Drug powder: what is the slang

Conducted statistical data provide a very not promising facts. Refuses, the number of drug addicts is constantly growing. Dangerous disease annually penetrates into millions of families, destroying. A number of victims of drugs every day becomes more. Therefore, it is important to be able to recognize trouble in the early stages of its appearance. Because the only way it appears likely to overcome its, will return to a healthy lifestyle. Recently, in the slang of drug addicts appeared strange word gunpowder drug. It is not excluded, what is the name heard some parents of teenagers. It's time to find out, the powder drug, what it is and how dangerous he is.

Unfortunately, the addicts rarely recognize the fact, that need treatment. So, all the responsibility falls on the shoulders of their loved ones. The family needs to recognize trouble in the initial stage. And for that you need to pay attention to the little things. This is especially true appearance, behavior and conversations. Should know, what the suspect is talking on the phone.

the powder drug

The powder drug: what is?

Today there are a huge number of diverse drugs. One of them is the powder drug, the slang of young people constantly surprises. Even the seemingly innocent words hide the most dangerous drugs. In this case we are talking about the drug, created from medications.

The powder drug contains in its composition ephedrine, which in turn is responsible for the creation of ephedrone. Two similar name of the component, have completely different spectra of action. If the first has a strong effect on the physical condition of the individual, and is often used in medicine, the ephedrine acts on the psyche.

Addiction ephedrine (the powder drug)

Addiction ephedrine Not so long ago the powder drug was an unknown concept, ephedrinebuy although the phenomenon of drug abuse appeared in the 1980-ies. At this time, the pharmacy was filled with drugs, which included ephedrine. And they were all in easy accessibility to everyone.

Even then drugs were used for other purposes. Many young people wanted to have to experience the feeling of lightness, euphoria. This files most often dependent on this drug became teenagers. The reason for this was their unformed psyche, because they were easily influenced.

Each of them dreamed to grow up soon, to be free, independent. What is the factor of imitation is to try it, so praise friends. The powder drug is often offered to pupils, it adolescents become victims of powder. Narcotic dependence is detected every year at a younger age.

Today drugs on the basis of ephedrone (the powder drug) enjoys no less popular. Many companies give special attention to them. So the effect was the strongest, in the process of its use adolescents are trying to disconnect from the outside world. For this purpose, they are locked in the apartment, turn off the light, close the curtains. Should know, pink powder the drug is having a particular impact on sexual addiction. Therefore, these gatherings often end real orgies.

Such consequences lead to the fact, that young ladies become mothers. Drug use affects health of the baby. Gunpowder drug causes the development of numerous pathologies. Addiction is the scourge of modern society. What illegal drugs cause death in every fifth case.

The powder drug: the process of making

Because of the huge number of impurities, the drug causes serious harm to the entire body. Based on its production take ephedrine, mined by artisanal. Then add there a lot of other, hazardous components. Often you even use potassium permanganate. Making a killer mix, many volunteers do not even suspect, which you jeopardize your own life.

The main danger of the powder drug is the fact, when each application starts to decrease susceptibility. After a few doses, the previous amount is not enough, forcing addicts to increase the dosage. Such actions can exert a cruel joke, to lead to overdose drug.

gunpowder drug slang

The powder drug and the consequences of intoxication

Pink powder drug in its effects reminiscent of amphetamines. Usually it is used by intravenous injection, but there are cases oral use. If we talk about the first method, the intoxication develops in two stages:

  1. Occurs after 15 minutes after injection. The addict experiences relaxation, lightweight warmth, dive into serenity. Right after that comes the long-awaited euphoria. The patient receives a sense of happiness, confidence, available trouble seem small. The ensuing hallucinations complement the already bright bouts of joy. Most often this time is used in the supine position. All this lasts no more than an hour. So the powder drug gradually destroys a young healthy body.
  2. The euphoric feeling begins to recede. It is replaced by a burst of energy. The addict considers himself a genius, which visit great thoughts. Often people in this state are trying to write poetry, draw incredible drawings. Is a real creative growth, incredible excitement and restlessness. I want to simultaneously do several things at once. Increased talkativeness and libido. Here only the internal lift has a negative impact on health. The pressure jumps, muscle tone falls, happen bouts of tachycardia.

