All about tea and its narcotic effect

Tea is a popular beverage in many countries of the world. Its homeland is China. Here from ancient times actively cultivated a variety of types of drinks. The most famous of them are considered green. Black, red and even white. However, in addition to its separation by color, drink out of different varieties. And cava, PU-erh and Oolong – is a leading line. And because of strong toning action, many believe, what tea drug. It's time to find out more on this issue.


Puer and talk about it

PU'er was able to get popularity all over the world. Millions of people around the globe, every day drink flavored drink. It belongs to the dark teas, produced in Yunnan. The city has many factories for production of tea. Unlike their counterparts, juice storage only adds to his taste. Therefore brewing the drink a decade ago you can feel unprecedented taste.

Moreover, the process of brewing has its own quirks. Initially, rinse and fry product. It can eliminate excess dust, microorganisms. Brew it several times, and drink in small SIPS, enjoying.

How figured out the experts, PU-erh tea has a positive effect on the body. Helps to cleanse the blood, the normalization of the bowel. It can be found in the form of pressed bricks, although some shops engage in the sale in bulk.

tea drug

After the first acquaintance, most people have an aversion. The reason for this unusual taste and aroma of the earth. However, prolonged use of the relationship changing for the better.

Properties tea drink

Puer tea can be drunk in tea ceremonies, slowly, enjoying every SIP. If you drink several cups at once, you can feel a sense of lightness, freedom. Therefore, there is a misconception, what tea drug, the caller is seriously addictive. Actually, all this unfounded delusion. He actually slightly changes the Outlook, to put things in philosophical thought, relaxes.

An unusual effect is easily explained by science. The thing in the chemical composition. There is a theine, reminiscent of caffeine, but with a mild effect. He is able to activate the brain. Rich in antioxidants, it provides a slower absorption of substances in the blood. That allows you to experience the vigor for a long time, without harm to health.

Contained a special amino acid L-theanine, stimulates the transmission of nerve impulses. All of this provokes a sense of peace, happiness. After drinking a few cups of fragrant liquor, the person experiences new emotions. However, to say – Puer drug incorrectly.e

There is a long legend, which one of the emperors of the Qing after the drink, experienced an incredible effect. Then the man issued a decree, introducing PU-erh to the list of tribute. Thus, it portrayed along with gold jewelry and other jewelry. Moreover, the longer the tea is aged, the better the taste, effect.

The name Puer tea drug, mistakenly. It is useful to drink. The main thing to know, how to brew it. Then the effect will be simply superb. Ranging from better sleep, soothe and to improving health. Today it is one of the teas, with an effective, healing properties.

PU'er banned in Russia

Is prohibited Puer?

Recently there was a real riot. Youth representatives called themselves the "tea drinkers". According to them, normal, tea was a magical discovery. Really, after this PU'er will be banned in Russia? Of course, no. The office of Federal drug control service took all the information under control, carefully studied, but not having received confirmation of submitting it to the forbidden list would be meaningless.

For teenagers, the major reason for an unusual effect. Improper use of beverage. Many wish to enhance properties and for real this brew chifir. However, even excessive fortress has no drug effect.

Quality tea with proper use, could be a boon for millions. In many countries, the tea ceremony took up the addiction. You can have fun, to understand the new philosophy without injury.

Tea Kava

In detail understand the question – PU'er is prohibited in Russia, you can get acquainted with the other representatives of this type of products. Tea Kava drink as a basis for the production, which we take the roots of the Kava plant. Its use is widely practiced for several thousand years. It has a slight intoxicating property. Just call the country of its occurrence is difficult. However, if you rely on the data of folklore, the first time he appeared on the Isle of Samoa. As for Europe, the first meeting took place in 18 century.

Long-term study of the drink helped to highlight several positive aspects from its use:

  • uplifting;
  • enhances mental clarity;
  • has analgesic effect;
  • improves hearing.

Thanks to these features, in many countries it is extensively practiced to treat various diseases. As for Russia, on the territory of the country its use is prohibited. The reason for this negative effect on health, the deterioration of the liver. If the residents of the Russian Federation will be caught when you buy Kava, they face criminal liability under article "Contraband".

Thus, similar in its properties to the drink, have a different effect. So you should be especially careful when performing the tea ceremony.

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