The effect of marijuana on the body men

Abuse of dangerous substances is usually associated with a desire to get incredible emotions. Most often the drugs provoke the appearance of incredible euphoria. However, as stated by a, marijuana effect on the body adversely. There is an opinion, the grass has a positive effect on sexual life. Young people believe, the impact of marijuana on their reproductive system just incredible. From its use begins to increase erection, but the duration of sexual intercourse increases significantly. It's time to dispel these myths.

the influence of marijuana

The effect of marijuana on the potency

Thorough studies were able to capture the opposite effect. The effect of marijuana on the body of men does occur, but only negative. The positive effect appears only at the initial stage of use. Gradually the body gets used to the drug. The work of all organs begins to experience major changes. Over time the influence of marijuana leads to a complete renunciation of sexual life. Blame good reasons:

  • hormonal changes;
  • the decrease male libido;
  • changing priorities;
  • the development of prostatitis.

The effect of marijuana on the body men with prolonged contact is irreversibly. Years of dependence provokes a change in the condition of the vessels, causing infertility.

Experts were able to figure out, that long-term use of marijuana provokes pain during orgasm. The reason for this phenomenon is the increase in dose of THC. Eventually the pain was so strong, a man lost desire for sex.

marijuana effects on the body

Are there any positive cases?

The effect of marijuana on men can be positive? Any doctor will tell, that happens only in exceptional cases. In all other situation, the result is the opposite. In addition, marijuana adversely affects human health.

The main trouble lies in the fact, that there are too many unnecessary hypotheses. Thus, young guys ready to become voluntarily dependent. And treatment of the disease difficult, painfully and slowly.

Besides Smoking marijuana effects on the body has a positive results in the sphere of intimate life only at the initial stages. Such experiments can result in poisoning.


The constant increase in the dose, brings poisoning. Characterized by the following violations:

  • palpitations;
  • the increase in pressure;
  • panic attacks;
  • lethargy.

And after this condition to cause an erection will be possible only after 10 hours.

the effect of marijuana on the body men

The change of the internal organs from the use of marijuana

Regular marijuana use is fraught with adverse consequences. The harmful substance is seriously affecting internal organs. To avoid failures it is impossible.


Grass can upset the balance of acetylcholine, what triggers the process of retardation. In addition, a narrowing of blood vessels, which provokes the death of neurons. Hence the violation of thought process, coordination, memory.


Ladies inhalation causes serious harm to oral, the nasal cavity. In especially severe cases develop cancer of the mucous membranes of the throat. We must not forget about the dangers, damage easy. Every smoker suffers from chronic bronchitis, and every third one dies of lung cancer.

The endocrine system

Many smokers have problems with metabolism. And this can lead to weight gain, low immunity, the appearance of edema, frequent colds and pain in the adrenal area.

Psychological changes

The nervous system is not less. Frequent attacks of aggression, weakness, lethargy, apathy. In severe situations may develop severe depression, schizophrenia and psychosis. May even appear hallucinations. Often these situations end tragically – fatal.

Reproductive function

Male hormones cease to be produced normally. The testicles decrease in size. Sexual drive is reduced. Occurs potency, leading to infertility.

It is understood, using marijuana to achieve the title of a sexual character it is impossible, but to get health problems can. Therefore it is better to give preference to sports, proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Then in intimate terms will not have any problems!

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