Coding from addiction

When questions arise about, how most effectively to cure drug addiction, have meant that one, universal answer, fortunately or, unfortunately, does not exist. The fact, what is the most important factor in the successful fight against drug addiction is the addict. It's still widely advertised encoding from addiction. What is this method, what price and whether it is effective?

What is the coding?

As you know, this method of fighting applies to all addictions – alcoholism, Smoking or obesity. Often when you meet a person, which chokes up at the sight of alcohol and speaks in a trembling voice: "I can't, I coded!"What does that mean and how the method works in General?

Coding for drug addiction can help the dependent person

Coding for drug addiction can help the dependent person

In essence, this method includes a variety of practical actions, to the psychophysical condition of the person. The bottom line is – the patient is suggested, what if he will use it for the forbidden substance, he will get sick. For implementing the method used the introduction of a dependent person in the trance state, the use of certain medical drugs, the locking action of the substance, different effects on the human mind.

Often encoded knows, what if he cracks and uses a forbidden substance, it would be so bad, that may occur fatal.

Can the coding for drug addiction cure dependent?

Practice shows, only one addict out of ten recognizes the encoding efficient. The fact, that addiction is very different from all other dependencies of great physiological craving for drugs. If an alcoholic can survive the lack of alcohol, the drug is not so simple. When the moment of breaking, the patient is ready for anything, just to get a coveted dose. He just wasn't important consequences in pain due to encoding, as the pain drowns out everything else, including common sense.

The second point, which makes the encoding is not effective is a ban on the use of substances, without clarifying the reasons, which led to addiction. Actually, most often, addiction is not a separate phenomenon, and the attempt to solve the problem. People, started taking these or other drugs, allowing you to get away from life's problems, wants to hide, to escape. Coding for drug addiction does not solve the problem, it simply States – if you take drugs, you won't find it. But the addict is so bad, therefore, the encoding is not effective.

After, like a drug addict is coding, it is easier to survive the break-up.

After, like a drug addict is coding, it is easier to survive the break-up.

In which case this measure will be effective?

Only as part of the overall treatment. Here's the perfect scheme, when coding can be effective and help the man:

  1. The addict himself is willing to heal. The man understands the futility of drug use and, that substance more and more out of the life. Best, when an addict himself comes to the family and says: "I intend to heal, but I need your help".
  2. To enhance and strengthen the will power of the addict, appropriate to undergo encoding from addiction. The therapist encouraging the patient, how important his decision, he's on the right track, and that new substance dose will only aggravate the suffering. If a person really wants to be cured, the words of the doctor shall take effect.
  3. After, like a drug addict is coding, it is easier to survive the break-up. Possible, relatives do not even have to go to a special clinic, as in this case, the person can control themselves. But still remember, what disruption will throw the patient back. So if the dependent is not sure, that will be able to relive withdrawal symptoms, it is better to ask for help in a special clinic.
  4. When a feeling of physical dependence, many believe, what a sick man made well. This is a big misconception! Actually, the cause of the disease (addiction) there was some reason, and if it does not identify, that bad habit will come back soon. In addition, if a dependent experience of drug use, he's just forgotten how to live among people, lost the taste of life and she sees herself as a member of the society. Should the addict to meet the former "friends" addict, drug dealer, and it can be broken again.
  5. Rehabilitation. The addict at this stage finds with the help of psychologists causes, prompted him to start taking drugs. He also remembers what it's like to live without drugs, learning to do it again. It is very effective is occupational therapy, communication with the former dependent. Rehabilitation often enough is not at home, and, in a different setting, which beneficially affect the dependent.

New useful acquaintances, sympathetic psychologists and narcologists can really help a person to forget about addiction and start a new life. How long is rehab? It is impossible to hurry. Addict indulged in the pernicious attraction one day, and don't think, he get rid of the addiction for one month.

Rehabilitation can last from several months to one year. If dependent relatives do not want to go to a special center, it would be very appropriate just to move to another town, change the familiar surroundings. In fact, the man starts a new life and nothing should remind him of the old.

How to find a good coder

Work with the human subconscious – it is the filigree. You can hurt a man and make him even more sick, but you can do to direct the path of liberation. How to choose a good specialist?

Coding will be useful in case of observance of the basic principles of getting rid of the disease

Coding will be useful in case of observance of the basic principles of getting rid of the disease

First of all, you can help the rumor. Ask those, who has appealed to the experts, what is their experience, did they encoding. Learn, what people write on the forums, who recommends you as a reliable expert coding. After all, there are a lot of charlatans, that's just cashing in on someone else's grief, and use the trouble as a way to get rich.

How much is an appeal to a specialist? If the doctor calls you exorbitant amount, arguing, what, he really will heal the person, it, most likely a scammer. First, coding is not able to "truly heal" – it's just possible help, which may strengthen man's faith in himself. Second, this service may not worth much, by definition.

To encode the drug for a doctor is not difficult, not harder, than to save people from Smoking or desire to eat constantly. The amount for this service is from 3000 rubles in Russia and 800 UAH in Ukraine. The doctor must be office, in which he takes the sick, and certificate, entitling him to provide such practice. Numerous diplomas and awards to the contrary, nothing to say, except the desire of the doctor to impress patients.

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Will the coding addict? This question has no clear answer, as the most important treatment is the desire of the patient. If the dependent strives to get rid of the disease, the intervention specialist will help him and strengthen willpower. From this article you learned, how to choose a good specialist and whether it is necessary to refer to it.

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