Zolpidem – a sleeping pill, causing dependence

Zolpidem – known medicine, prescribed for the development of insomnia. Also the medication issued as a cure for certain brain diseases. Characterized by the rapid action process, just enough 15 minutes, to achieve the desired result. Also zolpidem pills have a short half-life.

Zolpidem has a strong anticonvulsant effect and muscular character. Its one dose is ten times higher than necessary. Therefore, the drug was contraindicated as a means for muscle relaxation. Otherwise, you may develop serious side effects.


Zolpidem: what is

Medicine is a good remedy against insomnia. But doctors prescribe it only for short-term treatment. Medication Zolpidem should not be used in therapy, exceeding two months.

It should be noted, after some research, it was found, that the medication is a means to initiate sleep, but not as a medicine to maintain it.

Adverse reactions

Zolpidem sleeping pills can provoke the development of serious side effects. The most common ones are:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • retching;
  • dizziness;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • violation of coordination of movements;
  • the appearance of euphoria;
  • development of appetite;
  • decrease libido;
  • the increase in impulsivity.

The sudden cessation use can develop a withdrawal syndrome, which is also characterized by various disorders of health. Usually sleeping pills zolpidem after abrupt withdrawal of use triggers the recurrence of insomnia.

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Numerous reviews have noted, that the drug provoked sleepwalking and even committing ordinary, everyday actions in the dream. After her awakening, patients do not remember what happened the day before. Such usually occurs after the first use of the drug.

Because of the numerous tragic cases the drug repeatedly filed lawsuits. Therefore, it is important to understand, zolpidem application instructions required reading. You also need to strictly follow the treatment regimen. It is best to carry out treatment under the strict supervision of a physician.

The development of dependence

Zolpidem, which you can buy in the pharmacy, it is necessary to apply a short period of time. And use for the treatment should be the minimum dosage, you can't increase. Otherwise, it could trigger a relapse of insomnia, and there will be a dependency, developing especially rapidly. Proven, some patients this is enough for a few weeks.

Abrupt cessation also contraindicated. Otherwise, it may appear nonsense, cramps. Therefore, it is important to refuse medication gradually, daily to reduce the dosage. If you have difficulties to delay a visit to the doctor is impossible. Only an experienced doctor is able to give the right advice, to improve the situation.

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Increasing the allowable dose is always fraught with sad consequences. Buying zolpidem in drugstores of Moscow and other cities of Russia it is necessary to follow dosage, prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise the drug can cause suppression of the respiratory function, the development of coma and even death.

At risk are patients, simultaneously use anti-depressants or alcoholic drinks.


Pills can affect driving skills, so, to use them, driving a car is impossible. It is best to take the medication during bedtime.

Also to take the drug with extreme caution necessary in the elderly. The reason for all of their particular sensitivity to exposure to the components of the medication.

Zolpidem, which you can buy in pharmacies. Should not be used unnecessarily. The drug quickly develops dependence, so, its beneficial effect may be too minimal compared to the harm caused by.

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