Dangerous plant belladonna

In nature, there are a huge number of plants, which has useful properties. Belladonna is one of this. Drugs based on this plant help to treat diseases of the eye, bowel, stomach. Also have a positive effect while hernia, epilepsy.

However, few people know, that belladonna is capable of causing serious harm to. To collect, and most importantly create and consume products based on it must, only having the necessary knowledge.


Belladonna: what is

To learn more about the negative side of the plants, to start you should get to know him better. Belladonna grows in the Caucasus, Ukraine. The most favorable conditions for it to become a forest edge, forest road. Also the plant can be found in the Moscow region, in the far East, Novosibirsk.

Belladonna is a perennial poisonous plant, which reaches the size up to five feet. Use berries, the leaves can be fatal to humans. Several decades ago, from which were manufactured poisons. However, today it is actively used in the pharmaceutical industry. But this plant only harvested during flowering – summer.

Sometimes to receive a serious poisoning small enough extract. Therefore, it is necessary to collect it with gloves on, avoiding contact with skin, lips, eyes. Due to the damage caused, many believe, what is belladonna drug.

belladonna extract

A plant extract used to create these drugs:

  • painkillers;
  • antispasmodic.

Also belladonna extract allows to treat many diseases:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • muscle pain;
  • tuberculosis;
  • bronchitis;
  • epilepsy;
  • hernia.

The best known remedy is Atropine. Usually it is used for the treatment of eye diseases. Apply which need to expert advice. Only an experienced doctor is able to determine the appropriate dosage.

The danger of taking drugs with belladonna

Today to find these drugs easily at any pharmacy. Most importantly adhere to the specified dosage, then harm to the body there will be no. However, it is understood, that belladonna overdose can provoke fatal. Therefore, to keep drugs from plants, be careful. Especially if the house has young children.

In addition to known medical products, there are alternative, for example, supplements. That's only important to understand, the extract of belladonna in these funds are not controlled by the state.

Can be seriously overpriced. Therefore, to ensure the security is simply impossible. Company, create these supplements with confidence claim incredible benefits from their use. Here only a limited number of studies, does not allow to confirm this in practice.

belladonna drug

Side effects

Any, even the most qualitative product may provoke unexpected reactions. With this plant, the situation is especially aggravated. Therefore, it is important to know, about the possible consequences.

Exceeding the permissible doses can provoke an overdose. Usually mild poisoning, appears after 10-20 minutes. The first signs of him becoming a strong burning sensation in the mouth, palpitations, the occurrence of hoarseness in the voice. The skin may appear redness, and, in particularly severe cases – hallucinations.

Severe poisoning is able to result in the loss of orientation, development convulsions. Falling pressure and raising the temperature. Sometimes the overdose ends in death.

Special caution should be exercised for pregnant women. Because the risk of getting and their children.

To avoid negative consequences, it is important to monitor their health.. And at the first disturbing symptoms, consult a doctor.

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