What is a hallucination?

Hallucinations are a distorted perception of reality caused by external irritant. Usually they have a special brightness and not controlled by a person. Hallucinations is able to give a real perception of the absurd value. And can manifest in a variety of symptoms – auditory hallucinations, visual, taste, tactile and even olfactory.

What is a hallucination

Hallucinations in drug addicts

In a weak form of manifestation is a disturbance of mental equilibrium. Most often one sees that, what really exists and hears a mysterious voice. Often the cause of all disease causing hallucinations. For example, schizophrenia, for which this symptom is particularly relevant. It is important to note, that they can have the most diverse overtones, to be good or evil, frightening the patient.

Great concern is the emergence of both a visual and hearing impairment. The patient is convinced, for him all the time someone says behind his back.

Addicts hallucinations is common. Literally every dependent person faced with a similar symptom. In conjunction with the violation is a violation of sleep, the development of psychosis and even the appearance of delirium tremens. The first term hallucinations appeared in 1646 year.


Hallucinations can be of various forms, each of which has its own characteristics.


Occur external visual visions, which actually does not exist. This files most often takes place by distortion of reality. Experts distinguish two types:

  1. Simple. Represent unformed vision. Usually appear in changing colors. Light or similar objects.
  2. Complex. Formed hallucinations, accompanied by clear drawings. Usually the person sees a full-fledged action script, with the participation of the people, animals and even plants.

Often hallucinations so take a realistic look, what the victim begins to go crazy.

Auditory hallucinations

The most popular type, which also have two kinds:

  1. Elementary. Background the emergence of the perception of the whistles, hiss. Although not always such manifestations is attributed to hallucinations. Sometimes the reason of all health problems.
  2. Integrated. The man distinctly hears voices, music. Moreover, they can, belong to friends or not. The nature of the symptoms also varies.

Disease, causing hallucinations require medical study. Because in such state the victim is able to cause yourself or others serious harm. Often the cause of the disease becomes dissipative personality disorder. However, in this case voice felt, like in my head. Every act and thing comment, what unfortunate serious pain.

auditory hallucinations

Today diagnose a sufficient number of diseases, occurring against the backdrop of the development of the sound violations: multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, psychosis, porphyria. Though at times the blame for bad habits, for example excessive coffee drinking, can provoke the appearance of hearing impairment.


Manifested by scoring the teams, they can be of different nature. From harmless instructions, ending dangerous teams, able to harm others. The most common cause of development is schizophrenia.

Command voice tells the patient about, what should he do. Most often the patient is not able to resist him, and sometimes even commits murder. This state requires mandatory medical treatment, therefore, such crimes ends, the killer declared insane and sent to a special hospital.


A person perceives a smell, which doesn't exist. Most often the patient inhales the usual flavors, but sees them quite differently. His perception is distorted.

Disruption can be a huge amount from regular sinus infections, to tumors in the head. Most often, the odors are changed for the worse. The patient feels the rot, fumes.


The illusion of tactile sensory input. This files most often manifested by the occurrence of tingling. The victim seems, that his skin someone the creeps. Often blame the hormonal changes, high body temperature. Although the diagnosis can be more serious – like skin cancer.

addicts hallucinations


Perception of taste is broken. Ordinary food gets a shade of something vile and unpleasant.

Causes of hallucinations

If you notice such problems could not immediately disclose the diagnosis. The reason is the extensive list of possible violations. If addicts hallucinations a natural phenomenon provoked by the action of the drugs, while their absence often requires a comprehensive survey.

Therefore, the appearance of the first disturbing symptoms it is necessary to visit the clinic. After all, speech can go about the deadly disease, start which is not.

Most drugs provokes development of introductions, as a visual, and auditory nature. Often to get this effect, dependent personality consumed psilocybin mushrooms. Occurring disorders can last from several minutes to a few days. It all depends on the individual person, used drug and its dosage.

Depending on the causes of, experts identify several ways of treating disorders. Usually no interviews with psychologists and psychiatrists can not do. The doctor should provide a comprehensive picture of the disease, on the basis of which he can be an effective treatment.

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