What scale reaches addiction in the United States

Drug abuse in the United States has become a real plague, which die every day 150 people. Every day mothers are burying their children, because they become drug addicts.

If you rely on statistics, this figure considerably exceeds the number of deaths due to accidents or injuries from firearms. Scares not only an incredible mortality, and the perpetrators of the nightmare, are doctors. Professionals safely prescribe the strongest medications patients, making them zombies, can not exist without a new dose. So begins to develop addiction in the United States of America.

drug abuse in the United States

Drug abuse in the United States: the real story

An excellent example of this will be a real case of America with a young man, applied to the dentist wanting to get rid of the patient's tooth. The procedure was completed successfully, but the pain bothered the guy. The attending physician decided to give the patient pain pills.

The effect like boys, started to develop a real dependence. A new habit had a significant impact on usual existence – the loss of a job, conflicts at home, crimes. To save his own life, the young man was able to think again, he realized, what it eats addiction. Today he is undergoing treatment special treatment.

Thus, drug addiction in the US is really serious problem. Often doctors do not have enough knowledge, qualifications, forcing them to prescribe medication, harmful. A certain doctor, for the sake of easy money ready for a certain amount to write even banned pharmaceuticals. So encouraged addiction.

American drug plague

Frightening statistics progresses through the fault of unusual methods of treatment. Recently, the doctors asked the patient to assess their own status 10 scale. If the figure is too high, dispense appropriate drugs, it is simply impossible. This technique exists from 2000 year. Until that time, the basis of the prescription medications took 3 index pulse, pressure, respiratory rate.

Owing to the crash of a Massachusetts Institute opened a branch, nurses are trained to help people get rid of addiction. Often the main mistake doctors is the desire to relieve the patient from pain. The number of people who use opioid pain relievers in recent years has increased significantly.

Addiction the United States began from the old times. Amazing, medical workers of the country starts taking customers for dangerous drugs. It's so much easier to withstand the pain and mental disorders.

The development of addiction USA

The development of addiction USA – why blame the doctors

Addiction will thrive, while doctors do not begin to efficiently perform duties, thinking about the future of humanity. The sick person is ready to drink strong medication, with the sole purpose to get rid of severe pain.

Moreover, patients in the US do not think about the damage the health of your own health. They get relief, seek, praise physician. That's only according to statistics, satisfied patients seek medical advice more often, unhappy. Additionally, the mortality among them increases.

In addition the situation is exacerbated by the insurance company, lets spend huge amounts of money on potent analgesics. All this leads to, every day the country loses a huge number of citizens.

Every American should seriously think about the situation, if she has not touched his family it's only a matter of time. Addiction can be a problem even the most respectable family.

To resolve the massive addiction it is necessary to conduct a number of relevant activities. Among them, it is important to provide assistance and rehabilitation to patients, prevention of addiction. We must not forget about the campaign for educational institutions. The only way to overcome drug addiction United States.

Drugs by mail

In the absence of the ability to purchase drugs hospital workers, people resort to another way of delivery – receiving them through the post office. Today the main drug factory is China. It is home to quite suppliers, but drug users. It is therefore important to monitor the work mail, or rather incoming packages.

Addiction America can be solved by integrated approach. It is important to have extensive conversations with medical workers. These measures will help prevent new addicts.

Doctors need to understand, what to them is the patient. If he suffers from addiction, give him strong painkillers cannot. Dependent people regularly visit medical institutions in the U.S. to receive illegal substances. So addiction is actively thriving.

Statistics of drug abuse USA

The Commission of experts of America has consistently raised this topic when dealing with the President. The head of state is able to change the tragic statistics. Yet the authorities do not take adequate attempts, daily continue to die 142 man.

Drug abuse in the United States – a critical disaster, leading the country to the abyss. The number of heroin addicts reaches over 63%. Mortality increased significantly. The main victims of addiction are young people from 18 to 25 years. Drug abuse is becoming younger that's a fact.

Statistics of drug abuse USA

Moreover, the development of dependence of the majority is the fault of medical workers. Asking for real help, teenagers get a serious disease, which often ends in death. For several years, the disease can seriously undermine human health, to provoke the emergence of dangerous diseases.

Statistics getting worse every year. An increasing number of dependent, their age. Today, among dependent you can meet children, barely reached 6 years. This figure is just frightening. After all, if we are talking about kids-the students, the country really on the verge of collapse – addiction USA at the doors of schools, it's scary.

American children and drug abuse

And to blame the parents not. Of course, there is their fault, but the main reason is the availability of information. Children know, how to get, manufacturing, store drugs. Great proof becomes carried out the experiment. The students were given sheets of, on which was written the name of the most popular illegal substances. The students needed to describe their appearance, method effects on the body.

The result was shocking – 80% children coped with this task. They were able to describe in detail all. And US students are unable to explain, source of outgoing knowledge. The main trouble is getting it, that Teens do not perceive these drugs as harm. For them it's something interesting, new, causing curiosity. Drug addiction has become a game that should terrify.

Of particular interest is marijuana. In modern society, more and more children from 6 to 12 tried weed. Drug abuse in America is gaining momentum, affecting the welfare of, health, the strength of the nation.

Often, the first acquaintance with the weed in children comes from parents, leaving it in a conspicuous place. So, one boy with 6 years began a friendship with marijuana, because of the grandfather, accept it as a medicine. Moreover, the relative did not notice the missing – kid several years regularly smoked pot.

Addiction the US is booming due to the negligence of parents. American moms and dads are too busy, they are not interested, what motivates the child and where the lost nights.

Addiction children

Addiction children – the real facts

Addiction the United States among children due to drugs is also actively growing. Here I blame the parents, storing medications incorrectly. Curiosity, interest causes kids to try drugs. Often students specially find out, which drugs are stored at a relatives. So, tablets for pressure, heart pain they ignore, giving preference to pills, containing hazardous components.

Young addicts, afraid to be declassified, are particularly neat. For this purpose, partially poured the contents of the pills or using the blade to cut the pills small amount. Typically, this dose is enough. Young body gets the drug effect.

Increasing disaster overcomes minor. This is especially true of taking ecstasy. Often to attract teenagers, the packages depict famous characters from movies – Harry Potter, Superman. These drugs without difficulty acquire in the school. Addiction of the Americans begins on the threshold of school facilities. A child sometimes does not understand, that curiosity will end in severe poisoning of the body, addiction.

Sometimes the addiction starts to develop due to substance abuse. Students examine articles about, just like a traditional varnish or solvent to create an explosive mixture. A particular danger is getting a can of compressed air.

Often carried away by the occupation of young people, fall asleep. Such actions lead to death. So, daily by reason of substance abuse dies 3 teen. These are huge numbers, if you think about the annual statistics. In this civilized country, this increased mortality from drugs.

American children and drug abuse


It is important that drug abuse in the United States has not led to the death of the nation. To prevent this, it is important all over the country to unite. Only by working together can we eradicate the problem from the root.

Addiction the US is booming – a fact. Many Russian children follow the example of the independent teenagers of America and try illegal drugs. How to deal with the drug plague modern society? Need to become more rigorous and attentive, otherwise the nation will die from an overdose.

Addiction America – a common problem, as this plague spreads to other countries. It is this free state is an example for the younger generation. This is getting sadder, is it addiction you can't win! Every child should understand, that illegal drugs carry only death.

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