Names drugs from a drug addiction

The cure for addiction today are especially in demand, the reason for this growing number of addicts, dreaming to return to normal life. These drugs help to take the edge off, and most importantly to improve the patient's condition.

The cure for drug addiction usually applied for three to 8 months. It all depends on individual to individual and the severity of the disease. To buy medications to treat drug addiction yourself. Assign them can only be the attending physician after personal examination of the patient. If after a course of treatment, this does not, you should consult a specialist, which will replace the appointed means to alternative.

the cure for drug addiction

When to seek help for drugs?

The cure for drug addiction are characterized by their strong action, therefore their own sale is prohibited. The duration of treatment and the exact dosage prescribed by a doctor. Usually experience and age of the addict are not contraindications. Even many years of dependency can be cured with medication.

Experts have identified a number of proven schemes, treatment:

  1. Forced, carried out in the hospital. Appointed in particularly difficult situations, when the dependence flows in a strict form, a patient refusing treatment. The therapy is done only in a hospital, under the strict supervision of a doctor. To reduce the level of aggression, the patient is injected with special drugs. Usually injection of drugs is through injections.
  2. Voluntary hospital. The shape of the flow similar to the previous scheme, but there is an important difference – the patient should not be forced to be treated. Therapy is great for those, who wants to be cured, but constantly breaks down.
  3. Outpatient treatment. Used in non-running situations. The patient must periodically visit the clinic. Here doctor examines a, then gives further guidance.
  4. Treatment at home. The cure for drug addiction in the home are assigned exclusively to the specialist. However, it may be their home application. To control therapy, the patient periodically visits the doctor.

It is understood, cure dependence some medicines can't. Necessary comprehensive care, including cleansing the body of accumulated toxins, the consultation of the psychiatrist and psychologist.

Treatment strategy

Before, how to find out, how to remove drug addiction what drugs, it is important to pay attention to other data. So, for the purpose of quality therapy, the specialist must pay attention to:

  • the experience of addiction;
  • the degree of dependence;
  • the health of the patient.

Therefore, treatment must be administered individually. For each patient requires a special approach. We must not forget about compulsory detoxification treatment.

cure drug addiction at home


To avoid withdrawal syndrome, it is important to conduct a cleansing of the body. This may facilitate the patient's condition, to improve health. The duration of detox depends on the individual and can range from two to ten days.

Identify the following medication for drug addiction, used for the detox treatments:

  • Reamberin, reosorbilakt – intravenous use. To get the desired effect, the patient put on a drip for a few hours. The procedure is performed through the day;
  • furosemide, the torasemid – tablets, promoting high-quality eliminate toxins. The course is designed for a week, for which you want to apply for one pill a day;
  • POLYSORB, enterosgel sorbent helps cleanse the body. Can be produced in the form of a gel, pellets, powders. Bought without a prescription and used after eating, drinking plenty of water.

Similar drugs drug are used only in mild degrees of dependence. If we are talking about overdose or long experience of drug addiction, classical methods can not do. To improve the health of the patient can assign AMLO. Conducted under General anesthesia. The procedure consists of introduction of a large number of Naltrexone.

Pathogenetic therapy

Fascination drugs never goes unnoticed. It is important not only to eliminate the break-up, but to get rid of the consequences of withdrawal. Refusal of drugs by long-term dependence, becomes the body's strong stress. Therefore, in order to avoid dangerous pathologies, you should definitely carry out the process of relief of adrenergic excitation.

to remove drug addiction what drugs

To recover, use appropriate drugs. This includes the following medicines:

  • clonidine, clonidine for intravenous use;
  • have tiapridal – tablets;
  • tramal capsules.

Treatment usually does not exceed 5 days. Otherwise prescribed funds can trigger addictive.

Anti-relapse treatment

Cure drug addiction at home should help the patient to experience improvement in health. Even spending detox, many patients take drugs again. The reason for this strong physiological attraction. It is therefore important to overcome it, otherwise, relapse can not be avoided.

Good assistants in the implementation of this, are the following medicines:

  • amitriptyline, anafranil, pills, having a tricyclic effect;
  • trazodone, trittico, good antidepressants;
  • paroxetine.

It is important to help the patient avoid severe anxiety, phobias and depression. Otherwise, the entire therapy can be in vain. Proven, what a strong nervous experiences can contribute to return to the deadly addiction. Therefore, it is important to follow the exact course of treatment, assigned a specialist.

Sometimes there are situations, when the patient is on the verge of collapse. Often even the medicines powerless. To prevent this outcome, your doctor may offer the patient coding. Due to which the risks are definitely minimized. It is important to understand, addiction treatment a long and difficult process. It is necessary not only to choose high-quality treatment, but to gain the patience of the patient.

medications from drug addiction

Advantages and disadvantages of taking medication

Find out, how to remove drug addiction what drugs should know as to whether these actions. For example, the medication can be replaced by physiotherapy means. The only similar treatment will increase the duration of withdrawal.

Every action has two sides, therefore, before applying, you should carefully read each of them.


  • reduce withdrawal symptoms, reduce the risk of heart attack;
  • ignores the development of conduct disorder;
  • minimal risk of recurrence.


  • a long list of side effects;
  • the probability to get drug addictive.

Therefore, it is important not to self-medicate. Today there are many clinics, where you can get high-quality treatment, without any fear for their health.

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