What is mescaline

Every year the world's rapidly increasing number of dependent people. To obtain dubious pleasure, they are ready to go on the terrible sacrifices, trying new drugs, risk their lives. Mescaline is a drug a special type, which is actively acquired dependent people.


Mescaline and depression

Often the cause of the disease be psychological problems, the misunderstanding of loved ones or the imitation of others. People are convinced, thanks to the action of stupefying drugs, they become more self-confident, bold and ambitious, and all the troubles go by the wayside. Here only it is necessary to understand, nice effect last moments, and after that comes a dark gloom, fully immersive. With

the game of the sad factor is the fact, that risk often have teenagers. Young people with weak, immature thinking, make the most rash acts, putting an end to all your continued existence.

One of the most powerful dangerous drugs causing hallucinations include mescaline. This drug has long been known, originally mescaline tablets used for the treatment of people, with autism. However, today the situation has seriously worsened, mescaline is used totally not on purpose, without even thinking, what terrible harm he has.

Mescaline (drug): origin

Mescaline (drug)Mescaline is a natural hallucinogen, able to provoke strong sound, visual illusions. It is present in small concentrations in special cacti, growing up in Mexico. Therefore, this plant is actively used as raw material to produce the desired component. For this purpose, cacti actively grow, after that, cut into small slices and carefully dried under the bright, sunlight. In one kilogram of plants there are about 20 grams of the drug.

Usually the finished product is used to create special potions, although there are cases, when intoxicating plant chewed, enjoying a desirable effect. Mescaline effect is strong enough.

The first mention of it, there are more 100 years ago. The people of America began active friendship with him in 1885 year. Moreover, the local population found him a useful application. For example, as raw materials for conducting magical rituals or for medical purposes. Special popularity he enjoyed among the natives, living in America. They thought he was special, even a wonderful plant.

Since 1898 year, experienced chemists were able to synthesize it artificially, using Gallic acid and vanillin. So mescaline crept into the big city and became a popular narcotic drug.

Mescaline today

Their principle of action of a synthetic analogue of absolutely not inferior to the original. Applying it people, begins to experience severe physical and psychological lift. Incoming poison, able to provoke in the body negative changes, which lead to the following consequences:

  • the destruction of the psyche;
  • the thinking process is broken;
  • reality is dulled;
  • behavior changes.

In its chemical compound mescaline (drug) similar to serotonin and dopamine. So often these two concepts as LSD and mescaline bind. The resulting effect has a bad influence on the entire human body. Because of this, in many countries it was attributed to illicit drugs.

Mescaline effect

If you rely on data on the black drug market, you can find out, that comparing LSD and mescaline, the first is clearly the leader. The reason for this popularity is the strength of the drug. It is thousands of times superior to the synthesis of mescaline. However, despite this, the drug received by the cactus are in demand.

The principle of action of mescaline

Mescaline (drug) started to study after its opening. Put various experiments on animals and even people. The synthesis of mescaline includes the use of the special mescalino acid. It is often used for medical purposes for the treatment of alcoholism or neuropsych disorders.

One technique was employed for approximately 250 milligrams of the drug. By doing the body, he quickly overcame the protective barrier and penetrate into brain departments, causing destruction in their work. After half an hour the drug had acted in full force, causing the desired effect.

Mescaline: effect on the body

Used drug causing serious damage to human health. It hits all parts of it.

Brain departments

Mescaline effects on the body

The original tequila mescaline causes damage to the brain, and after all, here are the plots, responsible for the important functions. Such as, the perception of all incoming information, the ability to adapt to new conditions. Therefore, any violations do not remain unnoticed, dependent experiencing degradation, begins to lose the following skills:

  • to think logically even in the most simple situations;
  • to analyze what is happening;
  • to explore new data;
  • to regulate emotions;
  • to take the right decisions.

The addition of the drug to occur physical abnormalities:

  • appear cramps;
  • muscles are in good shape;
  • the person is not able to reproduce the new movement. Even the most basic things are difficult.

Visual cortex

Used mescaline brings changes to the natural passage of neurons in the visual cortex. And because there is processing incoming information. Mescaline effects brings just frightening. The addict has recorded the decay of the visual range. This is expressed by the fact, what the patient loses the natural ability to focus all that information together.

Instead, he seems to be a kaleidoscope, consisting of the bright patterns, spots. They are so realistic and colorful, that even do not disappear after, as the man closes his eyes. Brain structures are so impressed, even closed eyes do not help to get rid of the difficulties hallucinations.

All the visible illusions incredibly bright, vivid and natural. Everything is changing beyond recognition. Often the effect is so strong, what hallucinations have the effect of synesthesia.

The development of hallucinations

The development of hallucinations

Many drugs are able to provoke the occurrence of hallucinations. However, after ingestion of peyote, they become, probably, most likely. So many years ago, knowing this, some writers and artists actively used the drug, wanting to enjoy an unusual picture. This gave a peculiar impetus to their artistic activities.

That's just the frequent use led to the fact, the action gradually weakened. The creators didn't receive the desired creative enlightenment and in desperation even destroyed the work.

However, in addition to the appearance of different reference, the addict has experienced other sensations. Main, of which was mood swings. Consume could easily laugh, a minute later, shed tears of despair.

Mescaline and the consequences of the abuse

LSD mescalineThe drug has such a strong effect, what to predict its action cannot. It can be pleasant emotions, a feeling of euphoria or frightening vision. Often addicts are witnessing negative trip, when happening terrifies, fear. Special component, by doing the body, provokes an incredible performance. The person does not feel fatigue, time, able to work a few days.

The drug is able to exert long effect. Often the figure is 12 hours, however, it is understood, all this time the body is under stress, the nervous system is tense. Therefore, can manifest the following symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • the skin becomes red;
  • pupils dilate, disappears reaction to light;
  • dizziness.

In the most severe situations, the addict can lose the creation. It is important to note, that this drug does not cause the development of dependence. However, after a single use, people have the desire to try again, but increasing the dose. The reason for this becomes a psychological addiction.

Signs of mescaline use

To identify a person hooked on the drug of malware easily. Give it the characteristics, appearing at a certain time after eating.

Signs of mescaline use

Later 10 minutes use mescaline produces the following signs:

  • nausea;
  • the increase in pressure;
  • pupils become wide;
  • profuse sweating;
  • loss of coordination.

Half an hour later a drug addict, consume mescaline, experiencing the following consequences from the action of the drug:

  • vomiting;
  • the feeling of fear;
  • loss of sense of time;
  • the emergence of negative thoughts.

Addict is easy to spot because of his social detachment. All interests, work, friends, family become indifferent. He lives only a, personal interests. Often this period is a turning point for many families, which are destroyed.

Consequences of the use of mescaline

Any drug addiction leads to the emergence of a number of complications. In this case, increases the risk of:

  • suicide attempts;
  • psychosis;
  • depression;
  • diseases of the psyche;
  • common diseases because of reduce immune system.

Dependent can commit rash acts, surprise others with your behavior. In severe cases, may cause harm to yourself or others. Often the outcome of such a friendship becomes death because of an overdose, which happens fairly often. A lethal dose is considered to be in the amount of 800 milligrams.

So close people have to be vigilant, at the first suspicious symptoms show native doctors. Often only on them depends the future of the patient. You should definitely decide on treatment, send the addict to the clinic, where professionals will be able to choose the correct treatment and return poor.

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