Best — new drugs or simple fraud

Today there is a huge variety of drugs. They differ not only in appearance, well, way to use. Smoke them, sniff, inhale, injected. It seems, updates every day. The recent opening of steel and best. If you believe the huge number of reviews, to get unprecedented pleasure, just listen to them. The reason for this unusual effect became a variety of sound waves. They are different in length, can cause visual Association.

Proven, what different sounds can have on human impact. Pleasant sounds can associate with positive aspects. Thus, the impact on the auditory analysis of the causes of visual paintings. Often the sounds are analyzed with the shades. Nice bright, and not – dark. This effect is similar to the use of ecstasy, hash, best LSD.


For many years scientists are actively engaged in the study of musical waves. They are convinced, what music is able to openly affect the mood, health, life-spirit of man. Musical preferences even able to determine the cravings of man. For example, fans of punk, techno often are addicted to drugs, than those, who prefers pop or classics.

Best: what is

About 10 years ago there was developed a special program, capable of playing audio files supporting a narcotic effect. The creators expanded advertising network. After getting all the necessary downloads, audionautix appeared in the General access. It was a composition of a variety of formats. Then download audiodacity can be anyone.

However, to attribute them to the category of songs is quite difficult. Simply call best collection of different noises and sounds. Constant crashing, grinding, and rustling is heard from the speakers. That's just the creators claim, everything is left to chance. Daunting at first glance, the noise, able to provide incredible effect.

best orgasm

Download audiodacity any user, enough to make only a nominal fee. And from listening you can get a variety of sensations. You only need to make the right choice, with regards to categories. And he has the following varieties, best orgasm, hashish, lust for life, or ecstasy. Is it new, safe exit, for those, who would, but were afraid to try?

Probably, no, after today, after so many years after its debut, best LSD and others were freely available. And gathering around him a lot of conflicting opinions. Most of the students said, except for a terrible headache, no other emotion is not felt.

The principle of operation

The makers of the incredible drug, highly recommends enjoy the effects in the headphones. Otherwise to achieve the desired result will not be able. The reason for different sounds, passed to the ears. Different frequencies, combined, correctly superimposed on each other. This leads to a completely different frequency, having a special impact on the human psyche.

If you listen, you can understand, audionautix – a recurrent musical signals, different frequencies. Gradually overlapping, they form different – having the desired effect. Thanks to her, the person feels the desired emotion.

audionautix listen

The creators of the new drug was not one of a kind. Scientists have long engaged in the study of binaural audio. It even actively practiced in some branches of medicine, for example, psychiatry.


Audionautix, recommended to listen in silence, really able to provide to a person a unique effect. The only similar result does not last long. Gradually the brain starts to recognize the non-standard method, as manifested by the following feelings:

  • the emergence of a strong headache;
  • lack of response to audionautix cocaine.

Thus to obtain a similar effect, as these drugs not. The exception may be the person, having a high power of suggestion.

best LSD

Harm from listening to such a product

Harmless at first glance best, listen to which can without limitation be not so safe. It turns out, special waves can trigger the formation of artificial pathologies. Begins to disrupt the memory, thinking and even the mind. Long-lasting files, to start the process, generating interest to these drugs.

And because of the minimum number of experiments to identify the full list of negative consequences of failed. However, even these, proven symptoms, many seem to be harmless. Thousands of people continue to download malware, totally unaware, what consequences can result such actions.

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