Drug addiction symptoms

Addiction is a disease, which not only causes, but symptoms. Attentive people will notice obvious indications, his close friend, or taking a prohibited substance. About the symptoms of drug abuse will discuss in this article.

What are the symptoms of drug addiction?

Immediately need to mention, that drugs of different pharmacological groups may have different signs. Symptoms of addiction is easy to recognize, if you look closely at the behavior of a close person. Only apathy allows you to miss the moment, when it starts only the initial stage of addiction.

Symptoms of drug addiction depend on, what kind of drugs the person takes

Symptoms of drug addiction depend on, what kind of drugs the person takes

So, people who use heroin, the, who indulge in weed from time to time, look completely different, and they have different flows. However, there is a group of common symptoms, typical of almost all addicts. Examine this list of symptoms and be vigilant!

  1. Those, who uses drugs, does not wish an encounter with the police or other authorities. This fear often has no real reason.
  2. Clothes addicts often dark or black colors long sleeved. Tellingly, even in the intense heat, the addict will prefer to hide their hands from others.
  3. The view of addicts is most often detached, drawn somewhere inside. The pupils look unnatural, narrowed, or, on the contrary greatly enhanced, regardless of the lighting.
  4. Appearance a person taking drugs often leaves much to be desired. In addition to the banal non-observance of rules of hygiene, addicts survive the destruction of the body, and because I have a lot of problems with the teeth, nails, hair, skin. The rash and pimples, broken teeth, dirty and the nails, dry lifeless nails – that's the way of the addict.
  5. Addicts go, hunched over, unsteady gait.
  6. It addict often slowed, vague. Addicts rapidly degraded, but because, when you say, can't pick up even simple words, and stretch those, who still remember.
  7. Motion addicts is poorly coordinated, man behaves as if drunk, although others do not hear the characteristic smell of alcohol.
  8. Reluctance to participate in conversations with others, loved ones or family. Addict annoyed, it just put out simple everyday questions. Often dependent people are trying to retire, to hide from dialogue.
  9. If after the visit of a friend you have lost money or precious things, although you know him as someone respectable and honest, possible, he became a slave to drugs and is forced to commit theft of another's property.
  10. A drug addict will try by all means to hide the needle marks, but this is not always possible. Gaze of the observer will detect the point of injection on the hands (the back side), on the temples, on scalp under hair, on the feet. In contrast to the usual traces of medical manipulations, almost invisible, track marks drugs have a nasty purple-violet color and unnatural combed look.

Who can be the first to notice symptoms of drug addiction?

Most often the first to notice something was wrong the, who lives with an addict. If we are talking about teenagers, it, of course, parents, but at the same time bad, and well. Well for the reason, what loving father or mother will immediately "feel" that something was wrong and take steps to rescue your child. The best way out is to appeal to narcologist and a candid conversation.

Parents can be the first to notice something was wrong with their children

Parents can be the first to notice something was wrong with their children

Why, in this case, it is bad, parents can become the first witnesses of addiction? The fact, what most parents don't pay attention to strange behavior of a teenager, blaming it on puberty. So, what a strange behavior of the child indicates the possibility of, that he uses drugs?

  1. Stealth. All the kids in his own secretive, but those, who uses drugs, do not want to communicate with parents. If mom or dad insists on talking, the teenager remained silent, complete the conversation with platitudes.
  2. A decline in academic performance. Let the child had never shone "five", but drugs act on the mental abilities are destructive and bring all estimates to the "twos". In addition, if the teenager had any Hobbies or hobby, he ceases to be interested in.
  3. The increase in costs. The only question, to which the child appeals to parents is receiving pocket money. The child cannot explain, why he needs the money, but asking for more and more. If the parents do not go to a meeting in financial matters, the child can pull the bill out of the wallet of the parent, or take valuable items from home.
  4. Often assuming the track addiction old friends leave your life of a teenager, but there are new suspicious person surrounded by young man. But not necessarily – sometimes the whole company began experimenting with drugs. In this case, the conversations between the guys are conducted in a whisper or very quiet, although in the past they were screaming at all the houses and did not hide anything from parents.
  5. The mood of a teenager is very unstable. If earlier the child was just closed or secretive, now he behaves like a chameleon. Cheerful state of excitation and the chattiness instantly replaced by apathy and indifference to everything, flowing in aggressiveness and hostility even towards loved ones.
  6. The presence of a teenager strange things. These include harnesses, syringes, needles, blackened with soot spoon, lighters. In addition, you can find among the things of the child pills, powder, cigarette, a bag with dried grass. In case of detection of such "evidence", the teenager has shown incredible resourcefulness, speaking, that it belongs to his friend or the attributes of the school in chemistry or biology.

Stages of drug addiction are the following:

  • adaptation – there is a psychological dependence on drugs, people like euphoria;
  • withdrawal symptoms – physical dependence, pain;
  • depletion of all body functions – the stage, when a person goes crazy, often end in overdose or suicide.

Recognizing the first symptoms, should raise the alarm. As it takes place just a few months, when a person passes from the stage of adaptation to the withdrawal syndrome.

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Symptoms of addiction can be different depending on, what uses people, dependent on drugs. But there is a group of signs, quite common to all addicts. The attentive observer's eye will immediately note the strange behavior of a close person. Symptoms of a drug addict it is easy to see, if you carefully monitor the behavior and habits.

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