Popular disease drug – syphilis

Syphilis one of the most dangerous diseases, capable of destroying all the organs of the human body. If we talk about the disease of drug addicts, this disease is considered the most popular.

The disease has a long history of development, there is even opinion, she appeared simultaneously with the man. However, the most openly about the disease began in 1493 year. It was then recorded mass peak, taking the lives of millions of Americans. Later 6 years this disease struck Russia. Over the years, syphilis had many names, the most popular among them was the sex plague.


Causes of syphilis

The main reason for the development of the disease was a microorganism, Treponema pallidum, which was opened only to attack 1905 year. It is a thin strings, spiral. He is able to move quickly, due to what easily penetrates to all the body organs.

The microorganism is particularly survivability – he can easily a few hours to live in the environment, when freezing. The only danger for him is drying and high temperature.

Methods of transmission

The most common cause of infection become unprotected intercourse. A sick man during sexual intercourse before the disease healthy. And infection can occur following oral-genital or anogenital contact.

In very advanced cases, the media appear sores in your mouth. Therefore, it is enough to use lipstick, cigarette, toothbrush or a mouthpiece from a hookah, to get. The greatest danger is reached during primary / secondary period of the disease.

Sex and saliva is not the only means of transmission of the deadly disease. Also transmission can occur from transfusion of infected blood, or contamination of the fetus from the sick mother. Therefore, during the confirmation of the diagnosis in a pregnant, doctors insist on abortion. Because the risk of having a healthy minimal crumbs.

disease drug

Often dangerous microorganism enters the skin or mucous membranes of a healthy person and spreads throughout the body. To develop immunity is almost impossible. Documented numerous cases of repeated infection. Talking about the disease of drug addicts, experts always mention this disease. The reason for all the constant sex, use one syringe, disregard of the rules of hygiene.

The stage of the disease the drug – syphilis

The first signs of syphilis are almost completely absent, therefore, many infected are not even aware of the developing danger. The incubation period can last for one month. After which the disease begins to manifest itself. Identify how long will a hidden syphilis complicated.

The cause of all – the individual characteristics of each person. So, addicts, alcoholics and people with weakened immune systems feel faster development of the disease. Sometimes it happens only a couple of weeks. If the person is being treated with antibiotics the symptoms of the disease may slow down for a few months. And the person feels perfectly normal.

The symptoms may only start to emerge, and the body will already be badly damaged. Therefore, it is important to undergo annual medical examination. To identify timely syphilis in women or men – the first step to success to recovery.

Manifestation of syphilis

The symptoms can be very diverse, it all depends on the individual person, mind disease and the period of its flow.

Usually the first symptoms appear on the spot, where the infection started. Here there is a small ulcer, having the hard edges. It usually appears in the genital area. Then start to increase lymph nodes. This period lasts about a month.

The most unpleasant is the fact, that in the first months of the disease a serological reaction is negative. Although the implementation of treatment at the moment is able to favorably affect the course of disease.

The usual first signs of syphilis appear a month later. They are characterized by weakness, unpleasant sensations in the limbs, poor health. After this is diagnosed secondary period. It can last for several years. Its sure sign is the emergence of unpleasant skin ulcers, papules. After six months, their number can be overwhelming. The whole foci of infection.

syphilis in men

If untreated, syphilis in men starts to progress stronger. Slowly affected bones, joints, hearing. A couple of years later diagnosed tertiary. His true symptoms appearance is bugorkova formations on the surface of the organs, bones. They start to disintegrate, complicating empathy unfortunate. Often at this age, death occurs.


There are two ways to diagnose:

  • direct – lie in the study of Treponema. These tests give a reliable result.
  • indirect – to determine the presence of disease through the introduction of Treponema and the appearance of antibodies. Usually, this is done using blood serum and conduct appropriate testing – non-treponemal and treponemal.

Blood for syphilis rarely crashes, although this also happens. To prevent re-study.

About reaction

Sometimes happens situation, when laboratory tests give a positive result for detection of antibodies. This happens because of incorrect analysis or unique characteristics of the organism.

About divided into acute and chronic.

So, acute usually occur in certain cases:

  • pregnancy;
  • the period after vaccination;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • various infectious diseases;
  • menstrual period.

It is important to understand blood for syphilis can give an incorrect result, although according to statistics, diagnosed similar rarely.

how does syphilis

Chronic occur when:

  • autoimmune diseases;
  • malignant tumors;
  • useful liver, heart, light;
  • old age.

One of the common causes is drug addiction. In addition it is important to understand, in the use of dangerous drugs, diseases of drug addicts to avoid the almost impossible. Therefore, even if the test result was false, the probability, the disease does not occur after a few years, no.


Treatment must outpatient. With regard to hospitalization, usually it includes people with tertiary syphilis, pregnant, patients with allergies to antibiotics and children.

The treatment is carried out under strict supervision of doctors, and its duration depends on a huge number of factors. It is important to understand – a lot depends on the extent of the disease, best to start treatment in the early stages, otherwise, the consequences can be tragic.

Sometimes treatment with antibiotics is also able to provoke an unwanted reaction. The reason for all the mass death positive microorganisms. Almost half of all patients in the first days of treatment, health is deteriorating.

The patient feels severe chills, headache, weakness. Usually it should not matter, but there is a certain group of patients, during treatment must be monitored by a doctors pregnant, children.

Drugs, used for the treatment of disease capable of provoking adverse effects:

  • cramps;
  • swelling;
  • Allergy;
  • anaphylactic shock.

And this is only a small part of the negative side effects.

the first signs of syphilis


Instead of trying to figure out, looks like syphilis is better to have measures to protect from it. Prevention of disease is health education, regular medical examination and treatment of patients, to avoid mass infection.

Special attention should be given to intimate life. Casual sex can always lead to negative consequences. Therefore, regularly changing partners can not forget about the availability of contraception.

Disease drug

Many people mistakenly believe, what are the main diseases of drug addicts is a violation of the psyche, development dependencies. But in fact,, the statistics of disease scares. Every addict has a bunch of diseases, and important among them is, exactly – syphilis.

The reason for all the lewd way of life, regular change of sexual partners, the introduction of narcotic drugs with dirty syringes.

Syphilis indeed is one of the most serious diseases. However, timely diagnosis can help to start treatment at an early stage of infection. That facilitates treatment, minimizes the sad consequences, and most importantly allows you to protect others.

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