Dependence on pain medications

Today it is difficult to meet someone, do not use pain medication for pain. They are real lifesavers in many situations: injuries, tooth, migraine. And this is just a small list of reasons to take a magical medication. Getting rid of unpleasant feelings, hardly anyone remembers – dependence on painkillers occurs rapidly. And getting rid of self is almost impossible.

Usually the hospital gives the result — a physician prescribes painkillers. Experienced professional to establish the precise dosage and course of therapy. Of course, it is important to beat the disease, and not to alleviate the condition. In modern society, magic pills easily purchased. To buy them can be anyone without a prescription. So often when the first painful spasms of the patient is the right medication.

Dependence on pain medications

The medication

The greatest danger are opioid medications, there are two type oxycodone, hydrocodone. They have a special action, influencing the pain receptors.

However, you cannot forget pain medication is able to affect brain areas, responsible for pleasure. Thanks to what begins to develop a dependence.

These medications operate on the General principle:

  1. Inhibit the production of substances responsible for the formation of pain syndrome.
  2. The decline of the pulse of pain.
  3. Very addictive.

Strong painkillers contain paracetamol. This substance affects the health on the gastrointestinal tract, the resulting ulcer.

The consequences of the abuse

painkillers for painEvery person house offers several analgesics, helps to numb the pain, they are easy to buy. But it is necessary to understand – except for pain relief, pills can cause strong dependence.

Doctors strongly advise to take the pills as often as three days. If unpleasant symptoms remain, it is urgent to go to the hospital. After a thorough diagnosis, the doctor can figure out the exact cause of the pain, will prescribe quality treatment.

The longer the patient takes the pill, the faster the body will take to them. So, to numb the pain, you need to constantly increase the dose. Often use pills at the slightest discomfort, provokes a dependence on painkillers.

Man becomes simply unable to live without them. And to heal yourself is almost impossible. Such friendships can lead to terrible consequences, even death. It is important to recognize dependent early on. Usually to identify a sick person help signs:

  • detachment, the patient becomes withdrawn, ceases to communicate with loved ones;
  • frequent intake of medicines in large doses;
  • dependent tries any ways to get a prescription for the purchase of more powerful tools;
  • the use of the drug even without the need;
  • the occurrence of memory lapses;
  • decreased concentration;
  • lost interest in learning, work;
  • irritation to bright light, sound, the sharp smell;
  • insomnia;
  • sneezing;
  • indifference to appearance;
  • sneezing.

The appearance of multiple signs can mean – people became addicted. So, rather, you need to seek medical help.


How to overcome dependence?

Many people know, which drugs produce the desired result, when to take them. But few people know, what harm they can cause with prolonged use. Such dependence is a serious disease, requires mandatory treatment. Before you decide on it, the patient must realize the danger, to give written consent for the therapy. Should soberly realize, healing takes time, forces, patience. Only a properly tuned you can forget about the harmful habit.

The first step for successful treatment is complete abstinence from medication. Of course, the emergence of a withdrawal syndrome, a natural phenomenon, you need to be prepared, it will come. Usually accompanied by breaking:

  • sleep disorders;
  • migraine;
  • irritability;
  • headache;
  • unpleasant sensations;
  • feeling the heat;
  • chills;
  • increase pressure.

To facilitate the patient's condition may require symptomatic treatment.


Thus, to resort to the use of pain pills valid, but not often. The exception may be cases when, we are talking about the postoperative period, diseases of cancerous tumors.

After research clarified, if you fully adhere to prescribed treatment, accurate dosage, the development of an addiction will not occur. Therefore, it is important not to self-medicate.

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