Barbiturates – sleeping pills, causing dependence

Insomnia is a serious problem for many people. However, instead of the, to get started finding the causes and treatment, patients prefer to go the other way is to seek the help of special sleeping pills. Today in pharmacies can choose from a variety of drugs. They can be divided into three groups: barbiturates, benzodiazepines and nebenzodiazepinova funds.


Each of them has its own characteristics, today, however, consideration will be presented to the barbiturates drugs.

The principle purpose

Full, healthy sleep is a necessity for any human body. Therefore, in case of insomnia, starting to have serious problems with health. Various hypnotics barbiturates allow you to quickly cope with the problem. The required sleep duration is restored.

However, the action of barbiturates has its opposite effect. Any drug carries its negative characteristics. In this situation, them becomes a violation of the daily activity, education according to, the occurrence of severe withdrawal syndrome. In other words, the patient becomes a drug addict, not able to fall asleep without the help of magic pills.

barbiturates drugsTo avoid this, make the barbiturates are valid only after the appointment of the specialist. You should carefully adhere to the course of treatment, assigned dosage.

Hypnotics barbiturates are prescribed only by specialists, moreover, an experienced doctor adheres to specific of the principles:

  • drinking barbiturates drugs is valid only in the development of stressful situations, but only for 1-2 nights;
  • the total duration of intake should not exceed 21 day;
  • older patients are discharged only half the dosage, the reason for this strong sensitivity, able to quickly develop a dependency;
  • if a man is not getting enough sleep, the duration of his vacation no less 6 hours, drugs contraindicated.

It is important to understand, barbiturates, a list of which is quite wide serious drugs. Alone make them impossible. Otherwise, the situation may seriously change in a negative direction.

Sleeping pills barbiturates: General information

Under barbiturate mean a special group of drugs, able to suppress nerve impulses. Their activity is reduced, what provokes a strong inhibition. The barbiturates occurs rapidly and markedly. Sleep was different from normal and even drug recalls.

Barbiturates list of medications is constantly expanding. One of the most famous becomes phenobarbital. He absolutely has no smell. To taste, this is a slightly bitter pill. The duration of action of tablets can reach 8 hours. However, in addition to sedative, still the drug has amnestic and anticonvulsant effect.

Its efficiency absolutely not adds advantage, and all because of the serious consequences of receiving. Pills negatively affect the health of the patient. After sleeping he feels tired, sluggish, constantly tending to sleep. If time does not stop using can develop a serious relationship.

Sleeping pills barbiturates

Any of the sleeping medications can develop side effects. It may be dizziness, nausea, vomiting, weakness, pressure drop. The administration of barbiturates is especially dangerous. Upon the occurrence of an overdose the chances of lethal outcome are the maximum. So to joke with medicines not.

Under barbiturate mean serious drug, the basis for the creation of which formed barbituric acid. To treat them with skepticism not worth it, it's not drugs, if it is to be used, the corresponding instructions. They do an excellent job with their task – soothe, return sleep.

The main problem is patients, used it on a regular basis. To sleep alone is just not possible, and if you cancel, there is a real break-up. In its manifestation it is not very different from other types of addiction.

The history of

The first information about the drug appeared in 19 century, to be more precise, in 1863 year. It was then that a famous chemist, created them by a process of synthesis. With 1903 years the drug has been used in the pharmaceutical industry. Constantly identified new varieties in total measure approximately 2500 varieties.

People began to use it, wanting to get rid of excess anxiety, insomnia. Only after a few decades, after careful study, experts were able to conclude the administration of barbiturates occurs increasingly, and their prolonged use may result in fatal danger. Their popularity has gradually fallen, and today, they are prescribed very rarely.

poisoning by barbiturates

Application in medicine

Even confirming the danger, the use of barbiturates list of medications actively used. The reason for this was their quick action method, allowing for a short period of time to achieve the desired effect. They are used in the following situations:

  • before operating anesthetics;
  • as anticonvulsants;
  • to prevent seizures of epilepsy.

They are also used in veterinary medicine.


test for barbituratesToday, experts gave a broad classification of drugs depending on their duration. There are 3 large view:

  • short-term effect as anesthesia, for example, geksenal. The solution is injected into a vein, then immediately comes the effect;
  • average duration – barbamyl. Can give a person a 8 hours sleep. Used to treat sleep;
  • long – phenobarbital. Widely used for the treatment of epilepsy. The effect can last up to 12 hours.

Usually, specialists try to use the tools of the first two groups, avoiding phenobarbiyal.

In small doses, sleeping pills do not cause deterioration of. However, when taken regularly to protect yourself from addiction is impossible. Barbiturates buy, you can buy by prescription in high doses use can cause death. So often they are used in suicide slow death in sleep.

Education according to

Often people are convinced, using the drug for medical purposes no consequences will be. So for a long time do not recognize the fact, development dependencies. To prevent trouble, relatives should be as vigilant. The first warning signs is:

  • a decrease in the activity;
  • the lack of desire to work, to learn;
  • indifference to what is happening;
  • constant distraction;
  • irritability;
  • weight loss;
  • nausea, loss of desire to do something – when you first refusal of the drug.

In particularly severe cases, may develop convulsions, coma and even lead to death. Thus, we must not tarry, at the first suspicion need to seek qualified help. Today there is a special test, for barbiturates it will help to identify the presence of components in the body. It is worth noting, when used sedative barbiturates in the urine is stored for a long time, so, the test will give accurate result.

the barbiturates

Overdose and treatment

Under the strong sedative barbiturate understand. When exceeding the permissible doses, may occur with overdose. Often it ends in death – the patient is just not waking up. Noticing the dilated pupils, rapid pulse, should wash the stomach, to call an ambulance.

Any dependent rarely aware of their disease. Most often, they are convinced that everything is fine, do you need any help. The family has tried to, to convince a loved one to get treated. Modern medicine has developed various courses of therapy, allowing you to return to a normal existence. You will have to spend a lot of time, forces, patience, however, the result is worth it.


Any kind of sleeping pill, purchased without a prescription, the first step to the formation of a terrible diagnosis – addiction. Only carefully in consultation with a specialist, it is worth to make some conclusions. Possible, there are other, more secure solutions to arising problems.

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