Desomorphine is a drug?

Drug addiction is a terrible disease, which can occur in any family. To deal with it alone is impossible. Therefore, dependent usually expects two ways – death or hospital long-term treatment. The rehabilitation period may last several years. And, even after discharge, the chances of a full recovery do not give. The likelihood of recurrence is too great, therefore, the percentage of deaths from drug abuse is constantly growing.

One of the most famous drug is Desomorphine. The main reason for such popularity is the affordable price of the product and its ease of preparation. That's just regular consumption of Desomorphine in most of the cases are fatal with a terrible, long-suffering.


Desomorphine: General information

Desomorphine – is an isomer of morphine, created synthetically. First appeared in the beginning of the last century. Was invented in the search for safe anesthetic is not causing the dependence. When compared with heroin, it is possible to conclude that, what Desomorphine is in 15 times more toxic than.

The drug does not received the anticipated demand for medical purposes. The reason for all the short analgesic effect, just 4 hours. In addition the crocodile (desomorphine) causes severe addiction. However, despite such consequences, some foreign countries some time actively continued to use it as anesthetic. The drug was given to patients in the postoperative period, it is not thinking about possible tragic consequences.

After the official confirmation of damage caused to the body, the synthesis of Desomorphine decreased. But 2000 the drug began to actively appear in Russia. The main purpose of its use was obtaining narcotic effect.

Special demand drug is among teenagers. The reason for this demand was the availability of the drug. That's just the youth doesn't think about the consequences – most addicts rot alive, experiencing excruciating pain.

the effects of Desomorphine

The Composition Of Desomorphine

Because of the proven harm to the drug is not produced in the medical industry. Create it in secret masters drug case. The cooking process takes only 2 hours and requires the following components:

  • iodine;
  • phosphorus;
  • gasoline;
  • solvents;
  • medicines, containing codeine;
  • sulfur.

A huge amount of dangerous impurities guarantee death. Here are just thrill seekers absolutely do not think about it. In a moment of pleasure they are willing to risk their own health and lives.

People the synthesis of Desomorphine has a name – the crocodile, which takes more than 25% drug market in the country. Its name he received because of the high level of toxicity, and most importantly the similarity of the injection site with a bloodthirsty animal bites. To produce the desired result, the solution is injected. From which the skin begin to appear festering wounds. Not having time to heal, they are covered with a dense crust, resembling crocodile skin.

The components used in the overall composition becomes a lethal cocktail. Even the strongest body is not able to withstand the consequences and slowly begins to break down. Therefore, even healthy, a strong man with such a friendship to be saved will not be able. The effects of Desomorphine will occur. After 2 months of regular use, to cope with the consequences will not be able even professionals.

The principle of operation

Consequences of the use of Desomorphine are frightening, but to better understand it is necessary to carefully study the process of the drug.

Getting by injection inside, the drug spreads through the bloodstream throughout the body. The walls of the blood vessels burned, there is a sharp narrowing of the veins. Usually the first techniques don't do a lot of harm.

However, each time the effects are amplified. Begins to develop tissue necrosis, appear on the skin suppuration. In addition to external deformations, there are internal. All the vital organs receives a lot of negative components, slowly destroying them. After the final Desomorphine man's death.

the synthesis of Desomorphine

Personality changes

The consequences of Desomorphine are also affect the psychological state of the person. Experts identify three main stages of degradation, which is characterized by the following symptoms:

  1. Occurs in the first 2 months addiction. Patient constricted pupils, mood swings, insomnia.
  2. Duration up to six months. On the skin begin to appear the first changes. Ulcers, scales.
  3. Fixed six months. It is characterized by the development of gangrene, reduced immunity, the appearance of ulcers, which appear even on the internal organs.

The first destructive action appear after the first week of drug administration. Death is often recorded by 6 months according to.

Krokodil Desomorphine

Consequences of the use of Desomorphine

The nature of the effects depends on the duration of admission. And if in the first months of the disease, put a lot of effort to save the patient, then after 3 months drug and alcohol abuse are powerless. Even high-quality treatment, a complete rejection of the crocodile does not change the situation, but only for a few months to extend the life of the patient.

The use of Desomorphine has the following consequences:

  • exfoliation patches of skin;
  • the appearance of ulcers;
  • exposure of bone;
  • odor, rotting;
  • the development of paralysis.

Just a few shot to put his life on the cross.

the use of Desomorphine

How to detect trouble

Unfortunately, to protect yourself from addiction is impossible. Of course, most often on a curve path children from disadvantaged families. Although there are always exceptions. The cause of the trouble can be a relationship of a teenager with a bad company or a desire to assert themselves. Therefore, to avoid the tragedy, the parents must exercise the utmost vigilance. The emergence of several of the following symptoms becomes a substantial reason to go to the hospital. For the addict is characterized by the following signs:

  • lethargy;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • mood swings;
  • attacks of aggression;
  • redness of the eyes;
  • theft;
  • the injection marks on the skin;
  • frequent colds;
  • insomnia.

The appearance of multiple signs of alarm bell, to which it is necessary to pay attention.

Because of its availability, Krokodil is a dangerous drug. It is understood, after the Desomorphine is nearly impossible to return to the old existence. Getting inside, he begins a devastating effect, few are able to take away human life.

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