The disease of addiction

Drugs known to people for thousands of years. Get them artificially through chemical synthesis learned only in the last decade, but the fact, some herbs and mushrooms can alter consciousness, humanity knows long. Previously, drugs used mainly by shamans for the performance of rituals and predictions, doctors for complex manipulations. Today the word "drugs" has a negative meaning.

Addiction is a disease, which is characterized by constant intake of certain drugs and the means to achieve some physical and mental condition. If the addiction you can get sick, what are the reasons, symptoms and treatments of this disease?

The cause of addiction

The disease of addiction affects people from 16 to 45 years. The main clients of sellers of chemicals are teenagers. The cause of the disease is drug addiction, of course, drug use. The answer to the question: "Why do people start using drugs?", no. More precisely, there is no single answer.

The cause of addiction - drug use

The cause of addiction – drug use

Some people want to drown out our inner moral or physical pain, others want to know themselves, their identity. Someone bored, someone looking for thrills or just goes on about the company. Fashion, the desire to annoy parents, to show himself a man of "advanced" and determined, loneliness is the most common reasons for use of drugs in children and adolescents.

Adults use drugs in the case, if they are not socially protected, are below the poverty line, or Vice versa – live in wealth and don't know, how to spend money. Reasons really can be a lot, and they are very diverse. Tried drugs once, not everyone will develop addiction. But, however, unhealthy interest in drugs and experiments with them often involve terrible disease and addiction.


How to change people, when it begins to regularly use these or other substances? Each pharmacological group of drugs has its own characteristics effects on the body, but you can still identify common signs, which indicate the harmful addiction:

  1. Strange behavior. Man, who recently got hooked on drugs, so I want to ask a question: "What is wrong with you?". For those, who began dangerous experiments, perhaps not peculiar to the earlier behavior – laughing for no reason, talkativeness, strange reaction to the environment, aggression, drowsiness, severe apathy. Drugs act on person thus, what he really ceases to be itself – forget about moral principles, which lived before, about the conscience or sense of shame.
  2. Appearance. Watery or red eyes, expanded or constricted pupil, bad breath, dry cough, pale and dry skin, exhaustion due to lack of appetite. Those, who got hooked on drugs, no longer follow a, to observe the rules of hygiene. The clothes I prefer in dark colors with long sleeves.
  3. Hallucinations. A large part of drugs is causing the illusion and vision. The person may suddenly cry out from the sensation, that it run insects, run from apparent danger only to him, to laugh or cry from any vision.
Addiction destroys dreams, family and life!

Addiction destroys dreams, family and life!

Not doubt that, that the person is using drugs, if:

  1. You find among his possessions harnesses for injection, syringes, needles, small Smoking pipes, cigarettes. Also serve as direct evidence of the strange postage stamps (this species has a LSD, placed under the tongue), pills, powder, buttery balls, something, similar to the pressed plant.
  2. If you see the human hands traces from injections, although existing information, this man has been the object of recent medical procedures. Almost all addicts do not respect the simplest rules when introducing themselves under the skin of the drug, because the track marks are irritated, reddened appearance.
  3. Did the usual mood of a person. He became a completely different, aggressive, apathetic, tired, closed.


In order to see if, that man takes drugs, it is necessary to hand over tests blood and urine. In addition, can additionally be carried out examination of internal organs, suspected of drug use will be asked to do chest x-rays to light or x-rays.

The survey will give the answer to the question whether the person uses drugs

The survey will give the answer to the question whether the person uses drugs

If the tests prove conjecture, before treatment to the doctor-the psychiatrist should also be blood tests for diseases, the most common in drug addicts (AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis). This is necessary in order, correctly to build a treatment plan dependent.

If the addict uses drugs in powdered form, it is also necessary to pass survey at the doctor ENT, which will determine, how damaged nasal septum. If you've had seizures, it is advisable to do an MRI of the brain.

