How to get rid of child drug abuse

Addiction.. Behind these words lies sadness, pain, tears and grief. Drugs break not one life, and demolish the entire family, causing the efforts of the, who did not even drink. What is the only plus in the drug – man, managed to beat addiction, become literally invincible, strong to any blows of fate. What is negative – to deal with drug addiction is difficult, especially if he is dependent does not want it. In this post we will talk about, how to get rid of child drug abuse.

Drugs are not toys for children

World statistics testifies, every day followers of narcotic substances becoming new members of society. Most often it is children. Children, not yet faced life's difficulties, which, it would seem, all there, can very quickly and for a long time to get used to the drugs. It, what starts as an innocent prank and mischief, over time, drawn in a serious relationship. If you, as a parent, notice, that with child is something wrong, you need to sound the alarm.

Keep track of your children!

Keep track of your children!

The child is unlikely to want to quit your addiction. He still has no opportunity to soberly evaluate your life, the long-term prospects. Family, career, favorite work – all these words are for the child an empty sound. Teen wants to live here and now, have fun today, not thinking about tomorrow.

Very few children ask for help and are willing to consciously deal with his addiction. So if your child was the victim of a drug, do not expect help from nowhere and help him on their own even in addition to his desire.

Whether to help the child by force

Not every adult can understand, what he needed to deal with addiction. Of course, that child to do it even harder. But whether or not to impose their aid to children? This is a complex issue, having, however, one correct answer – definitely worth it.

Help your child, if you see, he became addicted to drugs

Help your child, if you see, he became addicted to drugs

While you wait, what your child will become aware and decide to get rid of this addiction, his body may undergo irreversible changes. Children of drug addicts live much less, than adults, who are addicted to narcotic drugs. The fact, that children's bodies are much more susceptible to toxins, contained in the drugs, and suffers a lot more. Therefore, we encourage parents to begin active struggle with addiction of their child, as soon as you notice not right. Psychological suggestion you will spend later, during the deliverance of your child from addiction.

How to get rid of childish dependency: the first stage

The first phase of drug rehabilitation lasts about a month. That's how much time the body needs in order, to be cleansed from the poison, bring out all the toxins. During this period, you need to completely eliminate drug use, although at this time, the dose for a child is a matter of life and death. Is it possible the first step outside the walls of institutions? Probably not, than Yes. Even the, who are serious to fight, can not cope with the break up and be broken. Child, which is not quite himself is still in control, it would be better to spend that time in a special clinic. He can't escape from the walls of this place, and guaranteed to be exempt from taking drugs. Considered, what the hardest part of breaking is to be transferred in two to three weeks after withdrawal, this will be followed by immediate and noticeable relief. Doctors, if we turn to him, will appoint a special anti-anxiety medications, which may go some way to alleviate the suffering and soothing effect on the dependent.

The second stage – cleansing

In the second stage you need to conduct a cleansing of the body and its partial restoration. Yes, the human body as "machine" perfect, but he will need the help of drugs in order, to be cleansed from the accumulated poison. This stage can also be called medication, because the doctor prescribes a course of medication, that should restore the corrupted system of life.

From addiction need to get rid of in several stages

From addiction need to get rid of in several stages

The course of treatment and names of drugs will be determined by the doctor, so in any case it is not necessary to do at this stage of self-treatment. Is it possible to carry out the second phase of drug rehabilitation outside the hospital walls, home? In principle, can, but if the child goes wrong and somehow get a dose of the drug, you have to start all over again. In fact, the body's need for the drugs after a month of abstinence from their use is reduced to nearly zero, but I can just play purely psychological reasons.

The third stage of psychological recovery

It is very important to find root out the cause, which prompted a child to drugs. It can be, anything – trouble at school or with their parents, the lack of good friends, or hanging out with "bad" company. It is not uncommon, when the child is loved, it's all there, but he becomes a drug addict. But don't think, that it is causeless – cause there is also, but it is more hidden. Material allowance is not an indication, that person is all there. Most children roll the dice, because they lack attention and love.

The third stage may also take place at the medical center, and. Parents, who are ready to help, support a child much better, than an army of doctors. The third step can be carried out together with the second. When the poison has left the body of a teenager, he already thinks more clearly and is ready to dialogue.

Stage four – rehabilitation

This stage uses all the centers to combat drug addiction. During this period, the child talks to former drug addicts, gets the time and opportunities for self-development. Those children, which the dependent is already long enough, learning to live again, re-communicate with people, to take care of themselves. Rehabilitation lasts from two weeks to several months and is the final step in the treatment.

How effective is such treatment?

Can we say, that after going through all four stages, the child never again return to drugs? Unfortunately, such a guarantee can not give one. That's why it's so important, the child himself wanted to get rid of this addiction. Possible, initially, you'll help him through the reluctance of the child, but in the second phase psychological assistance and support will take its toll. Teen aware, that all this time were proprietary, and therefore unhappy. But there's also the likelihood, that to withstand the compulsory treatment, favorite child on the first day of a free life to go in search of a dose.

To avoid this, you should not only help to remove the child from physical dependence, but do it on a psychological level. The child must understand, the desire to stop using drugs – not your, and his own including. This is the key to, he won't want to continue the path of the addict.

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The fight against child drug addiction occurs in four stages. We won't tell, what you need placement in a special clinic, as many successful cases of cure, and at home under the supervision of a physician. But the key to success is first the desire of the child to be free from drugs.

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