Intravenous laser blood purification from addiction

Today there are many clinics, be able to help people, for the addicted. For this purpose they use different methods and ways. One of the most effective procedures for achieving the desired result becomes intravenous laser blood purification. Similarly, it is difficult to organize high-quality treatment based on even addicts with experience.

The number of drug addicts is growing rapidly every year. And even the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle does not bring the desired, positive results. The perfect proof this is a disappointing statistic. Annually, according to die a huge number of people, only a small part of them, comes to the right decision – to tie. The surest solution for the achievement of this goal is detoxification.

intravenous laser blood purification

Intravenous laser blood purification

A huge number of dependent people is forcing physicians to constantly look for existing therapies. This method of addiction treatment appeared more 40 years ago. Experts have been active irradiation of blood, allowing to heal the body. Every year technology update took place and today is used polyfactorial sources.

Intravenous laser blood purification is carried out by the action of light energy. Due to this positive changes in the body. This technique is very popular and is used to treat various diseases. With particular demand it enjoys in substance abuse treatment.

Specialists proven, that prolonged exposure to the medication, alcohol, drugs and other drugs provokes addiction. What gradually begins to deteriorate the condition of the internal organs, blood, reduced immunity. Often the figures are critical, what causes the development of fatal diseases.

addiction treatment

Intravenous laser blood purification is capable of in just a few sessions to improve the physical condition of the person. It is widely recommended for treatment of dependence drug and alcohol plan.


Usually this procedure is prescribed in the following cases:

  • treatment of addiction in adolescents;
  • deliverance from alcoholism;
  • assistance in the event of drug withdrawal.

Most heavily dependent have a list in parallel of developing diseases. Therefore, the procedure allows to improve the General condition. For many patients it is the only, the right decision to return to a normal life.


It is understood, intravenous blood purification can not be called a standard manipulation. So it has some limitations:

  • diseases of the blood;
  • malfunctions of the cardiovascular system;
  • bad clotting;
  • low hemoglobin;
  • the presence of venous thrombosis.

Before the procedure the doctor must carefully verify in the absence of such diseases.

treatment of addiction in adolescents

The basic gist

To understand how effective the procedure is, it is necessary to consider its mechanism of action. After making the received radiation quantum energy to seek to penetrate into the blood vessels, of which penetrate into the bloodstream, where there is a change of charge of the cells. Even the smallest of cells to be updated, causing the improvement of the body.

However, it is a mistake to think, what intravenous blood purification will get rid of many years of addiction. This is only a small step on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Procedure to improve blood counts, promotes oxygen intake, strengthens the immune system and provoking the early removal of dangerous toxins. So it will have a positive impact on the health of the person, his health, mood, but the craving for bad habits will remain.

the method of treatment according to

The process of conducting

The procedure is completely painless. This is carried out by performing the following manipulations:

  • the patient is placed on bed, previously with his shirt sleeve;
  • to prevent infection, the leather is treated with antiseptics;
  • installed the little device in the wrist;
  • a tourniquet is applied. Catheter.

After finishing the preparatory stage, start the procedure. For this purpose, the device put a certain time. Session duration may be different from 5 to 30 minutes. A lot depends on the condition of the patient. To achieve the desired result requires about 5 procedures. The intravenous solution for blood purification has its own characteristics, therefore, to carry out the procedure can only qualified specialists.


Improvements appear after the first session:

  • break-up occurs in a less painful form;
  • depression releases;
  • the attraction to addiction is reduced;
  • improving the patient's appearance.

In the presence of appropriate desires, willpower, the patient is able to quit addiction.


During the long period existence of procedure have tested it many people. And most patients gave positive feedback. So the doctors in many clinics continue to use this method. However, you should understand the most important thing in the success of the recovery – a personal desire to get rid of dependence.

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