A method of treatment of Dr. Nazaraliev and his clinic

Treatment of addictions requires enough time and desire. However, sometimes to achieve the desired goal, it is not enough. You must select the most suitable clinic, with special, current methods. Nazaraliev clinic offers this therapy.

A method of treatment of Dr. Nazaraliev

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Medical center Nazaraliev real godsend for dependent individuals. This institution was opened in 1991 year, in the Soviet Union. Nazaraliev clinic has been able to win popularity. The reason for this success was a unique author's technique, which has never been practiced.

Method Nazaraliev a period of time gathered around yourself mixed opinions. Some were against this method of treatment, while others admired the end result. Even today, after more than 25 years, its existence medical center Nazaraliev is not endorsing opponents. Although the figure is, over 15 000 of treated patients is a significant argument to make the correct decision on selection of the required medical institutions.

The Nazaraliev center was able to achieve such great success, through careful study of the problem of alcoholism and drug addiction. The founder of the institution actively learned all the intricacies of the disease, focusing on world studies.

the Nazaraliev center

A comprehensive approach, based on which method Nazaraliev, allowed to interconnect medical and psychotherapeutic treatment. On return from the hospital, the patient is fully revising its Outlook, restored, and most importantly decides to return to a healthy lifestyle, abandoning addiction.

Nazaraliev clinic provides treatment in two stages

The first is based on the rapid elimination of withdrawal syndrome. The treatment is carried out in the hospital, located in the city of Bishkek, where the patient needs to spend about a month. All this time the patient is examined thoroughly, on the basis of which treatment is administered. The Nazaraliev center was able to gather the best specialists of this direction.

They are closely studying a specific case and put the individual treatment. To each patient is assigned their attending physician, prison throughout therapy provides professional help and support. The main purpose of this stage is the installation of anticholinergic blockade. For all time of existence it produced a huge number of procedures CHLB, each of which was a great success.

Further, the doctors are working on the rehabilitation of the patient. For this purpose the detoxification of the body, help to bring the accumulated toxins. To improve your health patient is prescribed a course of massage, manual therapy and fisioline detoxification. Salesaudit moment at this point is aesthetic and hygienic procedures.

Dr. Nazaraliev

Dr. Nazaraliev could come up with a unique system, allowing you to redeem even avid drug users. Therefore, the first phase of treatment, the patient is removed withdrawal symptoms, clears the body of toxins, of consultation at the psychotherapist. After one month, begin to appear the first positive dynamics.

The second stage of treatment becomes psychotherapeutic rehabilitation. Nazaraliev clinic located in the heart of the Midlands in the village of Besh-Kungei. A special mountain climate exerts its positive effect. Also begin to conduct group and individual training sessions of a psychological nature.

Experienced specialists give the patient the correct attitudes, changing worldview. Building hospitals is a 3-storey premises, which is placed 80 patients.

The final stage is an interesting idea. Dr. Nazaraliev had based the treatment one, a well-known legend and salvation mountain. Thus, his psychological method lies in the fact, so the people endured all their negative thoughts on the stone, which at the end of treatment is discharged into the mound of salvation. However, to reach this point, you must pass a long and difficult path.

Secret methods of treatment of drug addiction and other addictions

Method Nazaraliev constantly modernizarea and adjusted, so the amount healed is constantly increasing. It is important to note, Dr. Nazaraliev does not focus only on the sick. His idea of a special place in the success of play therapy loved ones.

Therefore the relatives also undergo a special course of conversations, with which they have an opportunity to better understand the patient and help him cope with the disease. As says practice, consequently, the number of relapses has been reduced to minimum.

medical center Nazaraliev

The medical center is interested in a healthy nation. Therefore, upon completion of therapy treatment does not end. The patient continues to come to the clinic, where it receives the required treatments and psychological support. In very advanced cases practiced telephone consultation.

Unique original design allows the patient to get rid of addiction, to get rid of the related physical diseases and to minimize the likelihood of recurrence. Due to high rates technique is widely used in the world practice, bringing incredible results.

It is important to note, today this clinic is the largest private organization in this area in the entire European space. Already thousands of people were able to get professional help abandon my deadly addiction.

The complex is a swimming pool, courts for tennis and sports hall. All this in order, that patients do not feel boredom, get rid of negative thoughts. So the doctors can arrange Hiking on beautiful mountain trails. They are not only improving your fitness and raise morale.

Unfortunately, addiction can touch any person. Therefore, treatment is often carried out well-known personalities. However, worry about the opening of this adverse information. The clinic works anonymously, without disclosing personal information about customers.

The cost of treatment includes not only individual choice of treatment, and nutrition, accommodation of the patient and his attendant. Thus, the patient receives all the necessary, and most importantly a true impetus for, to start life with a clean slate.

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