Anabolic steroids: TOP dangerous drugs

In fact, that the body is able to maximize the use of their biological functions, increase muscle mass, the great merit of specific substances – steroids. Their production in the body, in particular, do adrenal glands. But this amount is often insufficient people, with a passion for sports with heavy physical exertion. Athletes are in need of additional supply of drugs to the body, that is not always welcome. Anabolic steroids enable to achieve the desired result, but the price is too high.

Anabolic steroids

Classification of steroids

At the time, was created the drugs, which in its effect is likened to the hormone testosterone, which in particular makes you grow muscle. Many of us they are known as anabolics and steroids. The adrenal glands are not a monopolist in the synthesis of steroids. Therefore, decided to consider different types of these substances.


His appearance they are required all the same adrenal glands. In the group of corticosteroids include:

  1. Aldosterone. Thanks to him, all the internal organs receive the necessary amount of liquid. Calcium, sodium and electrolytes are contained in such an amount, as necessary body.
  2. Hydrocortisone. He knows, when it is necessary to synthesize – as soon as there is a stressful situation. Supports at the required level blood pressure. If its concentration is above the norm, then the endocrine system has sounded the alarm.
  3. Corticosterone. He supervises the production of carbohydrates, energy production. It, in muscle tissue glycogen going is a credit to this hormone.

Anabolic steroids are prohibited in Russia. Every year the list of drugs is only growing.


Estrogens and androgens

This is a typical representatives of sex hormones. Therefore, the sexual organs they are born.

Due to the estrogen the individual acquires a specific masculine traits – grow hair almost all over my body, developing strong muscles, published by sounds dominated by low tone. In the presence of estradiol in a woman increases the chance call timely menstruation.

Anabolic steroids

In its effect very similar to testosterone. They help the muscles to increase their mass, contribute to a better synthesis of vitamin D.

A woman can also in your body to store steroids when taken. However, we should not delude ourselves if the body thrilled, his are stuffed with these artificial substances.

Anabolic steroids

Nature has not foreseen the possibility of producing the body of these substances. They, artificially produced, attributed doctors for one reason or another:

  • possible, someone from the ladies suddenly disrupted menstrual cycle;
  • someone wanted to get impressive muscles;
  • tests confirmed the presence of inflammation inside some on.

Anabolic steroids

Synthetic steroids cause a lot of harm to the human body, because of what they can be taken with the permission of the specialist. The greatest danger comes from the following steroids:

  1. Synthol is popular among those, who play sports on a professional basis. In addition to improved athletic performance in humans, ache muscles, clogged veins. Often it can happen and the worst: the body loses its sensitivity, some parts of the body lose their ability to move (paralysis).
  2. Stanozolol. From the human body, taking this drug, out excess liquid. This can not but affect the condition of the joints. Its action is similar to estrogen. In particular, desire for sexual intercourse and obtain the appropriate fun, observed disorders of the nervous system.
  3. Growth hormone. To feel the effect must be very long to make this hormone, and in considerable doses. From it the internal organs increase in size, that in itself, it would seem, should not particularly bother. But, after all, while simultaneously not grow pathological tumor.
  4. Fluoxymesterone. People, seriously engaged in Boxing, drew attention to him – suddenly appear uncommon strength. Everything would be fine, but for the opportunity to win matches you have to pay: destroys the liver along with the prostate gland.
  5. Insulin. Summary of Hobbies with this medicine joyless. On the one hand we get an abnormally low rate of glucose (or sugar) blood. And on the other in the body fat accumulates in a large quantity.
  6. Nandrolone. His appointment also gives the man the chance to be like Swartzneger. However, you have to make some sacrifices. The problem is, that "pumped up" guy, playing with muscles, cease to be interested in women.
  7. Dexamethasone. People who use it a disservice to your muscles, paves the way for the deterioration of the immune system. Plus become brittle bones.

A course of anabolic steroids drinking on every professional bodybuilder. The athlete is not thinking about that, as the body destroys the.

the effect of synthetic steroids

What is the effect of synthetic steroids

No doubt, muscles are very quickly become an impressive view. But, instead paints a horrific picture, namely, the deplorable condition of the internal organs.

If a person takes a long time anabolic steroids, and then a sudden otkatilsya from them, he will have to deal with "blown out" muscles. They literally hang on it. Now to return their lost beauty will be possible only through the tremendous efforts. To avoid such troubles a man is forced to support the form of regular reception of the mentioned drugs.

The time comes, when the usual dose of a steroid anabolics is no longer valid. And if so, so, it should increase with all its consequences, associated with a hormonal imbalance.

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