Coffee addiction – fact or fiction

In modern society, coffee has become not simply a drink. Many of his avid fans cannot imagine living without it. It is worth noting, that sharp rejection of flavored drink lead to the occurrence of headaches, drowsiness, strong apathy. Here arises another question, is dependence on coffee really exists.

How could install specialists, in small, moderate doses drink is useful for the body. But if you use it daily in the amount of two mugs, to avoid the development of caffeinism difficult. It's a scientific term, denoting the dependence on caffeine. Now everyone knows, what is the dependence on coffee and why it occurs, but to avoid the formation of the disease, is familiar with the problem read more.

Coffee addiction

Dependence can develop quickly, therefore, the appearance of the first warning, you should change your love for an aromatic drink.

Coffee addiction: the main signs

the dependence on coffeeWhen to seek clarification from the health organization, find list of substances, provoke dependence, caffeine will not work. But it is not assigned to his regular consumption to be affected by it. Because many drinking himself said – without a favorite coffee they were feeling bad is weakness, irritability, lack of mood.

So the question is whether coffee addiction, you can safely answer Yes. That's the only difference from other types of diseases this could have a harm only to the drinker, without harm to others.

Coffee really is addictive, and you can understand it in a number of emerging signs. If the time to pay attention to them, to prevent the appearance of adverse effects.

Symptoms of addiction:

  1. A sharp change in well-being. One coffee mug help to lift the mood, the excitation of the sense activity;
  2. Reluctance to drink tea, cocoa or other drinks;
  3. The denial of the presence of the disease. People believe, in regular use there is nothing wrong;
  4. If people just getting out of bed, recovering to brew coffee, we can safely say the presence of the disease. Is there a dependence on coffee regular drinkers personalities, of course there are. After all, if their day starts only after a SIP of coffee, to deny something is simply meaningless;
  5. If you drink coffee fails, the person experiences a bad mood. It pursues a headache, General malaise. Typically, symptoms appear during the day.

A person, even can easily replace a full meal with a mug of coffee. They know a lot of recipes, and I think excessive use, not threatened by anything sad. However, in practice all is much more tragic.

Caffeine has a negative health consequence. It is therefore important to diagnose the disease, and to make every effort to treat. Coffee causes addiction of a serious nature, but with a strong desire to get rid of it.

The dependence on coffee: the consequences

If you eat one Cup a day, no adverse symptoms will not appear, even you can mention some benefits. However, it is understood, what we are talking about natural drink, brewed from grains. Soluble powder – totally useless.

coffee is addictive

When the diagnosis of dependence, it is important to realize the danger. To protect your health, is to abandon habits and to prefer tea or cocoa.

Even for people with good health drinking more than five cups may provoke strong intoxication. The first signs become irritability, arrhythmia, indigestion. In a particularly difficult situation may receive tremor of the extremities.

If these symptoms not to ignore, intoxication develop into a chronic condition. The body becomes accustomed to this amount of caffeine. However, a drink will no longer bring the desired effect. The person will experience fatigue, bad mood, headaches.

It may even be depression. We should not forget about the health effects. Many of the internal organs under extreme stress. Large amounts of caffeine contributes to the formation of a particular protein, able bad effect on the production of testosterone. Such actions can lead to violation of male potency.

Today, it's easy to say coffee is a drug. Its regular use in large quantities forms a dependency. Therefore, when the first symptoms should seriously consider before the situation escalated. The patient should make every effort to ensure, so the disease is passed.

The reasons for the formation

does coffee addictionPersistent dependence is formed for months of regular use of coffee. It is necessary to highlight the main factors provoking the development of an addiction:

  1. Modern technology. Lately, people spend too much time at computers, phones. That negatively affects their sleep. In the end, the poor suffer from insomnia, to lightly cheer up after a sleepless night they have to seek the assistance of bracing drink.
  2. Insomnia. As mentioned above, sleep problems are a strong argument. Constantly feeling the lack of sleep forces you to take a variety of refreshing drugs. Coffee really adds vigor, allow you to feel energized. That's just long-term use leads to, the initial dose is insufficient. People is constantly compelled to increase the volume, which causes addiction to caffeine.
  3. Bad habits. It is worth noting, that smokers are particularly dependent on coffee. The reason for that specific action of nicotine, debilitating caffeine. In a smoker there is a constant desire to drink more coffee.
  4. Irregular rhythm of life. Many people in modern society don't have the time. They seem to live in an accelerated mode. Therefore, for many to spend money on a meal, becomes an unaffordable luxury. It is easier at work to drink a glass of beverage. And many, wanting to extend the day length, also resort to it.

However, any bad habit with a sharp refusal could provoke the development of the syndrome. What is expressed in a number of adverse symptoms, such as headache, irritability, excessive tiredness. Therefore, to avoid such, addiction is to quit gradually.

dependence on coffee symptoms

How to recover

Deciding to return to a healthy lifestyle, should be prepared for the possible appearance of unpleasant symptoms. Appear a little weak, irritability. Is gradually to abandon beloved, flavored drink. Should be drinking it once a day, preferably in the morning. It is strictly forbidden to use it before bed. Also it is necessary to introduce a ban on all products containing hazardous substance.

The, who wants to give up the habit without unnecessary stress to the body, should listen to simple advice:

  1. To decide on drastic measures better in the day. Surfing the caffeine is excreted from the body for several days, it is better to spend at home.
  2. Should purchase your favorite snacks, which will help to suppress a strong desire.
  3. Is to sleep more, not less 8 hours daily.
  4. To normalize the power, to include more healthy food.
  5. Drinking about two liters of water daily, the liquid will help flush harmful toxins.
  6. Spend more time outdoors. Walking in the street always have a positive effect.
  7. Find an interesting hobby, which will allow you to switch from the obsessive thoughts.
  8. To enroll in a gym, physical exercise will help to return to the tone.

Today, there are many really healthy drinks. Therefore, non-to abandon the daily ritual, one only has to slightly change his conception to note the drink. Come to the aid of green tea, hot chocolate, ginger drink, natural juice. Any addiction is bad, so, to get rid of it just need. The most important thing to stock up on desire and patience.

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