twenty percent of the population is "sitting" on drugs. There is a new drug, which affects the brain and leads to imminent death. Picture, despite the reference in the future, quite realistic, and it is impossible not to trace something in common with what is happening in the modern world.
  3. The fifty-first state (the film was released in 2001 year). The picture tells the chemist, which is working for a drug Lord, he has developed a new powerful synthetic drug "Lizard", capable of making the entire planet addicts. Then the chemist decides to cheat the drug Lord and to spread the substance throughout Europe.
  4. Mushrooms (the movie appeared in 2007 year). Starring Jack Huston and Lindsey hawn, directed by paddy Bratek. The film tells about the adventures of a group of friends, who went to Ireland in search of mushrooms-hallucinogens. Collecting mushrooms in the forest, one girl eats the mushroom, which can lead to its demise.

    In most paintings without romanticism show the harsh reality of drug addiction

  5. On the needle (film above rental in 1996 year). Starring Ian MacGregor, Robert Carli, Johnny Miller. The film is based on the eponymous work by Irvine Walsh. The story follows the lives of four buddies, absolutely different from each other, but having a common passion – addicted to drugs. The film is about based on not having a romantic color and priukrasheny.
  6. The acid house (the picture left in 1998 year). Starring writer Irvine Walsh, Director Paul Michigan. The film tells three stories, totally unrelated – "history of the old Granton", "Spineless" and "Acid house".
  7. I'm Christine (the film was released in 1981 year). The movie is directed Uli Edel ' and tells the story of fourteen-year-old crackhead.
  8. Traffic (the film appeared in 2000 year). Starring Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Benicio Del TORRO, Director Stephen Soderberg. In the film, the Director revealed the process of circulation of narcotic drugs, abandoning the classical techniques, prikrasnaya action. The process of distribution of drug can be seen through the eyes of four actors – policy, dependent, drug dealers and police.
  9. Requiem for a dream (the movie 2001 year). Starring Jared Leto, Jennifer Conely, the Director Darren Aronofsky. The picture is removed on a novel by Hubert Selby, written in 1978 year. In the center of the story – young people, who begin drug use for the sake of entertainment, and unable to hold, move on to heavier drugs. The pattern is very strong and is considered one of the best in terms of prevention from addiction.
  10. Sid and Nancy (the picture left in 1986 year). Starring Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb, Director Alex Cox. The film tells about the life of Sid vicious, guitarist from the band The Sex Pistols, who was quite partial to narcotic drugs.
  11. Candy (the film was released on wide screens in 2006 year). Starring Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish, the picture was directed by Neil Armfield. Den is a young and promising poet, Candy is a talented young artist. Young talents are introduced, and between flashes love. However candy gets acquainted not only with the Bohemian lifestyle of the poet, but with heroin, which he uses.
  12. Drugstore cowboy (the film was released in 1989 year). Starring Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch, the Director Gas van Sant. The work tells the story of Bob, dependent on drugs, and his friends, the meaning of life which is a journey through the coast, and robberies of pharmacies in order to receive the dose. The film is based on the biographical works of James Foggle.
    Matt Dillon was able to tell, how are the addicts, and this life is devoid of beauty.

    Matt Dillon was able to tell, how are the addicts, and this life is devoid of beauty.

  13. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas (the film was released in 1998 year). Starring johnny Depp, Benicio Del TORRO, the Director Terry Gilliam. The film tells about the journalist and the lawyer, who travels to Las Vegas. The main purpose of the trip is to collect material for articles on bike race, but the way they use drugs, transforming the journey into nonsense, optical illusions and the terrible memories.
  14. Notes of a basketball player (the film was released in 1995 year). The Director of the movie Cattle Calvert, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Lorraine Bracco, Mark Walberg. The narrative Wietse on behalf of the author of the diary, guy, which is playing baseball, writes poetry, and with friends experimenting with drugs. The film tells about the gradual decline of the intellectual level of children of their gradual degradation. The picture is quite hard, no characteristic of such movies romance.
  15. Panic in needle Park (the film appeared in 1971 year). The picture was directed by Jerry Schatzberg, starring al Pacino, Kitty Wines, Alan Screw, Keel Martin. In the narrative of history meet Bobby and Helen, a drug dealer and a talented artist. Among young people have passion, but not a relationship of romance. The girl quickly getting hooked on drugs and becomes dependent. Couple wants to throw off the shackles of the disease, to build a family, but in reality it is quite difficult.
  16. Morphine (the film was released in 2008 year). The film Director Alexey Balabanov, the main role of Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Sergey Garmash, Leonid Bichevin, Svetlana Pismichenko. Russian films, filmed on the eponymous work writer Mikhail Bulgakov.
  17. Dazed and confused (the picture appeared in 1993 year). The film's Director, Richard Linklater, starring Jason London, Matthew McConaughey, Sasha Jenson, Shawn Andrews, Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich. The film tells about the events, the incident with several students on the last day of school in may in a small town in Texas.

It should be noted, that there are a lot of movies, most often youth comedies, where drug use is shown as a matter of course. This is a huge minus – the movie, which will affect the audience for a living, pochomil is a kind of source of information. On the other hand, people think nothing of such a film for themselves will not take, and that, who thinks and is not responsible for their actions, there is nothing to judge.

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There are a lot of films, which tell about the dangers of drug abuse. These pictures do not set myself the goal to teach something to the viewer, they just tell unadorned and romanticism about the fact, what happens to a person, captured according to. Movies about drug addiction need to show adolescents, it was at this age children want to be independent and are looking for new sensations. Parents must become mentors, not enemies, who need to prove something!

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