What is Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a special enterogenous drink, created from vines. It is often combined with various plants. Appeared first on Ayahuasca in Peru in the beginning 1950 year, a lover of botany Richard Evans. It is actively used to prepare treatment solutions.

General information and ceremony Ayahuasca

Try, Ayahuasca drink, many people have reported unusual experiences and spiritual move. Some believe, that way they make the second rebirth.

The ritual Ayahuasca – discomfort, access to the spiritual forces. Cases, when, after experience with the drug, people completely changing their usual worldview.

What is Ayahuasca

Peruvian drink Ayahuasca at the first use often provokes an attack of vomiting. How to say shaman, all natural, because this is the process of cleansing the body. However, this is not the only side effects. In addition, may produce diarrhea, heat, chills and strong psychological stress. Alarming symptoms are not long-lasting. However, there is evidence about the deaths caused by consumption of plants. The reason was existing heart disease, the simultaneous use of antidepressants.

Even in modern society, there are enough cases of the shamanic rituals. Therefore, expert users are given the correct advice is to use Ayahuasca in the presence of knowledgeable shamans. Unique drink has a huge number of names.

recipe of Ayahuasca

Preparation before admission

Peruvian drink Ayahuasca requires a special approach and knowledge. For the start of the section Liana carefully evaporated and boiled. Then add the leaves of other plants. The resulting broth is a strong psychedelic drug.

The end result seriously depends on additional plants, the experience of the shaman. Often the ingredients vary depending on site of manufacture of the composition. For example, additional substances can be leaves chacruna and chaliponga.

Recipe of Ayahuasca often inherited, and most importantly is a special religious symbol. It is used in an unconventional context. It is based on a knowledge of the philosophy, space, convincing, which similarly fails to establish a special connection.

However, the substance is valued not only as shamanic rituals. Also it is used for medical purposes. The desired effect is achieved in half an hour after eating and persists until 6 hours.

Ayahuasca drink

Ayahuasca has a particular effect on the cardiovascular system. So people, having problems in this area should be especially careful in the use miracle the current juice.

The effect of taking plants

After consumption of the component begin to develop hallucinations, visual and visual. Also quickens the heartbeat, a sense of euphoria, fear. Appear external symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea.

Due to this cleansing effect, it is often used as a remedy against worms. Not only do they appear, but previously destroyed by the action of the harmala alkaloids. However, using the Ayahuasca, it is important to adhere to certain dietary restrictions.

Nontraditional applications

Recipe of Ayahuasca could not remain forever in secret from a shaman of the tribes. Therefore, in 20 century he began to appear in Europe, America. Here the drink was able to gather a huge number of opinions.

Some admired the resulting effect, while others were convinced, what Ayahuasca will negatively affect health. However, according to numerous studies, it was found, in the process of conducting rituals, drink improved well-being, impact not only on mental, but physical condition.

Ayahuasca ceremony

It is important to note, the creators of the drink are unable to create an original recipe, due to the lack of necessary components. So it began to include completely different plants. Many famous people actively used it. And opinions have all been positive.

Even recently, ongoing research, could, to confirm the positive effects. To make such conclusions were possible, after studying several groups of volunteers. According to their results it was possible to identify, what unique substance is able to boost their psychological perception and increase self-actualization.

It is important to note, that plant is perfectly legal, and all because of the lack of chemicals. But, despite such approval, drinks, prepared on the basis of DMT – prohibited. Although in many countries it is permissible to use it in order to conduct various rituals.

Thus, plant, even after so many years of its existence, continues to gather around him a large number of conversations.

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