Where it is possible to recover from addiction

Learning, what your loved one with this disease, do not rush to give up and order him a place in the cemetery. Like any other disease, drug addiction can be cured, and to do so quite successfully.

Where to recover from drug addiction think many addicts and their loved ones. In the modern world, many specialized centers ready to open its doors. But some prefer to be treated at home. How to do the right thing, you can find below.

Special medical institutions

Rehab offer paid services, about 70% patients refuse harmful substances after treatment. As a base to cure is most often used the program "12 steps" or actually developed in the course of treatment.

From the disease can relieve the walls of a special institution on a fee basis

From the disease can relieve the walls of a special institution on a fee basis

What happens in the walls of the institution:

  1. The patient loses access to the drugs. This allows you not to break him in the process of treatment and to quit cold Turkey, and then the withdrawal from drugs at the physiological level. Some medical institutions do not give the patient any additional medications, some ease the experience of withdrawal symptoms over soft drugs.
  2. Detoxification. This part of the treatment is achieved by the same methods – a complete failure of the dependent person drugs, plus an additional use of various medications to cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system. The first and second stages last for, as a rule, three to four weeks.
  3. Rehabilitation. When a dependent person loses physical addiction to drugs, treatment does not end. The medical clinic has a staff of psychologists and narcologists, to help identify the cause, motivating a person to try a human drug. Without this, the future life dependent simply impossible. In addition to re-train the person to maintain social contacts, to communicate with people, to build relationships.

At the last stage, the addict is not controlled so rigidly, like the first two, but still do not have access to drugs while rehabilitation will not end, it is likely, that man can break. Only a full psychological recovery would enable the dependent to "go to life" and start again.

Church institutions and religious communities

Such places often provide free assistance, as they operate through donations and charity. How is the treatment here?

Getting rid of the physical thrust. It is, as a rule, without using any medicines, and is based on the willpower of the patient. The dependent attends a spiritual person, and prayer strengthens the will power of man, the word gives him the strength. How would it not sound, but this method is really effective and not inferior to the manipulation of doctors. The patient does not have access to the world and can't get the dose. Cleansing the body also takes place without the help of medications, the forces of the body. Of course, the human body has the ability to self cleaned and without "doping" in the form of medication.

Many addicts after treatment at churches, served in the Church Ministers.

Many addicts after treatment at churches, served in the Church Ministers.

Getting rid of the psychological thrust. This stage of Church institutions pay a lot of attention. Primarily used occupational therapy – a simple job, low-cost mental abilities and give the result, allows a person to feel its necessity and importance. As any addict during the illness feels absolutely useless member of society and understands, that with his death nothing has changed. Now he is given the opportunity to experience, what he really needs, what his actions mean something for society.

In addition, using a psychological effect of a spiritual person. Daily addict confesses, talking with a pastor, to learn to see his power and divine Providence. Many addicts after treatment at churches, served in the Church Ministers. But this is not necessary – recovered people can freely leave the institutions and to deal with the fact, what he wants.

Recover from addiction at home

Addiction treatment is not easy, especially when the person is not willing to admit his addiction. Treatment at home is the cheapest and least effective way.

Addiction can try to recover at home

Addiction can try to recover at home

More precisely, less drug addicts become free from illness at home – too much freedom, too little control. On the other hand people, seriously deliberate becoming healthy, cured at home effectively, as in the hospital for the money. Out, all depends on the willingness of the addict.

  1. Relocation. When it comes to home treatment, the meaning of the stationary cure, but not in the walls of his home. Too great an Association home and drug use, that could seriously hamper the process of getting rid of drugs. So for those, who wants to recover from addiction, it is recommended to move to another town or at least the area of native populations. Very appropriate stay on the coast or any other place, assuming a unity with nature.
  2. With the exception of the life of the patient relationship and communication with former friends. The addict and his family should not be allowed in the patient's life, not only drugs, but his former friends. Curiously, these people behave very aggressively, feeling, what they miss their ex boyfriend. They will call, coming home, to watch at night under the Windows. That's why it's so important to take the addict away from home, and not to let anyone know, where it is.
  3. Control during the withdrawal syndrome. The first and crucial step in healing is to overcome the withdrawal syndrome. At this time relatives and close friends of the patient should make every effort to support it, to be there, to prevent consuming the dose. At this time, the control should be the maximum, as if the dependent will be broken, it would violate his belief in himself.
  4. Psychological dependence. Sometimes the problem, which led to the drug use is obvious, but it happens, what to find her is not easy. In order to break the psychological addiction, it is best to seek the help of a psychologist-psychiatrist.

At home without external assistance, the drug may not succeed. So if you decide to get rid of dependence at home, not apply to find a good psychologist. In addition, recommended to visit to narcotics anonymous.

What could be dangers in the treatment of drug addiction?

If you decided to get rid of diseases at home, here is the most often make mistakes:

  • the patient has free access to the street and could get a dose, if he really want to;
  • hardly the man to cope with withdrawal symptoms, to consider it recovered. The addict will be healthy then, when disappears psychological dependence;
  • to treat the patient at home in familiar surroundings – it is necessary to completely change the situation.

If you decide to put a patient in a medical special school, you are putting him at risk:

  • danger to pay for the treatment too much. Today, many institution charge a fee for "modern European technology" or "treatment latest techniques". By and large, addiction treatment is the same scenario;
  • the use of experimental medicines for the treatment of the patient. Some hospitals conduct experiments on living people, getting the desired results of the study. To cope whether a patient or not, doctors may not be interested.

If you think, what is best for the patient fit the treatment in the free Church institution with bias, keep in mind, what can be the pitfalls. Some totalitarian sects is very well disguised as a hospital, and set myself the goal of having material wealth is person dependent. Actually, switch dependent with one addiction with another is not so difficult, but because these institutions are quite well able to function for many years.

In order not to get trapped in the treatment in a special medical or spiritual center, learn the history of its operation. Not be amiss to hear people's opinion, who have already had experience in this place. Have a look at forums and chat rooms, read reviews of patients or their loved ones.

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If you are interested in, where it is possible to recover from addiction, there are at least three options. If the addict is not yet ready for treatment, it is quite possible to determine its force medical center. For people, which is already understood, I don't want to live with addiction, the best way to get rid of the disease can be the spiritual center of the struggle with drug addiction or inpatient treatment at home.

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