Charas is a drug from India

Charas under this term hides the raw tar, a gathering of blossoms of Indian hemp. In its composition the substance contains more than 60% active THC.


The drug from poorer countries

Charas in India is in excessive demand. Here it is considered as resin, derived from cannabis. On rendered effect many people compare it with another narcotic drug. Due to what he called charas hashish.

Raise the hemp above sea level. And is particularly prized plants collected in autumn of the year. That is from September to October the plant appear beautiful buds, collected, dried and crushed.

Fresh substance that resembles a strange texture green, with special smell. Gradually, the substance takes on a completely different color and hardens. A few months later before jgeometry charas begins to crumble. However, the main trouble for addicts is, after long-term storage, it completely loses its properties.

Therefore, the shelf life should not exceed one year. After 4 he completely loses its narcotic properties. Moreover, when stored in a room with high temperature and humidity storage time can be reduced several times.

charas in India

Application carasa

Drug charas has on people of various properties, the most popular effect is hallucinogenic. Which occurs due to the high psychoactivity drug. Charas in India is popular not only as a narcotic drug, but as a drug. It is used as medication is able to relieve toothache. Also charas practiced for the treatment of cough, respiratory and nervous disorders.

Indian charas used in animal husbandry. He served as a special additive in feed bulls. However, over time attitudes to matter seriously changed. People, using it for their own purposes, got a charity and contempt. Therefore, in some parts of the area have even banned.

In modern society, some people continue to use the drug charas. For example, the people of the sadhu, observe that for this special ritual. Although they do not use it regularly, and the weak half of the tribe, it is generally prohibited.

Tribe Afridi actively grow hemp, to carry out to carry out medical treatment. This tradition they adhere to more than hundreds of years. According to current statistics, a third of all the men of the tribe, since 15 years of age, use the substance. Women under such a frightening statistic has not got. The reason for all of the local tradition, forbidding them to use charas.

charas hashish

Consequences of the use

Many people, based on national origin are convinced, the drug has a minimum of addictions. In fact, however, the concentration of the drug is not inferior to other drugs. And the consequences are much worse, more pronounced. The consequences of use can easily take a tragic character.

Have dependent increases chance of developing schizophrenia and other mental disorders. Often received violations acquire irreversible consequences. Dependent personality, long time drug users, in need of compulsory medical treatment in a specialized clinic. Treatment must be under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

Therefore, since the 1961 year, he was put on the list of banned drugs. The referring of it to particularly dangerous drugs, able to cause serious health violations, such as:

  • the occurrence of memory lapses;
  • the development of depression;
  • impaired attention;
  • dementia;
  • the emergence of suicidal thoughts;
  • cancer;
  • infertility.

To buy charas in Moscow is also impossible. The drug in the territory of the Russian Federation included in the list of prohibited. So its use, storage and sale punishable by law.

drug charas


Signs of use

To identify the use of narcotic drug allow simple external signs:

  • dilated pupils;
  • the appearance of glare in the eyes;
  • dryness on the lips;
  • the presence of a burning smell on the clothes;
  • a quick change of mood, laugh for no reason;
  • the occurrence of memory lapses;
  • hallucinations;
  • the increase in pressure.

When Smoking the plants there appears the cough, shortness of breath.

The plant could have an adverse effect on the entire body. Moreover, especially affects the nervous and respiratory system, brain. People quickly get used to the drug, begins to develop a dependence. And wanting to increase the effect, you have to constantly increase the dosage. Usually for the formation of the counter based on sufficient just 2-3 weeks. The main danger is getting it, gradually people have the desire to move on to harder stuff. What could further provoke cardiac arrest, fatal.

Long-term use is fraught with complete removal from social life. A person ceases completely to be interested in work, studies, family relationships.

Indian charas


Increasing the allowable dose can provoke an overdose, which is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • tremor of the extremities;
  • profuse sweating;
  • lowering the temperature;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • retching.

Especially dangerous is the combination carasa with other drugs and alcohol. Such a Union is able to provoke severe poisoning, can lead to death. To alleviate the patient's condition must make him vomit and put it on the side. Loss creating have to do that, to the victim choked on her own vomit. Try to help the patient alone is not worth it, urgently need to call an ambulance.

Receiving any drugs is fraught with tragic consequences. Therefore, such experiments can become a threat to their own lives.

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