How is the rehabilitation of drug addicts

What is rehabilitation? Not everyone understands, what is the purpose of such measures. There are many ways to relax and have fun. Not every one of them could be called safe. Therefore, while some enjoy a good movie or go for horse riding, other, wanting to get new emotions, take up drugs.

Of course, such actions may provoke the desired effect. One it has its own reverse side. Which is only caused harm to health. We should not forget about the development of dependence, indeed, to avoid it is almost impossible. Some individuals understand in time, that such an existence will not lead to good, and decide for all tie. However, it is understood, will return again to their former existence difficult. To achieve this. Have to seriously try, to spend a lot of time and effort.


To carry out treatment in such situations is not enough, need a special rehabilitation course. The only way you can permanently stop addiction and become again a happy person. That is why the rehabilitation of drug addicts in Moscow and other cities is very popular. Clinics this direction is growing and gaining momentum.

Rehabilitation: features of the concept

Many people believe that, rehabilitation and treatment of two similar term. Here only in practice absolutely all not so. Between concepts, there are significant differences. For example, treatment includes only therapeutic interventions, while the rehabilitation of alcoholics and addicts consists of psychological and social events. It is a comprehensive approach to resolve issues.

The rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics are able to help needy individuals achieve the desired result. The thing is, often to carry out such activities is impossible. Strong withdrawal symptoms forces again to take on the deadly drugs. The likelihood of recurrence increases. Therefore it is better to seek professional help.

the drug rehabilitation center

Addiction is a dangerous disease, entailing dire consequences. Often it entails the formation of comorbidities. A dependent personality have problems with the liver, stomach, light, skin. Therefore, the drug rehabilitation center involves and Troubleshooting. Experienced specialists for each client is selected the special approach.

After completion of treatment, cleansing of accumulated toxins, specialists pass on to another stage of rehabilitation. It is a difficult path, which is necessary to overcome not only the dependent person, but to all family member.

Rehabilitation – involves a comprehensive approach, including a comprehensive impact. This includes drug therapy, psychological assistance and social support. The main task of the employees, not only help to overcome the disease, but to make the patient again a productive member of society. It is important to restore not only the physical condition, but also psychological. The dependent must learn in society, no thoughts on the new dose.

Common problems treatment

Regardless, how much positive feedback he gathered around himself a specific rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics, the process is quite complicated. To avoid a complex approach is simply impossible. Often, the withdrawal syndrome is so strong, what to overcome it on their own not. In such situations, the doctor usually use different medical preparations, help fight break-up.

A common problem of social rehabilitation of drug addicts is considered to be a wrong approach towards life. Extremely passive behavior puts the patient at serious mark. In order to avoid such an important role played by the quality of psychological support.

The main problem of home treatment is the lack of appropriate knowledge about, how should a correct carry. Loved ones do not understand, that addiction is a disease, start to blame, to blame all the troubles of the dependent. After which he, will definitely break. However, the new dose is only temporarily drown out the hurt and pain. Thus, free drug rehabilitation at home is considered to be ineffective.

the addict after rehab,

Today any drug rehabilitation center will open its doors wishing. It only remains to give voluntary consent to carrying out a complex of measures. Usually more than half of dependent citizens agree to the terms. The reason for this decision are often tragic events – the recent overdose, the death of close friends, relatives at fault addiction.

Principles of rehabilitation of drug addicts

The rehabilitation includes the following aspects:

  • proper motivation of the patient;
  • complete isolation from the wrong company;
  • create favorable habitat conditions for;
  • a comprehensive treatment.

All went well, it is important to find the right approach to each client. Often addicts are not aware of the dangers and resist the treatment. In such situations, it is recommended to send the patient to talk with a true professional. A knowledgeable person can set the right priorities, and configure an accident on the desired outcome. After these conversations, many agree to go to rehab. The addict after rehab will be a completely different person, ready to make a big things. The treatment program is made individually taking into account the peculiarity of the client, his experience, age, physical health.

rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts


Today experts distinguish two types of impact:

  1. Physical. Regardless of the duration of drug addiction, the body is a accumulation of harmful substances. It is obligatory to cleanse them. In addition, the specialists want to improve, spoiled over the years Hobbies, health. The term physiological effects may be delayed for six months. Then the patient's state of health is sure to improve.
  2. Psychological. Strengthening and restoring lost health, it's important to work with the psychological state. This will typically turn to experienced psychologists and psychiatrists. This may include hypnosis, group discussions, art therapy, contact with a psychiatrist. It is important to review the Outlook.

The full course of treatment can be calculated for the year. Although it depends on the individual patient.

social rehabilitation of drug addicts

Popular rehabilitation programs for addicts

Each clinic is practicing a special technique and approach. However, there is most well-known programs, managed to give the desired result hundreds of patients. The most popular of them:

  • "The 12 steps". The program has been in place for nearly a hundred years. Thanks to her, millions of people were able to forget about dangerous passion. Methods exist with 1938 and approved in many cities of the globe;
  • the Minnesota model. Based on the previous program. However, experienced professionals have modified it slightly and made their changes. Its main feature is the involvement of the family of the patient to the treatment;
  • the method of Marshak. Valid only after quality get rid of withdrawal symptoms. Due to its efficiency was able to get positive feedback. Based on them we can conclude, what is the probability of disruption is incredibly small.

The correct method can choose only a specialist after the individual conversation with the patient, his case.

the rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics

The importance of family in rehabilitation

Loved ones of an addict after his rehabilitation needs to explain to him, that he is a full member of society. So, family requires it for appropriate action. He needs to get a job, to generate income. No mercy and favors.

However, to take tough measures also should not. For example, send the kid to the army, with the aim of reflection of your life, no need. A similar situation is able to cause her a lot of stress, which can result in relapse. The surrounding should behave as natural as possible, try to avoid conflicts, stress. The last dark period of his life to forget, release. Constantly reminders about mistakes will only exacerbate the situation.

Worth more color, focus on the positive things. To see the success of the former dependent. Be possible to support it. It is best to try to find interesting hobby, hobby. For the realization of all the incident should not treat him like a little. The family should make the effort, to help the native, erring man to learn to live again. It is important to forget all past grievances, quarrel, misunderstanding. Need to start a new Chapter of life, the only way, success will be guaranteed.

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