Center of drug addiction in Russia

In any country there are a lot of organizations, the aim of which — the addicts. People, addict, need help. It is not always the family and friends can (or want) to provide such assistance. For this there are special companies, dispensaries, medical centers, which are designed to facilitate the way of man, throwing drugs. Russia is no exception. In this post we will consider several organizations, the most popular on the Internet.

What are addiction centers?

At the moment there are several varieties of institutions, ready to help a drug addict. For example, very popular religious rehabilitation centers, working with Church organizations.

Today the help the addict is ready to provide a lot of organizations

Today the help the addict is ready to provide a lot of organizations

These institutions can fully restrict the communication of the addict with the world, including, and his closest relatives. Such centers are very popular, the assistance is free of charge. However, such organizations have one very significant drawback — a lot of sects cleverly disguised as rehabilitation centres. After the course getting rid of one addiction (narcotic) a person can become a spiritual hostage of a cult. Such people are no more useful to society, than drug addicts — their brains are befuddled questionable teachings, but action is not logical and does not serve common sense. How to recognize among the Church organizations, sects? By and large, does. In this case, can only help word of mouth, namely the reviews of the people, who have already undergone the treatment themselves.

In addition, there are places, which promise to save people from drug addiction. The course of treatment consists of several stages. For example, the most popular world-known program "12 steps". After treatment and rehabilitation, former addict gets the opportunity to start a new life. Relapses (a return to old habits) there are, but only those, who never decided for themselves, he wants to get rid of drugs forever.

There are also medical centers, in which drug addicts are not treated from the harmful thrust and perform cleansing of the body, and only provide rehabilitation assistance. In such institutions runs a staff of psychologists, who know what you need to talk to people, were based on, how to help them and what to teach.

Not all institutions use the medicines, many work exclusively in the cultivation of willpower and a sense of personal responsibility from the addict. On the other hand, some institutions rely solely on the power of drugs and even can experiment with the shock.

"The future of our country without drug and alcohol abuse", the city of St. Petersburg.

This center has the following specialization – rehabilitation of drug addicts and bring them back to life. It does not help to cope with drug addiction on a medical level and do not conduct detoxification. Rehabilitation has three phases.

Communication in other dependent - an integral part of rehabilitation

Communication in other dependent – an integral part of rehabilitation

In the first stage, without the use of hypnotic influence or drugs, help addicts to feel better physically. Through the use of psychology, better sleep, stable mood dependent. One begins to understand, that life without drugs is simple and nice, experiencing a desire to communicate with other members of society.

The second stage is associated with restoring mental ability dependent. Drugs have a strong long-term effects on the brain, but because, to bring mental processes to normal, it will take time.

In the third stage dependent remembers what it means to be responsible for something. Addicts do not hear the voice of conscience, their actions are often guided by the desire to get a new dose. After passing the first two stages of treatment, people are already able to think about morality, the consequence of all their actions, about the need to take these actions personal responsibility.

Rehabilitation center of youth "Source"

This center has a lot of good reviews online. Consider, on the basis of what principles it works. The centre is located in a very good in terms of rest and recuperation location, by the seaside. As they say those, who has passed a course of treatment, the atmosphere is very has to ensure, to begin your "new life", besides, no opportunity to communicate with former "friends".

Treatment is not always medication brings good results

Treatment is not always medication brings good results

The institution itself does not have a pronounced religious atmosphere, although after treatment, the person becomes more spiritual, feel the need in acquiring new knowledge, to follow a new path. Of course, there are certain rules of conduct in the institution, but they are not difficult and easily achievable for everyone. Once dependent decide, it no longer wants to be in this place (or his behavior violates the established rules), he is free to leave the institutions.

Center addiction “Freedom”

Centre on a voluntary basis puts on and takes care of drug addicts. The life of drug addicts in this institution will be determined by the rules, established by the institution. So, the doctors are trying to completely change the life of the patient, to distract him from thoughts about drugs. For everyone enrolled in the clinic patient creates a special regime, the maximum for him any.

The centre solves the following tasks on assistance to drug addicts: rehabilitation, the restoration activities of the body, spiritual and mental recovery of the body. It uses also some of the religious tools of Christian denominations.

Center “Narconon”

The program consists of eight steps and does not include the use of medications or drugs. Initially, the addict gets the physiological help, learning to live without drugs, without the constant desire of a new dose. Then psychologists look for causes of drug abuse and psychological dependence, then the man is undergoing rehabilitation and learning to live again.

To go through all the steps of this course, drug addicts will take from six months to twelve months. The treatment takes place in a special country house, remote from the town and shops, that eliminates the possibility of penetration into the building drugs. After going through all the steps of the program, people will again regain all their skills and learn to live happily and without doping.

Video “All the bells – addiction”


At the moment in Russia there are many centers, designed to relieve the suffering of drug addicts. They work on different programmes and systems, but one goal — to teach man to live happily without drugs.

Before you give a loved one at such a center, carefully read the information on the forums, say about it people. In addition, feel free to learn in the school, how exactly is the treatment, which drugs are used and what is their proven effectiveness. If drug-dependent people will fall back, he not only did not get rid of their habit, but will have new dependencies, spoil your health and will lose money.

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