Scopolamine – what kind of drug

The world of plants has a huge variety. What instances will not meet on the expanses of the planet. Many of them have useful medicinal properties. Although we should not forget about those, which are actively used by drug addicts. Today there are a lot of plants, able to exert mind-numbing action. And one of them is scopolamine.


General information

Scopolamine is a unique plant, from which the eponymous drug, odorless, taste, and even color. The plant is widespread in Colombia, therefore, the production of narcotic drugs from him make a. If you rely on proven facts, you can find out, the drugs scopolamine incredibly popular. Only on the territory of germination was recorded more 50 000 of its usages.

Most often it is used to commit criminal actions. The reason for this unusual effect. Inhaling a small amount you can get temporary clouding of the mind, amnesia. This effect are crooks. After examining the victim, they make them docile.

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It's enough to make a person to use a little of the drug. Then he can tell all the necessary information, to give a Bank account number or help to find in the house of hidden treasure. Many girls were victims of sexual slavery. Drugs scopolamine turn people into unthinking machine. Unlucky against his conscious will is capable of making various rash acts.

Scopolamine is a drug often added to food, water victims. However, such actions can lead to overdose and cause lethal outcome.

The history of

The first mention of the drug appeared in 1880 year. The German scientist albert Ladenburg was able to select the first alkaloid from a plant. Originally scopolamine used to create various medicines. For a long time it was used as a kind of anesthesia for women in childbirth. This practice has existed for 60 years. After that was proven damages, which was applied as the mother, and baby.

In addition, it is practiced as a remedy against asthma, bronchitis, caused by Smoking. Was later proven negative side of the component usage. Many of the drugs scopolamine was withdrawn from sale. Scopolamine buy today is possible in some pharmacies, but only as a constituent of medicines. Find a plant in its pure form is difficult. To 1990 year it was a good place to buy in the US even without a prescription.

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Scopolamine: application

Ways of using substances can be very diverse: subcutaneously, intravenous, oral, like the patch and even eye drops. There are special patches with the content of this component. Thanks to him, prevents nausea, seasick.

The main advantage of it is high duration of the effect – it can take up to three days. It is necessary to apply the plate over the posterior wall of the ear. As for drops for the eyes and tablets, here it is necessary to follow the instructions.

Scopolamine: application in medicine

scopolamine actionThis substance is in high demand for medical purposes. Specialists use it for the following purposes:

  • preventing sea sickness;
  • treatment of intestinal spasms;
  • in ophthalmology;
  • treatment of depression;
  • anesthesia;
  • for the organization of anesthesia.

In addition to this, there are secondary uses. For example, for getting rid of fluid in the lungs, sinuses. Often such activities are carried out before operations. Also, tinctures are used for the removal of the gastrointestinal tract.

A unique plant is part of many drugs. Usually its dosage is limited to a minimum number, that allows to avoid negative effects on the human body. Eye drops based on plant component used for mydriasis, accommodation and treatment of a number of serious eye disorders.

Scopolamine: the effect of antidepressant

Explore unique plants constantly allows you to open new opportunities. Recent studies were able to prove, what scopolamine is an excellent tool to combat depression. Moreover, its efficiency was higher, than from many years of proven drugs.

Therapy, conducted with the use of medicine based on plants, allowed to get rid of even severe depression, to overcome the likelihood of recurrence. Positive changes in the state seen after 3 the day after the first application.

Scopolamine can be bought only on prescription of a specialist. So to self-medicate are prohibited. An experienced doctor must conduct thorough research, on the basis of which will be able to appoint high-quality treatment.

Side effects

Scopolamine drugs can cause anticholinergic effects. That may contribute to the development of the following side effects:

  • dry mouth;
  • speech disorder;
  • the sense of thirst;
  • blurred vision;
  • constipation;
  • problems with urination;
  • anxiety;
  • tachycardia.

In case of overdose can occur fever, hallucinations and delusions. Scopolamine manual reports, such a reaction can occur only in the use of medication oral or parenteral. With caution should use the drug divers. Side effects can be severe pain in the eyes, occur when diving below 50-60 feet.

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Lest we forget, what is the drug scopolamine, therefore, even a small dosage can have on wellbeing negative impact. The perfect proof is the statistics of the tragic cases in Colombia. Each 5 the application ended urgent medical help. Today it is actively used as a quality medication. That's only because of active use in non-traditional purposes, you can buy it only on prescription.

Use in interrogations and criminal purposes

Due to its unique effects, in 1950, the year it was extensively used as a "truth serum". Such actions could not be called legitimate, after all, people applied serious harm. Therefore, the use of plants with this purpose is prohibited.

Stories often were involved scopolamine as a negative character. It is often used by bandits to carry out their dark deeds. In many crime reports there is a mention of the substance. It is usually added to the drink of a victim. Only criminals often are not able to provide the necessary dosage, what triggers an overdose.

Even a small amount of powder can make on the unfortunate day fall out of life. Sometimes these experiments end in death. To avoid such outcomes, you should refrain from taking alcoholic beverages out of the hands of strangers.

Interesting facts

Due to its broad history, around of scopolamine accumulated a lot of interesting facts:

  • the appearance of hallucinations is often perceived as magic. What the plant began to actively use for performing magic rituals, witch covens and similar events;
  • it was used as a tool for the extraction of secret information. Without unnecessary torture, the victim was able to tell all the secrets;
  • the drug was used in CIA;
  • due to the effect of overwhelming nausea in combination with other medications prescribed to astronauts.

Thus, to make definitive conclusions difficult. Around the plant there are a lot of conflicting opinions. For some, it is the use, but others can be a lot of serious problems.

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