What is cannabinol and how long he lasts in the blood

Cannabinol – substance, contained in plants of the family Konoplyov. Around it for a long amount of time, a lot of different opinions. Some were convinced of the benefits, while others on the contrary believe in its positive properties. To dispel the controversy surrounding matter experts conduct extensive research. However, they were unable to give a definite answer.

The world is constantly raised the issue of legalization of cannabis. Many countries have successfully agreed to the free use of plants. In Russia such is not present. Here storage, sale and consumption of marijuana is prohibited.


General information

Cannabinol is a special connection which turned hemp into the most popular plant is able to achieve a narcotic effect. Many people are using it, it is not thinking about the harm caused and how, how many displays cannabinol. Prolonged exposure to the bodily substance able to provoke mental disorders.

The entire hemp plant contains over 60 active compounds. Each of them has its own characteristics and impact force. The most powerful among them is cannabinol.

For a long time in practice there were no negative reviews about the use of the substance, therefore, it is actively used in medicine. With the help of it got rid of the painful spasms and cramps. Today, this practice is contraindicated and a substance listed in the prohibited list. With the exception of getting special medicines patients cancer. However, they can be purchased only by prescription.

The greatest number hazardous component is contained in the flowers of plants.

Effect on the body

Molecules of the drug are similar to fat cells of the body. Such resemblance is significant disadvantage. Fat cells are a natural protection for the brain, not allowing the harmful toxins and poisons to penetrate him. Therefore, the similarity allows toxic agents to easily penetrate to the vital element. Penetrating inside, he begins his destructive action.

Immediately after consuming cannabinol quickly spreads throughout the body. Deciding to use the drug need to know, how long does cannabinol in the blood. Unlike most drugs it is an incredible duration of excretion. Cannabinol in urine and blood can last up to 45 days.

how to withdraw cannabinol

Bring cannabinol from the body incredibly difficult. Therefore, to not forget about it. It is the only substance able to persist in the body for a month. Often a person does not think, how long does cannabinol and calmly again takes a new dose.

So, he was not aware of dependent poisons your own body. A large amount of toxin accumulates in certain parts of the brain, then render to them their, the negative impact. Dependent experiences a degradation of the individual, begins to grow stupid.

When Smoking weed a narcotic effect did not last long, so, wanting to prolong the pleasure the patient again takes a cigarette. Dependence attacks, destroying life. Often damage the consequences become irreversible. The only way to improve your health to find out, how to get out of urine quickly cannabinol.

Disturbances in the body after the use

To realize the danger, you need to see a list of adverse reactions. After the first use occur following violations:

  • abnormal heart rhythm;
  • the increase in pressure;
  • increase appetite;
  • redness of the eyes;
  • mood swings.
  • With constant use, the situation only escalates:
  • mental disorder;
  • decrease in sexual activity;
  • broken concentration;
  • the formation of psychological dependence;
  • memory impairment;
  • the emergence of problems in the pulmonary system.

Regular Smoking only exacerbates an already dangerous situation.

Test cannabinol

Known, cannabinol in the blood can be preserved for up to one month. It is important all the time toxic substances adversely affect the vital systems of the body. There are situations, when cannabinol in urine have been detected even after 3 months after the use of. Such cases are typical for addicts with experience.

cannabinol from the body

To help identify the drug use allow special tests, for which use the biological fluid is blood or urine. Cannabinol in the blood stays a long time, that allows to give a precise, the unmistakable result.

How to quickly print cannabinol from the body

To answer accurately, how long does cannabinol in the urine it is important to pay attention to the features used:

  • age;
  • floor;
  • health;
  • the amount of fluids you drink;
  • disease;
  • Smoking experience;
  • dose drug;
  • body weight.

The secret of how to bring cannabinol from the body does not exist. Quickly get rid of dangerous components it is possible only in case of single use of small doses. In all other cases, the period of purification may take several months.

Some individuals do not want to prevent rich poisoning of the brain and make a decision to improve the General condition. To make this work you need to know, how to withdraw cannabinol. Today, there are enough proven techniques, they can be used independently at home or to seek professional help in a hospital. Regardless of the method chosen, it is important to stop Smoking marijuana.

Detox at home

Simple tips on how to quickly withdraw cannabinol will help to improve the patient's state of health:

  • diet, eat less fatty foods;
  • drink more fluids;
  • to increase physical activity, which help to reduce fat.

It is important to note, people who are overweight tips on how to quickly withdraw cannabinol help rarely. The reason is the presence of a large number of narcotic substances in fat.

cannabinol in the urine

Recovery in the hospital

Today, there are special tablets to help you answer the question of how to bring cannabinol. However, their use is allowed only in the hospital under close supervision of the attending physician. Magic pills enhance metabolism, stop the intoxication and get rid of toxic substances.

Treatment in hospital expensive service, demanding financial expenses. The price of the repair depends on the reputation of the clinic, the duration of treatment and neglect of the disease.

how long does cannabinol

Use in medicine

Despite the huge number of negative reviews, there are situations, when cope without cannabinol impossible. Most importantly, strictly follow the advice of experts and adhere to treatment regimens. Drug compound can help in the treatment of following ailments:

  • sclerosis;
  • HIV;
  • Glaucoma;
  • cancer.

Especially often the drug is prescribed to patients, suffering from cancer. However, you should know about possible adverse reactions: dizziness, hallucinations, impaired memory.

Known, in the last century was invented artificial flavoring substances, used exclusively for medical purposes. Here only there were craftsmen, made on the basis of the electronic cigarette.

Unique plant never ceases to amaze people. It can be the salvation, but as the cause of death. Therefore, it is important to realize the joke with this stuff is unacceptable. Especially seeing, how comes cannabinol. Acceptable use of the substance in medicine, in all other cases, the person may be seriously affected.

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