Amanita muscaria – find for addict

Many people wonder, what will happen, if you eat Amanita muscaria. Because the implications from this experiment can be tragic. However, even despite this, some individuals, wanting to feel new emotions willing to take the risk to eat Amanita muscaria.

Amanita muscaria

General information

Amanita muscaria is a psychoactive mushroom special. Usually it is associated with various coniferous and deciduous trees. In appearance this toadstool, covered with white, distinct spots. Amanita muscaria is difficult to confuse with other individuals, so to eat bugs is not exactly threatening.

Many sources erroneously claim, the use of this vegetation threatens the death. However, based on the statistical data, it is necessary to conclude, that such an outcome is fixed is quite rare. Some people do not even think, what will happen, if you eat Amanita muscaria and safely use them after a thorough heat treatment.

Usually Amanita muscaria hallucinogenic properties. The cause of this effect is the connection of muscimol. The fungus is used as a wonderful tool in many regions of the world.

During its existence, the treatment of red fly agaric was also popular. Especially among traditional healers. The plant actively studied, attributing to him a variety of properties.

Amanita muscaria properties

Today experts distinguish several varieties of the fly agaric. Each of them has its exterior features.

Description of the fungus

Fruit body of the fungus at an early stage of maturation resembles a white egg. However, with the growth it starts, appears from under the ground, and his hat is covered with clear warts whitish or yellowish. If you cut the plant at this stage of development, you will notice a distinct yellow layer of the peel. With the growth of the redness begins to show stronger, and the number and severity of warts is reduced.

Form of the cap is also permanently deformed. From spherical to flat. The Mature specimen has a bright red cap, diameter usually does not exceed 20 cm. Over time the colors change, hat becomes paler.

Leg can reach 20 inches in length and width 2 cm. the texture of the mushroom fiber, fragile. Damage it very easily. On the basis of present follicles.

Where it grows mushroom?

Almost the whole Northern hemisphere is home to fungi. Where they prefer to grow in coniferous or deciduous forests. As many scientists claim, the historical homeland of the plant is the Siberian-Beringela region.

Up to a certain time to meet him on the territory of other countries, it was impossible. Today, however, the Amanita muscaria properties, which closely studied, common in many parts of the world.

The toxicity of the mushroom with the red hat

In the beginning of its formation, the mushroom resembles a mushroom rain, so often people will confuse him, which causes poisoning. Most of the plants suffer little children. And persons. Using it as a hallucinogenic drug.

The fly agaric as a drug also wide use among dependent individuals. The content of special biological substances, one of which is muscimol – psychoactive component. To reach hazardous dose is enough to use the hat of one plant, after all, it contains this component. The highest concentration recorded muscimol with the onset of summer.

To obtain lethal enough to use 15 hats. However, the actual deaths are rare. How to assure reliable data tragic consequences are rare, and in 20 century, these are not fixed.

tincture of red mushroom

Symptoms of eating mushroom

Find out, where there are toadstools, red many addicts decide to try an unusual plant. However, to declare openly about the possible consequences of such experiments, not. The reason for all the individual characteristics of a specific type. The effect may differ depending on the places of germination of the fungus, eaten quantity and characteristics of the person.

Usually the first symptoms becomes:

  • drowsiness;
  • the decrease in blood pressure;
  • profuse sweating;
  • the emergence of auditory distortion;
  • mood swings;
  • euphoria;
  • impaired coordination.

With the development of poisoning may appear nonsense, hallucinations. Especially severe poisoning can result in convulsions and coma. Usually they occur after half an hour after eating and lasts for several hours. Full recovery is fixed a day later.

Treatment of poisoning

At the first signs of poisoning should seek medical help. First, gastric lavage is recommended and the use of activated charcoal. Quality there's no antidote, therefore, the only purpose of medical workers is getting rid of intoxication.

In finding the patient in a strong excitation, it is urgent to calm him down. To do this, physicians can use special medicines. Most importantly not to exceed the maximum dosage, otherwise the situation can only get worse.

The most serious is the situation with loss of consciousness or slipping into a coma. Require urgent intubation and mechanical ventilation. Thanks to modern techniques possible to quickly normalize the patient's state of health.

treatment of red toadstools

The fly agaric as a drug

There are many cases, when they were used to obtain the narcotic effect. And to speak about caused by reaction, difficult. At times it can be unpredictable, provoking a serious breach of health.

In the UK psilocybin mushrooms even a ban. However, despite this, in other countries his continue to use for a variety of purposes. For example, in Western Siberia, the plant is widely used by shamans, to conduct mysterious rituals. With them enter into a trance state.

There is an opinion, the tincture of the red fly agaric was used by the Vikings. With it, they got the necessary rage and anger, so they need to carry out their raids. A little later, tincture of red mushroom were used by some peoples for ritual ceremonies. Today, in many countries there is a ban on the cultivation, storage and use of hazardous plants.

Use in cooking

Proven, what are the part toxins, able to rastavatsya in the water. So thinly sliced fruit, cooked in boiling water, lose their poisonous properties. Only that even in spite of such information, the use of toadstools as food does not enjoy the relevance. The exception are some countries in the world.

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