Addiction: the consequences

If people knew, what the consequences are for his body Smoking, alcohol, drugs, he would close "not suitable" to these substances and the people, which they are used. It is likely, that all our troubles are due to ignorance or lack of experience. In this post we will talk about, what the implications of addiction.

The path of the addict

It would be possible not to write this article, if the consequences of drug use would not be so terrible. In the majority, when a person begins to use drugs, he thinks about the momentary pleasure. But, perhaps, if he had a little bit of knowledge about, what makes it body drugs, he would refrain from their use.

Drugs affect the entire body and all systems of life

Drugs affect the entire body and all systems of life

Outset – the longer the time taken drugs, and the more doses, the worse and more powerful than their effects on the body. The drug is a powerful poison and toxin, who care what the body to destroy, he will do it quickly and efficiently.
Do not comfort yourself with the thought, what recreational drugs do not act so destructively. A simple example – people get sick from that, eating vegetables and fruits, generously treated with pesticides. Drugs is a product of chemical processing in pure form. You're not going to drink for washing floors or snort washing powder? However, drugs willingly consumed by society, despite this "utility".

Physiological consequences

I have addicts:
1. Liver problems. It has a very simple rationale. The liver first tries to fight against drugs, but rather with those toxins, drugs which contain a large number of. But later, working daily with disinfection of narcotic poisons, the liver cells die off and cease to perform their functions. The more time a drug addict takes drugs, the worse he fared with the liver. The junkie three to four years, as a rule, suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis or cancer of the liver.
2. Accelerated aging process. When the liver can no longer cope with the toxins, coming from drugs, the body begins to work, what is called, "wear". It affects all aspects of the addict. Face – gray and unhealthy skin, and, that is not visible to the human eye, diseased organs of the vascular system and the gastrointestinal tract. There are cases, when a young man, regularly playing substances, looks like two times older than his peers. And, of course, for this reason, addicts do not live long.
3. Not a working reproductive system. Drugs inhibit the natural functioning of the body, hormonal undergoes irreversible changes. Most of the men, a year after the drug feel stable impotence, impotence, and women can't get pregnant. If the woman gets pregnant, that drug addicts in 70% cases children are born with severe disabilities and disorders. It is a clear fact – after nine months the baby day by day subjected to the influence of toxic drugs.
4. Disturbed perception of the world. It, what addicts inadequate, it's no secret. Brain, drugged, working in an unknown direction. Among drug users often suicidal, also people under the influence of drugs commit crimes, do the, what I would never have made, staying sober. Dementia, constant nervousness and depression permanent attitude of the addict.
5. Stop in your personal development. More precisely, we are talking about the degradation – addict, like a cork from a bottle, leaves from the life of society.

The addict is rapidly degraded as a person

The addict is rapidly degraded as a person

Everything that happens its not anymore, there is no desire to develop, to learn, to improve. Perhaps, if someone has the desire to quickly sink to the bottom, you only need what to do, like get hooked on drugs.

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Consequences of addiction will affect any, who regularly takes drugs. If you think, you will not touch it, so, you're just afraid to take responsibility for their lives and their actions.

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