Ritalin (methylphenidate) – a drug or medication

Ritalin is a common tool, used as a strong psychoactive drug. It is prescribed to children for treatment of hyperactivity, and with a deficit of attention. According to the description, the drug is able to enhance alertness and improve focus. Here are just a Ritalin has a dark side. Than the therapeutic effect he is able to develop a strong dependency. Ritalin "drugs for children" is the name he was able to get because of their negative popularity.

Ritalin (methylphenidate)

Ritalin in Russia

Due to the unusual effect of Ritalin (drug) interested many people, receiving a variety of drugs to obtain personal pleasure. Addicts are actively using it, to achieve the desired euphoria.

Ritalin in Russia relates to the psychostimulants pampelikula, they are banned. Experts were able to prove its adverse effect on children's organisms. Ritalin the drug had negative effects on the human psyche. Even when using a smaller amount funds can receive severe consequences: depression, insomnia, mental disorders.

In particularly severe cases, Ritalin provoked in patients with negative suicidal thoughts, fatal. Therefore, the development of dependence on only a minimal impact, able to take a frightening speed.

Ritalin in Russia

For a long time a drug used for the treatment of children, but the scary statistics have proven what terrible harm they cause. Then Ritalin in Russia was withdrawn from sales. Today to buy the drug cannot. Although adolescents, want to get high, find ways to purchase it. Here are just a few of them realize, the causes harm to their health. After a few doses use starts to progress a strong relationship. Get rid of that at home almost impossible.

However, it is worth noting, what the experts are seriously divided. Some believe Ritalin is dangerous to life and using it may cause problems. And others believe, that there are situations, when to do without it is simply impossible.

That's worth knowing, Ritalin without a prescription or inappropriate use may lead to the death of children. But these subtleties rarely give voice to parents in the appointment of treatment. Wanting to help their child, relatives can unknowingly put an end to his life. Therefore, it is important detail to get acquainted with medicines before using them. Even the creators of medicine report on the possible consequences and the development of dependence.

Ritalin: all about the drug

The drug is available in tablet form, used orally or trancdermalno. A large part of the metabolism takes place in liver, so is excreted in the urine.

Ritalin is a highly effective mean, can provoke various side effects. It is necessary to highlight the main ones:

  • aggression;
  • mood swings;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • anxiety;
  • constant anxiety;
  • the emergence of suicidal ideation.

Ritalin (pills) represent the main danger because of the rapid range of activities. Often death occurs without apparent reason.

ritalin usage instructions

Taking Ritalin (pills), begins to rapidly develop dependence. Gradually obtained the euphoria is not enough to enhance the effect, addicts begin to use stronger drugs. However, the drugs cost a lot of money, but because of the lack thereof, Teens forced to experiment. Young people beginning to save, to purchase pharmacy drugs or homemade preparations. Often the result of such friendship often becomes fatal.

If you buy Ritalin in Moscow, for example in USA the medicine is easily accessible. You can buy it with a prescription at any pharmacy. And Ritalin is widely distributed, about 20% children take it on prescription.

Ritalin: usage instructions

Each package of medication contains blasters pills yellow or green in color and manual. Usually it is prescribed for any abnormalities in the nervous system, nervous disorders:

  • less attention;
  • narcolepsy;
  • depression.

Often, Ritalin (medicine) prescribed to active children, not wanting to learn. Therefore, the indications may be poor performance, the lack of interest in studies, tension adolescents. Small enough doses, to get rid of diseases.

Lengthy studies have proven, what is the drug really harmful, provokes the development of an addiction. However, sometimes situations arise, when the only true way out is the magic pill. In such situations, the main thing is to stick to the assigned dosage and do not increase the duration of treatment. Otherwise, instead of the desired results, parents to a young drug addict with suicidal thoughts in my head.

ritalin tablets


As was discussed above, Ritalin can easily be called a kind of drug. That's just the developers trying not to read about, what are the harms of methylphenidate. The manuals contain a group of individuals, which drug is prohibited:

  • children under 6 years;
  • suffering from obesity;
  • people with major depression.

In all other cases, the responsibility for the appearance of possible consequences, parents take on.

Effects on the body

The drug continues to actively explore, therefore, an exact impact on human rights difficult. Today we can only speak about effects after taking:

  • actively produced norepinephrine;
  • strong stimulating effect;
  • improving concentration;
  • the disappearance of fears;
  • increase self-esteem;
  • the emergence of a sense of euphoria.

Thanks to the emergence of such reactions, the scientists compared the pills to the principle of action with the use of cocaine. The drug has a strong stimulating effect, what makes it famous among drug addicts. Many young people resort to it, wanting to experience the feeling of euphoria or to get an extra boost of energy.

Recorded uses of pills before exams, to get special attention. The desired effect is achieved immediately after use. Only few people think about adverse reactions. After all, the hedgehog the next day there was a strong breaking, driving back to work pills.

ritalin medication

Dependence develops very rapidly. An innocent hobby, develops into a disease, to deal with that yourself unlikely. Most frequently used beginning drug. Gradually, their requests grow, for the purpose of euphoria it is necessary to use more serious drugs. Dependent is under the power of drugs. And the common outcome of such a situation is death.

Methods of use

If for medical purposes use it by the reception inside, drug addicts often made from snuff powders tablets and even solutions for injection. The low cost makes it especially popular among young people.

Use not to destination is threatened by the emergence of adverse reactions. Often the injections provoke the formation of hematomas, ulcers, blood clots. A breathing mixture of faces defeat mucous.

Side effects

Any drug causing side effects, the most common ones are:

  • aggression;
  • panic attacks;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • suicidal thoughts;
  • mood swings;
  • nervous breakdowns.

In addition to disorders of mental nature, occur, and the violation of physical:

  • loss of appetite;
  • temperature rise;
  • the heartbeat becomes rapid.

Excessive dosage can lead to death. It is important to know the drug has a strong effect on the heart.

ritalin without a prescription

Symptoms of addiction

Any addiction requires immediate treatment, therefore, it is important to notice the first symptoms. These include:

  • nausea;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • tremor of the extremities;
  • muscle pain;
  • infection on the skin.

At the first alarm bells should immediately seek professional help.

The consequences of addiction

The disease is rapidly progressing, often the consequences are irreversible:

  • stroke;
  • the destruction of the liver;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • tooth decay;
  • the disturbance in brain activity;
  • the destruction of the kidney.

The drug has a serious violation of work of all internal organs, increases the risk of cancer formations. Even using it for medical purposes threatens to turn back serious consequences. You should seriously think before, how to take the pills in the hands.

Addiction treatment

To cure your addiction by yourself is difficult, the reason for this emerging syndrome, provoking re-take a pill. Therefore, when deciding on treatment, is to resort to professional help. Qualified specialists will help to cope with the disease. High-quality therapy and belief in success, will definitely help to cope with illness.

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