Addiction treatment

Addiction is a disease, from which it is impossible to get rid of the appropriate treatment. Only professionals can help someone, which is dependent on heroin, cocaine and other substances. The treatment of this disease process is quite laborious and time-consuming, completely dependent on the desire to heal the addict. Known cases, when dependent people have experienced scrap, detox at home, and in the future is never touched the forbidden substances.

Also statistics confirm, of all the people, which resulted in addiction treatment centers by their parents or relatives, about 50% back to bad habits, as soon as they leave the walls of the institution. What it says? Only about, what is the guarantee of success is a person's desire to get rid of dependence.

Most often the treatment of drug addicts takes place in special medical conditions, since you need to completely stop drug use. In order to stop withdrawal symptoms, use a special dropper with certain drugs. For example, magnesia and sodium chloride is used to restore the water-salt balance in the body, nootropil and glucose as enhancing drugs, analgin – like pain reliever, carbamazepine – like anticonvulsants, if the patient suffers from anxiety, he "drip" or phenazepam Elenium.

Also apply tiapridal and neuleptil as neuroleptics, coaxil, pirazidol – in the case of depression. To improve the General condition of the patient, he may prescribe drugs to stimulate the cardiovascular system or improve liver function.

To cure drug addiction need on the physiological and psychological levels

When it is possible to reduce craving in dependent drug users, starts psychotherapy. The main objective of this stage is to find and eradicate causes, prompted the man to begin the use of drugs. This stage may take the form of group classes (for example, communication with those, who are struggling with addiction or have already successfully overcame) or individually (in the form of consultations with a psychologist, also at this stage can be used hypnosis).

The third stage is rehabilitation of an addict. This process can take place in the walls of the institution, and beyond, at home. To avoid breakdown and a return to drug use, doctors often recommend the use of drugs antagonists on the effects of drugs (for example, naltrexone). The effect of the drug is – if the patient "falls through" and tries the drug, instead of the euphoria he will experience an unpleasant sensation, similar to the break-up, and his General physical condition worsens.

An integral factor in the success of recovery of the patient is ongoing support from relatives. This does not mean, what loved ones need to become "watchdogs" and day and night to monitor recovering. What is included in the scope of the responsibilities of the family members of drug addicts on the road to recovery:

  • to protect the patient from communicating with former friends and acquaintances, who continue to use drugs;
  • if possible, to move to a new location or to remove for separate dwelling. People dependent, while he is treated, needs to change the familiar surroundings;
  • watch out for those, how and in what quantity the patient takes the medication. With him, if you want, it is also recommended to visit a doctor-psychiatrist;
  • to support patient, to help him mentally, to inspire faith in the success.

The risk of addiction is, every other case ends in death.

The development of power in order, who is healed from addiction

If addiction is a disease, and food should be appropriate. Addicts, as a rule, depleted and exhausted. "To bring them back to life", you need a proper and balanced diet. Good food for those, who gets rid of addiction is lean meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits. Let the meals will be nutritious and satisfying, but not heavy and not greasy, so as not to burden the digestive system.

Do not attempt to diagnose and especially to treat drug addiction in your family alone! "Vigilant" parents often without consulting a doctor and tests decide, that their child is in danger and begin to carry out complex "rescue". Meanwhile, the external depletion, carelessness, strange behavior can have many other explanations, not associated with taking illegal drugs.

The importance of timely treatment

Relatives are not always "sounding the alarm" on time. This is a big mistake, as the longer you delay the treatment, moreover, the probability is not the time to save a drug addict. Drugs act on the body more, what is detrimental, poisoning all systems of life. In addition, people according to, losing yourself as a person, his behavior violates all existing ethical and moral norms.

Often addicts are promiscuous, without even realizing it. That's why drug addiction and AIDS, sexual diseases follow along. The sooner you start to pull your loved one out of the quagmire called "drugs", the better.

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Addiction as a disease has a cause, the form of the flow, symptoms and treatment. The key to successful treatment – is primarily a desire of the patient. But his parents or relatives should not remain on the sidelines. Best help is timely access to a psychiatrist and strong moral support.

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