Psilocybin mushrooms natural drugs

Psilocybin or hallucinogenic mushrooms, the existence of which became known to people 6-9 thousands of years ago. Initially they were used to conduct mystical rites. Unfortunately, today they are used as drugs. Their cultivation on the territory of Russia is under the ban of the Criminal code.

The psilocybin mushroom: photos and General information

Psilocybin are classified as edible mushrooms. They grow around the world, but especially prevalent in America. The main dangerous substances in their composition are psilocin and psilocybin. However, despite alkaloids, scientists still argue, is it possible to include them among the poisonous or not.

Psilocybin mushrooms

To obtain lethal doses of harmful substances, to use even a few of the mushrooms will be enough. Although we should not forget about contained dangerous toxins, which can really cause a terrible harm to the body.

A large part of the toxic substances contained in the leg, although a small amount is in the hat. Everything in nature grows several psilocin containing mushrooms:

  • Psilocybe, about 115 types of them relates to drugs;
  • Molochnicy – 4 dangerous types of mushrooms;
  • Gymnopis counts 14 harmful species;
  • Paneolus.

The spores of psilocybin mushrooms are used in medicine, but addicts are often looking for these natural products, to get relaxation and ecstasy.

Effects on humans

In practice, there is enough evidence of the effects of consuming psilocybin mushrooms. They can be easily read in the scientific literature, where the victims themselves talked about the "mushroom effect". However, only recently it was found, what harm have they on the brain.psilocybin mushroom photo

Originally, using psilocin, he enters the intestine, then hurry to the blood and promotes the excitation of the receptors responsible for the joy. It is this phenomenon creates a sense of euphoria and irrational impulses of happiness and ease. Compare this with the usual intoxication or narcotic effect, so long to experience drug.

Today continues a thorough study, related to the study of the action of psilocin per person. Proven, that once in the blood, he instantly committed to the brain. Here poisonous substance begins to lose neurons, which leads to terrible consequences.

Apply irreversible damage to the front and rear convolutions and disrupted in the medial prefrontal area. It is in these places to be the main plot, which should be constantly in an active state. Even when people are sleeping or are in complete relaxation, the plot doesn't stop to digest the information. Here all the metabolic processes are much faster. This leads to the fact, all postupivshaya data accumulate and form characteristic of the individual picture of the world.

So you should understand, what are the consequences cause conflict with the progress psilocine. They are practically shutting down all processes, what a familiar picture changes, a sudden shift leads to a change of reality and the formation of hallucinations.

It is worth noting, the front cingulate gyrus are responsible for controlling depression, which comes as a result of strong excitation. And prolonged use of the drug psilocybin nylon begin to pritormazhivanija, which leads to the depressed mood and the emergence of unpleasant thoughts.

The impact on the psyche

After several studies, scientists came to the conclusion, that these mushrooms and common drugs, LSD type, almost equal. The only difference can be considered a duration of action of drugs, which is two times more.

It was revealed, what poisonous mushrooms affects all people differently. The differences were manifested in the duration of the effect, symptoms, hallucinations. Human mood also played an important role in consumption.. If he had used malicious stuff in a fit of joy, then there were fewer negative psychological effects.

Psilocybin Mushroom Breaks Through the Grass.

The psilocybin mushroom is making its way through the grass.

But when depressed, it was the opposite – aggression, unpleasant management, the anger and even the desire to cause harm to others. Effects of psilocybin on the human body, comes within half an hour, after applying the mushroom, which manifests itself in different signs.

The famous researcher Carl Graham was even able to allocate 5 levels of altered consciousness, each of which has different symptoms of manifestation, among those who took part in the study, volunteers:

  1. Begin to deteriorate receptors, responsible for hearing and color perception. Gradually, there is a disorder of short term memory.
  2. Consciousness causes visual hallucinations, which are associated with “revitalization of surrounding objects”.
  3. Time literally freezes, and the hallucinations that appear resemble a multi-colored kaleidoscope.
  4. Consume loses his own "I", lost control of time and space, what very dangerous.
  5. The complete destruction of reality, everything is falling apart, only the world of own visions remains. A person falls out of the reality of perception.

Of the psilocybin mushroom in the suburbs you can find, but it is immediately clear, what are the consequences of use of such natural resources may end in tears.

The psilocybin mushroom

Consequences of the use

If the person used a mushroom once, negative consequences can be avoided. The same applies to dependencies, it does not occur instantly.

However, hope for luck pretty doubtful. It is understood, hallucinogenic mushrooms can cause terrible poisoning. But long-term use can threaten mental disorder, behavior, the emergence of paranoia. As strong stress have internal organs. Developing psychological dependence, deal with that yourself is almost impossible.

Psilocybin mushroom buy is offered by many distributors of illegal drugs. Such drugs are inexpensive, as the effect lasts 15-60 minutes. But that is no reason for, to use them. Any drug can kill!

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