The real disease of drug addicts

Disease addicts is something terrible and repulsive for a respectable citizen of any country. But people close to you must know, what diseases will attack the body and mind of the addict.

disease drug

Drug addiction is the scourge of modern society

Addiction is a serious disease, which may provoke a huge number of violations. It is important to note, what drugs not only violate a person's physical condition, but also psychological. The patient has problems with perception of the world, schizophrenia, depression. To determine immediately, as work toxic possible. It all depends on the strength of the effect of the drug, the duration of use, the physical condition of the dependent.

Modern drugs have a special power, so sometimes only a couple of months, to the disease of drug addicts began to actively progress. At dependent beginning to have heart problems, liver, light, the brain. Usually, they are irreversible. The immune system have also weakened, which causes colds.

Wondering, what diseases in drug addicts appear most often quite difficult. The thing is, their are so many, what to determine the exact amount is simply impossible. Sometimes disease addicts for a long time proceed in a latent form, and when you occur to change something is simply impossible. Therefore, it is important to be able to promptly spotted a deadly illness. However, sometimes even high-quality medical care is useless.

Disease drug

To answer, what diseases in drug addicts exist is impossible. The reason is the huge number of them. Therefore it is necessary to find the most popular and dangerous of them.


what diseases in drug addictsPermanent the injection does not go unnoticed. Therefore frequent diagnosis becomes dependent blood poisoning. Sometimes the reason for the development of the disease is reduced immunity. Bacteria are constantly attacking the body, with which the body is unable to fight. Skin integrity is constantly violated, and at the site of injection abscesses appear.

Often addicts put shots in full insanitary conditions. Therefore, to avoid blood poisoning is simply impossible. Most of the sick individuals did not think about the possible tragic consequences of his addiction.

Usually a large number of injection provokes the appearance of wounds, where there are ulcers. Gradually there is an abscess of purulent fusion. With each new dose, the situation is worsening. That's just patients often do not pay special attention. Such troubles do not become for them a serious reason to go to the hospital. Rapidly the disease begins to progress.

The first symptom is the increased temperature and deterioration of General health. Pustules burst, causing blood poisoning. If you do not provide timely treatment to heal yourself is impossible. To cope with the disease only when you go to the hospital at an early stage of the disease with antibiotics.


Infectious inflammation of the liver is a common diagnosis among dependent individuals. Especially vulnerable personality by injected drugs. Most often disease is transmitted among dependent. Begins to show chronic hepatitis, which gradually flow in cirrhosis, fatal.


Many diseases of drug addicts are transmitted through blood. And because of habits of active use of one syringe by several users, the disease spreads easily through the syringe. Therefore, in the presence of one of the members of team dangerous diagnosis, a chance of mass infection is too great.

Also some drugs can provoke the development of increased sexual activity. Young people begin to engage in promiscuous intimate relationships. HIV infection is easily transmitted, causing dire consequences.

HIV does not cause lethal outcome, that's only if no qualitative treatment of the disease begins to progress, turning into AIDS. That's just to cure this ailment cannot. The only chance to increase life expectancy, adhere strictly to the recommendations of the attending physicians.


Infectious diseases of drug addicts

The weakening of the immune system and HIV infection is getting the cause of other dangerous diagnoses:

  • herpes. Not a nice rash on the skin or on the genitals;
  • fungal infections. Usually appear on the surface of the genitals, and at the advanced stage occur in the respiratory system;
  • tuberculosis. The most famous disease among dependent individuals. Starting to progress, the disease moves to other organs;
  • Toxoplasma gondii. Dangerous disease, beginning with epilepsy and coma ending;
  • isosporous. Often fatal;
  • bacterial infection;
  • pneumonia. The disease progresses with the development of cough, high temperature, weight loss and strong pain in the chest. Even with professional help to recover is quite difficult;
  • recurrent salmonellosis. The disease is frequently diagnosed in healthy people, but the treatment is quick and without complications. But with HIV, the situation is much more serious. The disease quickly moves into the chronic form.

Each of the diseases can cause serious consequences. So realizing the responsibility on the part of dependent personalities, his loved ones must exercise utmost care. Often only depends on the future life of the patient.


Mental disorders

The emergence of psychological disorders peculiar to each dependent. However, deviations can be very different shapes. It may involve a simple change of mood, and to end schizophrenia.

Psychological abnormalities can be:

  • degradation of the individual. For each individual characteristic of mental development. However, the addicts, the sort occurs. He gradually loses the mental soybean abilities, losing moral values. Sometimes the situation escalates so, what native people lose the ability to communicate with patients;
  • depression. In humans, disturbed perception of reality, constantly changing mood, lost appetite, disturbed sleep, begin to appear suicidal thoughts. If at this stage not to provide the patient, depression can develop into serious mental disorders;
  • amnesia. The brain damaged, that might lead to memory impairment;
  • bipolar disorder. Diagnosis, which put the majority of dependent with experience. Manifested by mood swings, bouts of aggression and anger;
  • schizophrenia. Arises from the active use of spice. Sometimes the disease is inherited. The patient becomes aggressive, sloppy, disturbing. Sometimes the situation escalates, and visit poor visual and auditory hallucinations.

Addiction is a serious disease, require professional help. To deal with it alone is impossible. The only way to try to bring a native person to normal life. Today there are a sufficient number of clinics, can help in solving this problem. The most important thing to get the support of loved ones. It is often drug addicts themselves losing any hope of recovery.

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