What will happen if you keep Smoking cannabis

Many people, hemp smokers are not even aware of, the damage this addiction. Desire to get pleasure takes over the instinct of self-preservation. The reason is the availability of the drug. To purchase it can be anyone without any problems. However, few understand, what is the harm of cannabis is constantly eating. Most people Smoking cannabis says about that, cannabis is completely harmless and even gets the benefit. Time to find out the truth about this weak drug.

The harm of cannabis

The impact on the psyche

When a person smokes cannabis to avoid the development of serious psychological disorders is impossible. They can appear for a few hours, but sometimes the situation escalates, and violations be delayed for a few hours. Unfortunate feels the panic attacks, anxiety, what is happening is distorted.

There are often hallucinations. These violations do not go unnoticed. The harm of cannabis is achieved gradually. The accumulated, some parts of the brain get irreversible damage.

In the Netherlands Smoking cannabis legal matter. But the authorities are seriously concerned about the situation. The harm of cannabis is too strong. Addicts receive psychological disorder and be a danger to society. And to heal even after the complete can not refuse. Poor dooms himself to a life violation.

The harm of cannabis

After numerous experiments and observations, scientists have proven – harmful to Smoking cannabis. The consequences of such habits adversely affect the overall health of the person. The risk of developing schizophrenia they have increased on 6 times. Especially at risk, personality, having a genetic disposition. Avoid the dreaded diagnosis it is almost impossible.

man Smoking cannabis

Cannabis seeds, harm which officially proved, may provoke feelings of fear, depression and even development of suicidal tendencies. Scientists from around the world continue to conduct experiments, therefore, the full impact on the body is not proven. Because each person is different, so, the consequences can be unpredictable.

Degradation of thinking

Held in 1993 research, able to prove, that with regular use, marijuana is starting to have serious memory problems. Addicts worse assimilate information, lose the skill of remembering. Mathematical ability is also deteriorating. When the running situation is disturbed it.

Even complete abandonment of the addiction is not able to quickly change the situation. Full recovery sometimes takes several years.

Respiratory system

During Smoking the main brunt takes the respiratory organs. Smoke, containing a huge amount of malicious substances cause development of numerous, chronic diseases. The most serious consequence become cancer education.

man smokes cannabis

Reproductive system

The harm of cannabis also affects the genital area. The chances of having a child-abusing couples is minimized. The number, the quality and sperm motility is reduced in several times. So soon appears infertility.

The fairer sex of mankind develop problems with hormonal background, the cycle of menstruation. In the use of cannabis during pregnancy there is a high risk of giving birth to a defective child with external and internal defects.

Social degradation

On the background of regular Smoking begins to develop irritability, apathy. Patient becomes socially detached. This may affect the performance of the usual work, in the learning process.

No desire to communicate with friends, contact with family and even family. Gradually, the addict will lose interest in everything and becomes an outcast. His main target will be the new dose.

Most often an innocent friendship with hemp flows in a serious relationship. Wanting to experience new, more vivid emotions people want to try new drugs. Often such a tragic path foot Teens, unknowingly at the start of their friendship with weed. Therefore, taking in hands a cigarette with cannabis, you should seriously think about the consequences.

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