AMLO – ultrafast opioid detoxification

Modern medicine has come very far. She is able to help people in the short term to recover from many addictions. AMLO is one of the popular methods to remove withdrawal symptoms, which occurs after the action of the drug. He allows only a few hours to get rid of withdrawal. But to hold it is necessary only under the supervision of doctors.

AMLO is able to cleanse the body. This is the first step in the treatment of drug addiction. However, it can be used only in treatment of specific drugs – opium. Which is the most common and ancient.

AMLO - an effective way to get rid of withdrawal!

AMLO – an effective way to get rid of withdrawal!

Its main representative is the heroin. It causes severe mental and physical dependence, which is formed in a very short time. After a month, the addict can't imagine life without regular doses. If he does not receive, start severe crash. It was during this period, people are particularly vulnerable. Can't fight, he is ready to go looking for a new dose. Successful treatment here is not to achieve. Then comes to the aid of AMLO, which helps, the symptoms experienced in withdrawal.

The advantage of this method

A real find for people, dreaming to overcome their addiction. It is a huge plus in that, that it was appropriate representatives of any gender, age and even alcohol experience. Many also prefer him in force speed. Just 6-8 hours you can get rid of the main symptoms of withdrawal. When any other way this can be achieved only after at least a week.

Method AMLO absolutely not overrated, the patient during the procedure is in the dream. The effect of the drug last from 24 to 74 hours, during this period, the addict has time to reconsider their existence, want to continue therapy.

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Drugs – the problem of modern society.

The mode of action AMLO

For the perception of all pleasures of the brain is responsible, or rather, hormone – neurotransmitter dopamine. Its receptors convey information to the whole organism. When it receives a malicious drug, his work completely changed. All processes are slowed down, and production of hormones stops. All of this leads to a break-up. Using the method of AMLO allows you to get rid of it, thanks to the blocking of opioid receptors.

Resorting to the procedure necessary to conduct a full medical examination. Obligatory consultation of the psychiatrist and. The only way to find out, is it possible to perform such a treatment.

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Drug addiction needs to be treated, and with the breaking to fight with the help of experts

A list of required medical research:

  • biochemical analysis of blood, it will allow to study in detail possible irregularities in the internal organs;
  • clinical analysis of blood, lets you know the exact amount of hemoglobin, leukocytes and erythrocytes;
  • HIV test;
  • the analysis for syphilis;
  • hepatitis b and C;
  • urinalysis;
  • fluoroscopy;
  • electrocardiography.

After a complete examination and approval of health workers, the client must give his consent to the procedure. It is usually carried out in the intensive care unit. The patient is immersed in a medicated sleep (in it, he is from 6 to 8 hours), then give the body a large number of different drugs.

The body begins to experience the strongest opposition, starts severe crash, but thanks to anesthesia, the patient does not feel it.

Compare method AMLO is possible with the usual routine operation, conduct which is required under the control of the anesthesiology and intensive care. When he came to his condition, satisfactory, there are improvements. Possible mild discomfort, associated with the residual effect of the anesthesia. For the next three days, it is recommended to apply the preparations-antagonists, but the dose must be small.

The pros and cons of the procedure

This method was developed in the eighties in Europe and impressed by its performance. From that moment it began to be used worldwide.


  1. Painless, thanks to being unconscious, the patient feels nothing.
  2. The speed, the effect is achieved in a few hours.
  3. Suitable for any addict.
  4. Security, for all the time use was not recorded, not a single lethal outcome.


  1. It can be attributed to the operational intervention, but any surgery is bad for the body.
  2. The use of anesthesia.
  3. Possible somatic reactions: vomiting, cramps.
  4. The high cost, price wants the best. Not everyone can afford it. Its cost consists of the cost of modern equipment, medical consultations, after the rehabilitation period.

The positive sides outweigh the negative aspects. So this way many people turn clinic.


Breaking – it hurts mentally and physically!

Complications after AMLO

As mentioned above, the method AMLO can come to the aid of any addict. But there are contraindications, these include mothers-to-be, lactating women. It was also noticed, the procedure does not cause complications, but with regard to recovery from anesthesia, here the possible difficulties, was seen symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • constant headaches;
  • shiver;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • the occurrence of speech defects.

The most serious complication, it is a relapse immediately after the procedure AMLO, it can lead to terrible consequences – stop breathing.


Deciding to resort to this method it is necessary to understand, that's not addiction treatment. This is only the first step to recovery. The patient must have patience and complete the full course of rehabilitation. Only trusting in their own strength, you can return to a normal lifestyle!

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