In the end, the threat becomes of use powder drug, the consequences make themselves felt after a few months according to. The feeling of euphoria passes, but health problems remain.

Symptoms of use powder drug

Symptoms of use powder drugAs the use of any drug, the powder also can be recognized. Usually characterized by certain symptoms:

  • tremor of the extremities;
  • the skin takes on a pale shade of;
  • the pressure increases;
  • reaction to light is absent;
  • dilated pupils;
  • tachycardia.

Usually the effect from the first use of gunpowder drug lasts about two hours. Then the energy and joy is gone, and they have been replaced by weakness, irritability, depression.

Everything is so depressing, the addict falls asleep. Here are just waking up, nervous exhaustion remains. Doctors drug experts say, the powder drug that causes severe addiction. This is quite enough for a couple of doses. After that, he just can't live without the drug. Constantly increasing the dose leads to, that dependent can do about 30 injections daily.

That's only important to know, the initial effect will not be. The feelings of euphoria disappear, of course, the powder gives a certain ease, serenity, but the duration of relaxation, each time becoming less. Again to get the desired buzz, many addicts even agree on little breaks. To do this, they refuse for a week of the drug, and after the elapsed time again take in hand a syringe. And all this time the dependent is behaving irritable, bad eating and sleeping.

Consequences of the use of the drug powder drug

We must not forget about the reverse side of such pleasure. Bad habit and gradually kills the person, the changes affect all the internal organs. The most common problems is a:

  • disruption of the Central nervous system;
  • heart disease;
  • premature aging.

Often the addict is experiencing substance-induced psychosis, accompanied by constant paranoia. Each new dose brings fear, anxiety, the fear of death, begin to appear terrible hallucinations. In this state, the patient can harm themselves and others. Therefore it is so important to spotted patient, to be him.

Addicts experience a change of personality. They are false, sloppy, conflict. Destroyed their life values, no desire to work, to learn. Reduced intellectual abilities, the memory of suffering.

The effects of the drug

This addiction provokes serious violations:

  • the brain cells are experiencing a massive loss;
  • constant depression;
  • insomnia;
  • pulmonary insufficiency;
  • teeth crumble;
  • arrhythmia;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • sexual disorder.

Thus, the violation affects the entire body. Threatening not only human health, and his whole life. Often with prolonged use the effects are so strong, to change them is simply impossible. The total loss of human personality. Unfortunately, the powder drug is increasingly in the hands of children. It increases mortality in the young age and causes pathology in the birth of children from parents of addicts.

Drug dependence treatment

Drug dependence treatment

Speaking about the many harmful habits, we can assume a voluntary waiver. But only in this case. Drug addiction is a terrible disease, able to completely destroy human life. So only do dependent like never confirm. This situation of Affairs they are completely satisfied. So agree to voluntary treatment only units. In all other cases we can only help close. If the child takes the powder drug, we urgently need to take action.

Faced a similar problem, the family must exercise the utmost vigilance and to send the injured to be treated in a specialized clinic. Here, an experienced psychiatrist will be able to find an individual approach to the victim, help to cope with addiction.

Each therapy is individually, based on the specific case, but its content, they are similar. Usually this includes several stages:

  1. Detoxification. With the help of special medications, from the patient's body is removed all the accumulated toxins. The drug powder will be displayed for a few days.
  2. Somatic treatment. Its main role is to get rid of existing health problems, to restore the body, to normalize the natural functioning of all internal organs. Usually it is used vitamins, medicines and anti-anxiety medications, help to cure dependence without severe stress to the body.
  3. Rehabilitation. To eliminate toxins and restore the body is not enough without the moral aspect. People should be aware of their problem. To give up the habit, want to once again become a worthy citizen. Usually assigned to psychotherapy, which can take place individually or in group mode.

All this time the family must be very attentive to the patient. Their support means a lot, so patience and love are a good stimulant to achieve the desired goal.


Any addiction is terrible, but the most artisanal of ephedrone. The reason for this becomes the young age of the addicts. Young people often do not understand, what you are agreeing to. Their emotional immaturity provokes serious problems. That alone is worth the increase in libido, can lead to AIDS or hepatitis.

Therefore, it is important to realize, what drugs are not an innocent hobby, but the real death sentence. Which with each new dose, takes effect. Own life and happiness family, the most important things.

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