Why Coaxil is considered a dangerous drug

Alcoholism is a serious disease, requiring qualified treatment. Often the addiction is too serious. To cope with her own fails. Therefore it is necessary to seek the assistance of professionals. Experienced doctors, analyzing a specific case, prescribe quality treatment. Usually it is a comprehensive approach and without of medicines is not complete. Coaxil known remedy for the treatment of alcoholism.


It is a strong antidepressant, help easy understanding of the syndrome. Unfortunately Coaxil often uses people as drugs. The reason for this particular drug, able has a specific effect on the nervous system.

Why Coaxil believe drug?

Coaxil able to exert a relaxing effect. So the drug is often prescribed as a tranquilizer for people of retirement age. A few years ago coaxil quietly sold in the pharmacy. Having a prescription is not considered obligatory. To purchase pills can anyone. Only recently, after a series of studies, scientists were able to figure out, that the drug can provoke addictive.

Drug Coaxil able to provide the following:

  • reduces anxiety;
  • eliminates the feeling of fear;
  • negative thoughts;
  • increases efficiency;
  • increases overall health, uplifting.

Such actions can be achieved when receiving valid doses. When the excess may be a feeling of intoxication, euphoria, joy. Coaxil for medical purposes to apply three times a day. The exact course of treatment is discussed with your doctor. Usually it should not exceed 5 days, otherwise, the chance to get the dependence increases several times.

The effects of the drug Desomorphine and Coaxil

drug coaxilEven a small overdose of the drug can provoke severe intoxication. It can manifest the following symptoms:

  • energy;
  • the feeling of joy;
  • excessive sociability;
  • love in all around.

However, such a pleasant gusts are observed exclusively in the first stage of intoxication. In place of it, be sure to come second with a smaller number of positive reactions. The effects of the drug Desomorphine and Coaxil increase by several times when using them intravenously. Typically the addicts crushed the pills and made a solution. According to their action, the drug is several times higher than heroin.

Carrying out similar experiments, many people do not realise the dangers. Independently prepared solution, once in the blood – folds, resulting in blood clots. They block the blood flow and provoke the appearance of gangrene of the extremities begin to turn blue, and soon duck. Man alive begins to rot of the feet and hands. So, a couple of days an accident becomes disabled.

Drug Coaxil: the consequences of addiction

CoaxilAny drugs affect the addict's health. The first to suffer the psychological state. Dependent immediately after the cessation of use begins to suffer. Begins to develop depression, provoking a bad mood, insomnia, deterioration of health.

Soon start to show physical abnormalities – there are pain syndromes throughout the body. Depression intensifies, the mood falls. What's around quite happy dependent. Often, the situation ends in suicide or severe psychosis.

In addition, the drug Coaxil able to trigger other disorders:

  • headaches;
  • sudden outbursts of anger;
  • aggressiveness;
  • the change of mood;
  • skin start to rot;
  • severe depression;
  • the appearance of blood clots;
  • rotting muscle tissue.

One of the most terrible consequences from taking becomes rotting limbs. Everything goes gradually. The pain, to cope with which can not even strong painkillers. The only chance to alleviate them is amputation. However, even after becoming disabled, most addicts continue to use Coaxil. More 50% cases, addicts return to their addiction. Therefore, the result of addiction becomes fatal.

Signs of use

To identify a drug addict, you must pay attention to the basic signs:

  • bloodshot eyes;
  • the presence of needle marks on the limbs;
  • strong swelling in the hands;
  • weakness of teeth;
  • mood swings;
  • anorexia.

Coaxil able to provoke strong dependence. To get rid of it yourself is impossible. Often, full recovery takes several years. The main difficulty is the absence of the ability to use a variety of tranquilizers. They will only exacerbate an already difficult situation.

the effects of the drug desomorphine and coaxil

Overdose symptoms:

  • disturbance of consciousness;
  • breathing problems;
  • the occurrence of strong thirst.

If in such a situation, drinking alcohol will strengthen the negative effects. The result of this combination can be fatal. Dependent person completely renounces the world around him. All previous interests are uninteresting, boring. In the absence of a new dose have thoughts about suicide. Even minor problems in the family or at work can provoke a sharp attack of aggression.

Overdose symptoms

According to the eyewitnesses, were able to overcome the addiction and return to a normal life is a living hell. All migrated flour is too heavy. So many are not able to cope with them. Therefore, overseeding Coaxil there are only two options: a complex struggle for life or death with painful outcome.

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