Hawaiian rose is not for beauty, and for dope

Hawaiian rose is a unique plant endemic to the, found in the Eastern part of India, Burma. The plants are actively used for the production of ecstasy. Therefore, this rose is considered to be a drug.

Hawaiian rose

Description of Hawaiian roses

Flower is a vine, able for several years to grow to 5 meters. The trunk of the plant thin, having a branching form. Green heart-shaped leaves take the form.

Hawaiian tree rose has beautiful flowers size up to 5 cm, the color of which can vary in several colors, but most often yellow. The plant gives fruit seeds, resembling tiny roses.

Each pod has several seeds. Their properties heavily depend on age. Young seeds have a much more pronounced smell. Each of them contains Ergin, chanoclavine, isoergine. Each of them is usually attributed to the alkaloid the acid – LSD.


Small Hawaiian rose is not the only plant, containing these substances. In addition, there are:

  • morning glory;
  • ololiuqui.

LSA is actively isolated from plants at home. To do this quite simply:

  • grind 150 grams of seeds;
  • seeds of the Hawaiian rose pour solvents;
  • later 2 the day passed through a filtration system;
  • seeds, released from the liquid, dried;
  • then to the mess add alcohol methyl;
  • filter, drain the water in the bottle;
  • then again pour alcohol;
  • carefully filter out from Kashi, then connect it with the solution from the bottle;
  • pour the solution, oparte it, wait, the evaporation of the liquid.

At the end of the process you should get a lot of yellow tint, you want to carefully pack in a small capsule. With 15 seeds obtained one dose. Prolonged exposure to the sun or moisture, the seeds lose activity.

The use of seeds of the Hawaiian rose

Hawaiian rose is widely used in medical purposes as tonic, and also as a strong aphrodisiac, the treatment of diabetes and male infertility. A small dose has a strong psychoactive effect, so afraid for the side effects not worth it. But increasing the dosage can cause side effects, the appearance of hallucinations.

Application MGT similar to the effect of LSD. It is important to note the effect of the use of each person are different:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • weakness;
  • euphoria.

Hawaiian rose effect from 7 hours before 12. A lot depends on individual to individual. Many people, having tasted the seeds of the Hawaiian rose, compared the effect with drugs.

To get rid of the development of nausea, you need to use the seeds solely on an empty stomach, in the amount not exceeding 8 pieces. Before that they need to carefully peel and crushed. Then leave them in water for 20 minutes and drink the resulting solution.

Hawaiian tree rose

To gain the desired effect shamans insist seeds in your saliva. The enzymes help to release the active constituents.

Side effects

Hawaiian rose is able to trigger two dangerous phenomena:

  1. Uterine contractions. This condition is especially dangerous for women in the position. The reduction is able to cause miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant girls are strictly forbidden to use the seeds. Also at risk are individuals, having problems with the genitourinary system.
  2. Nausea. This symptom appears most people, who use the plant. The reason for all contained components in the flower. But not everyone who use the suffering of this side effect. In some individuals this is all happening without violations.

Hawaiian rose is a little known plant, therefore, many law enforcement agencies can consider it as a drug. Therefore, it is best to limit its use without apparent need.

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