Benzodiazepines – the danger of sleeping pills

Sleep disturbance is a serious cause for concern. Because without proper rest, the person is not able to fully exist. Great helpers to allow disease become sleeping pills. Benzodiazepines belong to this category of funds. It is actively prescribed to persons, suffering from insomnia or anxiety. In addition to the hypnotic action, it also has sedative and anticonvulsant.

Benzodiazepines are drugs first appeared in 1955 year, and since 1959, they freely sold in pharmacies. For many they have become a real salvation, because mankind was known only to barbiturates. However, the joy did not last long.


In the 80-ies, after a series of studies, experts were able to identify the opposite direction of the drug. It turned out, that prolonged use contributes to the destruction of the brain. A seemingly innocent drug have caused people terrible damage. He even called a special drug. So today benzodiazepines without a prescription buy not.

Use in medicine

Benzodiazepines have a terrible effect. However, despite this, it continues to actively use in medicine. The most important – follow the precise dosage and not exceed the course of treatment more than, one month. At particular risk are the elderly, therefore, similar prescribed drugs with caution.

Hypnotics benzodiazepines used in medicine, in the following situations:

  • the development of anxiety disorders. Benzodiazepines without a prescription buy not. The treatment is carries out under the strict supervision of a physician;
  • insomnia. Use only in short-term therapy. Prolonged use contributes to the development of dependence;
  • treatment of alcohol dependence. The drug helps to reduce the withdrawal syndrome when severe addiction to alcohol;
  • epileptic seizures. Contribute to the elimination of seizures;
  • struggle with panic attacks. Thanks to the calming effect, the patient feels calm.

Hypnotics benzodiazepines require special attention to its usage.

benzodiazepines drugs

Benzodiazepines: list of drugs

Sleep problems torment millions of people throughout the world. Therefore, scientists are constantly developing a variety of medicines. Can help to get rid of illnesses. Today benzodiazepine derivatives, are available in any pharmacy. However, standing in front of a difficult choice, you should look at the most known drugs:

  1. Midazolam. Apply when problems with sleep, the seizures of epilepsy. Administered intravenously or intramuscularly.
  2. Gidazepam. Helps to eliminate the feeling of panic, anxiety. Fear. Available in tablet form, which should be said, following the appointment of a doctor.
  3. Diazepam. It has a good gipnosedativny and anticonvulsant effect;
  4. Clonazepam. Pills, removing the tone from the skeletal muscles.
  5. Lorazepam. Perfectly relieves anxiety, but the course of treatment should not exceed one week.
  6. Phenazepam. Pills, helping to relax muscles.
  7. Alprazolam. Helps get rid of depression.
  8. Bromazepam. Prescribe pills for the treatment of depression, anxiety, neurological disorders.

This is only a small part of the derivatives of the basic substance. To purchase any of them, only after medical examination and the doctor's conclusions.


benzodiazepines listBenzodiazepines particular drug, providing the following effects:

  • reducing anxiety;
  • peace;
  • reduction in pain;
  • relaxation;
  • serenity;
  • a sense of lightness.

The duration and severity of the effect depends on the dose. However, it is important strictly to adhere to, otherwise you may overdose. Poisoning benzodiazepines common, threatening to cause serious consequences.

Benzodiazepines have a strong effect, lasts a long time. To detect the presence of the drug can even after a few days. According to experts, urine is stored for up to one week.

Symptoms use

The drug benzodiazepine is the name gave him a. Blame the frequent use of the drug is not on purpose. Many people, want to get high, use drug benzodiazepine. To gain the desired effect, instead of pills, they use injections. To help identify the drug the following symptoms:

  • matted it;
  • dizziness;
  • impaired coordination;
  • decrease appetite;
  • nausea;
  • drowsiness;
  • the occurrence of delusions;
  • convulsions.

Drug benzodiazepine may even lead to death. So you should be careful. If a loved one starts to appear suspicious symptoms, should be the alarm. Otherwise, the consequences can be tragic.

Side effects

Through the provision of hypnotic action, the patient loses concentration, what often provokes trauma, fall. It is important to abandon driving, otherwise, this may cause an accident.

benzodiazepine derivatives

Prolonged use provokes not only a relationship, but also on the health. Appear vision problems, bowel, liver, sexual sphere of life. You may start to see suicidal thoughts.

Benzodiazepine dependence

Even using the drug for medicinal purposes, you can ensure yourself of the dependence. And benzodiazepine addiction is mental and physical. To avoid this outcome, should strictly adhere to doctor's appointments.

Drinking large quantities of drugs can lead to overdose. Its symptoms is:

  • dilated pupils;
  • a weak pulse;
  • profuse sweating;
  • confusion;
  • a faint breath.

In advanced situations the patient may slip into a coma. If you notice such symptoms you must call an ambulance. Conducts treatment according to need in specialized institutions. Qualified doctors, will prescribe appropriate therapy. Usually it includes a complex of measures.

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